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Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Whether you're new to Life Storage, renting again, or have been renting with us for years, here are some answers to questions you may have as a customer of Life Storage. If you don't find the answer you were hoping for, please Contact Us! We're happy to answer any question and assist you in any phase of your storage rental.

Choosing a Storage Unit

What size storage unit should I rent?

We offer a storage unit size guide right here on our website, which shows how the storage units we offer compare, and about how much will fit inside. Need some more help? Give us a call at 800-800-3456! A Life Storage Customer Care Representative will be happy to talk through the items you need to store, and recommend the best space.

How far in advance can I reserve a space?

Reservations may be made 7-21 days in advance, depending on how many similar storage units we have left at the store. If you can't reserve a space for the day you need it, you can use our Reservation Reminder service. We'll email you when you are able to reserve the storage unit for your ideal day.

What type of storage unit should I rent?

When considering the various storage units we offer at Life Storage, the most important factors are what you are storing and for how long. Here are some resources that can help you with your decision:

Storage Rental

When can I access my storage unit?

Your personal access code will open the facility gates and building doors during our posted "Access Hours". Access hours vary by location - you may find the hours for each of our locations here on our website. For your convenience, most Life Storage locations offer access hours which are much longer than our office hours (for example, 6am - 10pm). Some locations offer 24 hour access.

Your storage unit is secured with a lock, for which you have the only key. Our store offices do not keep a key to your lock. If you wish Life Storage to accept deliveries into your space, you may grant us access priveleges and a second key.

Please note, past-due accounts will have access codes disabled and storage units "over locked" (a second lock securing the storage unit). If a past-due payment is made on our website, access may not be restored until the next day.

Do I need a lock for my space?

Yes, you will need a lock for your storage unit at Life Storage. You can purchase a new lock at any Life Storage location. Some locks are specially made for our doors for added security. We have a great selection of locks that we know offer the highest level of security.

When is my rental payment due?

Life Storage rental payments are due on the 1st of the month. If you occupy your space on the 1st of the month, a full month's payment is due. Payments received after the 1st may be subject to a late payment fee.

If you need your space only a few days past the 1st of the month, notify us by the 1st of the month and you won't have to pay for the full month! You can pre-pay for the extra days you need.

What payment methods does Life Storage accept?

At Life Storage, you can make your payments with the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Checks - Returned checks are subject to a returned check fee. We cannot accept checks for truck rental deposits or payments on accounts overdue by one month or more.
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

You may make rental payments with your credit card on our customer website, On the website, credit card payments will not be permitted on accounts overdue by one month or more.

Why does Life Storage require Insurance?

Much like your belongings in a rented apartment or condo, your belongings in storage are not covered by Life Storage. We require that you insure your belongings for your own protection. If your renters, homeowners or other insurance policy does not cover your belongings in a storage facility, please ask us about an easy solution that is payable with your monthly rent. If you do have existing coverage, please bring a copy of your policy declaration page which shows that your belongings are covered in a storage facility.

What items are not permitted in a storage unit?

For the safety of our customers and the facility, some items are not permitted in a storage unit. If you are unsure if we permit an item that you are considering for storage, please contact us to check!

  • Flammable substances
  • Hazardous or toxic materials
  • Stolen property
  • Controlled substances
  • Weapons
  • Food or any container that previously contained food
  • Live or dead organisms

When do I receive a bill?

Life Storage does not send bills, invoices or payment reminders by U.S. Mail. Much like renting an apartment or commercial space, your rental payment is due on the first of each month, and it is each customer's responsibility to make a payment at that time.

If you provide your email address when renting your space or through our Customer Website, you will receive an Account Summary email the third week of the month which shows your current account balance and amount due on the 1st of the month.

If you would like to receive a payment reminder closer to your rental payment due date, our Customer Website offers this option. Select our Payment Reminder option, and choose the day of the month that you would like to receive your payment reminder email.

If you are a business customer that needs an invoice for accounting purposes, you may sign up to receive an invoice by email on our Customer Website. If you need an invoice sent by U.S. Mail, please contact your Life Storage store office.

How long are your storage rental agreements?

Life Storage Rental Agreements are month-to-month, with no long-term commitment or minimum stay. The rental term begins on the first of each month and lasts the entire month. Your full month rental payment is due on the first.

If you plan to vacate your space, notify us of your departure date by the 1st of the month and you won't need to make a full month's rental payment. You may prepay for the days you need next month at a daily rate. Please contact your Life Storage store office to arrange a mid-month departure. Please note, if you plan to vacate after the 20th of the month, we do not offer the daily rate - a full month's rent will be due.

What is a storage auction?

Auctions are a legal means to vacate a storage unit when a customer has not made their contractual rental payments. Auctions are conducted according to local and state laws, and the proceeds from the auction are applied to the customer's past due balance. If the proceeds from the auction exceed the customer's amount due, the customer will receive a check from Life Storage for the balance. Should the auction proceeds not cover the amount due, the customer's account will be sent to collections.

Auctions are a last resort and something Life Storage would rather not do. It is in the best interest of Life Storage and the delinquent customer to come to a settlement and avoid the heartache and expense of conducting an auction of the items in the space. If you find that you are severely past-due, please stay in contact with us so we can resolve the matter quickly and avoid this process.

What happens if my payment is late?

Life Storage follows all state laws governing fees for late payments and liens on severely delinquent accounts. In most states, customers will have until close of business on the 5th day of the month before a late fee is assessed. A late fee is assessed on the 6th day of the month and unit access is denied. In some states, an additional late fee may be applied by the 20th of the month if payment has still not been received. Should payment be more than one month late, the account enters a "lien" status in which additional fees are posted to cover associated legal expenses. Once an account is in "lien" status all payments must be made at the store office with cash, money order, or certified check.

Please note that your payment is due on the first of the month. As outlined in our Terms of Use, if you are not able to access your online account (website availability, difficulty logging into or registering your account, etc.), your normal payment due date still applies. Please contact your Life Storage store to make other payment arrangements.

Moving Truck Rental

When I rent the Life Storage moving truck, how long can I use it?

Our truck may be rented for one of two times each day - day (typically 10:00am until 4:00pm) or night (typically 5:00pm until 9:00am). If you need our truck for longer than a single day or night rental, you may reserve the truck for more than one time slot. An additional rental fee will apply for additional time slots. Since other customers may have reserved our truck, we ask that you promptly return the vehicle. A late return fee may apply for rentals which exceed the reserved time slot.

How much does it cost to rent the Life Storage moving truck or van?

Truck and van rental prices vary by location. Please contact us for specific costs. Typically, our rental fees have these parts:

  • Vehicle Rental Fee (typically $25-30)
  • Mileage Fee (typically $0.89-$1.00 per mile)
  • Refundable Deposit (typically $100)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (typically $19.99, waived if your automobile policy covers rental vehicles)
  • Fuel costs (you will need to fill the fuel tank before returning the vehicle - there is a refueling fee if the tank is not filled)

With your storage unit rental, Life Storage will waive the Vehicle Rental Fee and the Mileage Fee (up to 25 miles). That's over $50 in savings! Learn more about our Free Truck Rental with Move-in offer.

What documents will I need to rent the Life Storage moving truck or van?

To rent our moving vehicles, the driver will need to provide the following:

  • A current driver's license
  • A valid insurance card in your name. If you don't have insurance, or cannot produce an insurance card, you'll need to take our Collision Damage Coverage at a nominal additional cost.

Can I return the moving truck to a different location?

Life Storage does not offer one way truck rental. When renting our truck or van, it must be returned to the location from which it was rented.


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