If you’re considering traveling in an RV, it’s important to organize before hitting the road so you can enjoy the ride. Here are 13 simple and effective RV storage ideas to help you get organized and maximize space!

Plan Ahead

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When setting up your RV, be critical about the belongings you’re bringing along and consider how you’ll organize everything properly. Try to stick to the essentials, downsize where you can, and avoid duplicates. This will help ensure you have a storage space for every item and reduce the appearance of clutter. Additionally, measure all empty wall space, drawer space, and other crevices so you can find organizational bins and dividers that perfectly fit in your RV!

Utilize Wall Space

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Seeking RV organization ideas that will maximize your space? Though easily overlooked, walls are crucial for storage when living in a small space. Set up a tension rod between two walls or mount a floating shelf to create additional storage space in your RV bathroom or kitchen. Nail in a pegboard and attach small baskets or hooks to hold kitchen utensils, tools, grab-and-go items, and more. Or hang pocket organizers to efficiently store shoes, toiletries, jewelry, or towels to help with camper closet organization.

Consider the Backs of Doors & Cabinets

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Living in an RV means no space should go unused, including the backs of doors and cabinets. Hang hooks for kitchen utensils on the backs of cabinet doors, or mount a tray to hold your spices. If you need a place to store your towels, over-the-door hooks are a great small bathroom storage solution. You can also use these in other places to keep track of coats, umbrellas, and other outdoor items.

Store Items with Baskets & Bins

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Great organization tools, baskets and bins are perfect for storing small, miscellaneous items that aren’t needed daily, such as toys, games, and outdoor supplies. Because they come in an array of sizes, colors, and materials, you can find baskets to fit in any tight or underutilized areas—like the space above your cupboards—and using stackable bins will help maximize those spaces. And add labels to your bins to make it easier to locate which items are where.

Maximize Kitchen Space

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Because RV kitchenette space can be pretty limited, small kitchen organization is important. A hanging pantry for pop-up campers is a good way to maximize your RV pantry organization! Consider taking items out of their original packaging to help save space. For example, canisters will help keep dry goods fresh and secure, while small baskets can contain a number of snacks. Additionally, hanging mesh bags are perfect for storing fresh fruits and veggies and saving counter and refrigerator space. You can also add magnetic racks for knives and hanging racks for pans and utensils to help with organizing camper cabinets.

Choose Collapsible, Stackable Items

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Opting for mini versions of items that aren’t frequently needed allows for easy storage when not in use, so collapsible and stackable items are a game-changer for optimizing space efficiency while living in an RV. Pop-up dish strainers, collapsible or foldable hampers, and nesting bowl sets are all great space-saving ideas for an RV! Additionally, vacuum bags are perfect for keeping lesser used items like winter coats and seasonal clothing or bedding from taking up a bunch of space.

Flex Space with Simple Additions

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Create your own flex space in your camper with just a few tricks! Does your RV kitchenette lack counter space? Design a cutting board that fits on your oven or sink to extend your work surface. If a regular table takes up too much room, secure a fold-out table to the wall or at the end of your counter to maximize floor space when not in use. Consider items like clip-on trash cans that can easily be stored away when you don’t need them.

Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

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Some of the most overlooked RV storage solutions involve your furniture. Incorporating multifunctional furniture pieces is the ultimate RV organization hack! Opt for furniture that also serves as storage, like a table with built-in cubbies or drawers, or a couch that folds out into a bed. You can even create a DIY storage ottoman to keep blankets or clothes and double as seating when needed!

Try a Hidden Trash Can

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Trash can be an eyesore while living in an RV. Rather than leave it out on display, use a hidden trash cabinet! Not only is a hidden trash can a great hidden storage idea that saves floor space, it also helps prevent the smell of trash from invading the rest of your camper if you’re unable to empty it for a few days. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about it tipping over when you’re on the move!

Maximize Under-the-Bed Storage

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Making use of the space under your bed is a helpful way to organize your RV. Choose a bed that already has built-in storage drawers, or simply go for one with empty space underneath. This is a handy place to store shoes, extra blankets, cleaning supplies, outdoor gear, and other items that aren’t needed on a daily basis. Organize your items in storage tubs and baskets, or get crafty and try making your own under bed storage drawers!

Keep Clothes Organized with a System

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When living in an RV, you might need to downsize your wardrobe or put items in storage to reduce clutter and save space for other essentials. However, there are plenty of smart clothing storage solutions you can implement to make more room! Organize your drawers by tightly rolling clothing items rather than folding them to preserve space. Keep your closets organized by using hanging organizers and shelf inserts, or store your clothes in packing cubes and keep them in cabinets or overhead storage if you’re tight on space. Consider hidden shoe storage solutions, or pack away seasonal clothing necessities in your RV’s undercarriage. Be sure to designate a catch-all spot for dirty clothes to avoid unnecessary clutter and keep walkways clean.

Make Good Use of Your RV Basement

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If your RV has a basement, organizing this space efficiently can greatly expand your storage capacity! Using airtight, stackable bins is one of the best RV basement storage ideas, as these help protect your items while maximizing space. Label your tubs to keep items sorted and easy to find. Consider installing slide-out cargo trays to make your items easily accessible, and use pegboards and shelves to store tools or camping gear. Manage items like water hoses and power cables with cord wheels to keep them neatly coiled. And ensure you dedicate sufficient RV underbelly storage space for big, bulky, or messy items like outdoor toys or grills that can’t be stored elsewhere!

Brace for Movement

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Movement is unavoidable while living on the road, so take measures to keep your items secure as you organize. Install bars over any shelves you mount in your bathroom or kitchen to help keep toiletries and smaller items from falling out. Consider applying shelf liners or drawer liners to provide an anti-slip layer that helps things stay in place as your RV moves. Use organizers in your fridge and pantry to prevent food from rolling around while driving, or stretch bungee cord across baskets and bins to make them more secure.


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This post was originally published 05/24/2017, and last revised on 04/08/2024 with updated information.

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