Get inspired by these simple bathroom organization ideas that leave a bathroom looking uncluttered and clean.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: inspiration and before and after photos

The bathroom just seems to be that room that needs organization and reorganization all year long. Maybe it’s because we use it for a variety of things all day and every day. Or maybe it’s because it is a smaller space. It seems like once every three months this tiny room can turn into a disaster zone, and new bathroom organization ideas are needed to set it straight.

But it’s no lie that an organized bathroom helps your daily routine run much more smoothly. That’s why I’ve rounded up our favorite bathroom organization ideas and hacks, including a few before and after shots of a couple of embarrassing bathroom situations of my own, to get you motivated.

First Things First for Any Organizing Task

Before you get started with these bathroom organization ideas, purge! Look in every drawer, cabinet, and closet and toss anything that has not been used in the last six months. Check expiration dates on medicines and products. If it’s old and unused, toss it. If it’s something you need, replace it and be ready to have a spot for it.

Then, sort! After all the clutter is cleared, take inventory of what is staying and sort it into categories. Some common bathroom categories include hair stuff, makeup, medicine, towels, nail supplies, and toiletries.

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Sorting things into categories will help you decide where you should store each and what kind of storage solutions you’ll need. If you are a hair product junkie, it is not all going to fit in one drawer. Getting a good look at all your supplies will help you decide the best way to store it so it’s easy for you to find right when you need it.

And finally, clean. Wipe down all products and surfaces in your bathroom. Give everything a clean sweep before replacing any items. Lay down liner paper or fabric on the bottom of shelves so you can clean it easier in the future.

Now we’re ready to start implementing a few new bathroom organization ideas!

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Plastic Drawers Under the Sink

There is lots of space to take advantage of under the sink. Divide and concur that space by adding smaller drawers.

Instead of cramming all our first aid supplies and medicine into the small medicine cabinet, I added these plastic storage drawers under the sink. This makes it much easier to locate specific products quickly. I also separated my makeup and hair supplies into smaller drawers.

*Important note: If you choose to store medicine or other hazardous products under the sink, be sure to add child locks to protect any little ones who may make their way into your bathroom.

Here’s my before and after:

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Organize makeup brushes in small plastic drawers

A Basket for Everything

Separate small, loose items in large drawers by using smaller bins and baskets. When everything has a designated spot, returning them to their correct place while on the go is easier. That means the bathroom will stay in order longer with less effort. Win!

Hook it Up

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Command hooks on the inside of a vanity cabinet to hang jewelry

Removable hooks are another great way to organize the bath clutter. Add some small hooks inside cabinets for a convenient place to store necklaces.

Hooks are also helpful for adding some more useful storage on the inside of cabinet doors.

Here I cut up a plastic shoe organizer and hung it on the inside of the door. Now it’s the perfect place to store small hair appliances like a curling iron, flat iron, and hairbrushes.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: DIY door organizer for flat irons and hair supplies (before and after)
Bathroom Organization Ideas: DIY door organizer for flat irons and hair supplies

Organize with Jars and Dishes

Think outside the bin, drawer, or cabinet. Here are some bathroom storage ideas I came up with to solve some specific issues. Apothecary jars are a great way to hide your clutter in plain view. They can make the mundane look marvelous. In my bathroom, I store cotton balls and Q-tips in glass jars. You could also store extra soaps or lotions in a guest bath to give a hotel luxury feel for your visitors. In the kids’ bath, I am using some of the same kinds of jars to keep clips, headbands, and ribbons in check.

Tiered Trays On the Vanity Counter

Bathroom Organization Ideas: a tiered tray to organize bath towels and toiletries right on the vanity

Lindsey from Whimsy Girl gathers her bathroom knick-knacks in a tiered tray for a stylish display.

Shower Caddies

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Shower caddies for under the sink organization

Similar to a tiered tray, a small caddy is a great way to keep kids’ hair supplies, toiletries, or cleaners. If you have older kids in your home, this would be a useful solution for storage for multiple teens who are all using different toiletries. Designate one caddy per person. When the supplies inside are done being used, all you have to do is grab the handle and stick it under the sink out of view.

Organize Headbands with a Canister

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Use a canister in a drawer to organize headbands and ribbons
In a home with all girls, we have plenty of hair accessories to organize. This old round canister placed in a drawer keeps our headbands in order and handy.

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Hang Necklaces from a Tension Rod in Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Organization Ideas: a tension rod inside a medicine cabinet creates a storage place for necklaces

We also added a small tension rod in a cabinet to keep necklaces organized and easily accessible. Simple!

Use Shelves as Linen Closet Alternatives

Linen closet storage… Somehow in my own home we lack it.

I’ve always loved how Kelley Nan from organizes her bathroom closet:

Bathroom Organization Ideas: organized linen closet

I tried to make my own version by add extra shelves and cabinets right in my bathroom.

Since we have no closet storage in any bathrooms, adding some extra shelving is helpful for us. These shelves are the perfect spot for extra folded towels and accessories. We also keep washcloths in the belly basket and the bin on the bottom is extra storage for my hair tools, like a big hairdryer and hot rollers.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: shelving in the bathroom

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Bathroom Organization Ideas: use baskets to decoratively organize toiletries and cleaners
If we’re talking bathroom organization ideas, you know baskets are going to come up. The right size basket can solve most any organization challenge.

We keep a wire basket full of extra toilet paper near the toilet. Baskets are also the perfect spot for extra towels and washcloths. They’re such an easy way to keep things organized, while also providing an attractive storage solution. You can never have too many.

Maximizing the space in your bathroom just takes a little imagination and some tools to keep all your supplies in order. You also want all the solutions to be handy to help ease your daily routine. It may take some trial and error and especially some upkeep, but an organized bathroom is easier to keep clean and useful.

We hope these bathroom organization ideas help you get your bathroom in order and looking great! Are there some ideas we missed? Please share with us and our community in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: Originally published September 2017; revised June 2020.

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