It can be frustrating to have a cluttered and unorganized bedroom. With a few helpful organization tips and simple storage solutions, you can give your bedroom some order. Check out these 15 ideas to organize a bedroom so you can rest easy in a tidy room!

Declutter & Downsize

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Before organizing your belongings, declutter your bedroom. Sort through your belongings with a critical eye and discard anything you no longer wear, use, or love. If you haven’t used it in a year, it’s probably time to let it go! You can also keep a donation bin nearby in case you discover there’s something you no longer need later on. This way, you can put it aside right away instead of forgetting about it at the back of the closet. Keeping a donation basket handy will also help if you decide to declutter and organize your child’s bedroom!

Take Inventory

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Once you’ve decluttered, take inventory of what remains. Set all your items where you can see them—having a visual understanding of your storage requirements will make selecting the perfect bedroom organizers, drawers, or shelves a breeze. Group similar items together, like shirts with shirts and pants with pants, to get a sense of how much storage space is necessary for each category. And use labeled bins or vacuum-sealed bags to store seasonal items until they’re needed again.

Go for Minimalism

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Sometimes less is more. When considering ways to organize a bedroom or making new purchases for your space, think function first. Will this item last? Does it fill a specific need? By being mindful of what you bring into your space, you can create a minimalist bedroom that’s both stylish and helps maximize space in a small room.

Find a Headboard with Storage

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Your headboard can be more than just a decorative element—it can provide you with more small space bedroom storage! Look for headboards with built-in shelves or cubbies to store books, magazines, and remote controls, or create a hidden bedroom charging station for your personal electronics. You can also store bedside essentials like lip balm, medication, and tissues in your headboard to help keep your nightstand from getting too cluttered. Just remember to consider the size and layout of your bedroom when choosing a headboard with storage.

Employ Under-the-Bed Storage

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Looking for tips on how to organize your room without buying anything? The space beneath your bed is great creative bedroom storage for small spaces! Use under-bed drawers or bins to store clothes, shoes, or bulkier items you don’t need on a daily basis. Clear bins allow you to see what’s inside at a glance, or you can opt for fabric bins for discreet clothing storage. Remember to measure the space between your bed frame and the floor to ensure your chosen solution fits.

Buy a Bench or Ottoman

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Furniture for small bedrooms can double as functional storage. An ottoman or a storage bench at the foot of the bed can provide a comfortable place to sit while also offering a hidden compartment for storing blankets, pillows, or other items. These dual-purpose pieces not only save space but also contribute to a tidy and organized bedroom, making them ideal for small master bedroom storage ideas.

Try Nightstand Organization

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Nightstands are prime real estate for bedtime essentials like lamps, phones, and a good book. Choose a nightstand with drawers or shelves to keep your items easily accessible, and use baskets or bins to keep things organized.

Install Floating Shelves

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When looking into room organizing ideas, especially for small bedrooms, take advantage of wall space! Floating shelves can display decorative items such as framed photos, plants, or art pieces, adding a personal touch to your space without occupying valuable floor area. Magazine racks are another excellent option for utilizing wall space, as they keep your favorite reads easily accessible and neatly organized. This vertical storage solution not only enhances the visual appeal of your bedroom but also helps keep surfaces clutter-free.

Hang Up Wall Hooks

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Wall hooks can add a touch of personality to your space while being a versatile and affordable bedroom organization DIY solution for things like vertical hat storage and bedroom jewelry storage. Choose from a wide range of wall hook options, from simple, neutral hooks to hooks with fun designs, shapes, and colors. Hang robes, bags, scarves, and hats on wall hooks to keep them within reach and free up valuable surface space. And consider a wall-mounted jewelry organizer with hooks to keep items like necklaces untangled.

Use Multiple Dressers

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Dressers can provide ample drawer space for clothes, folded items, or even out-of-season accessories. If you measure and have the space for more than one dresser, you can give each a different purpose. For example, one dresser could hold your everyday clothing and the other can be used for seasonal items. Try efficient folding tricks, such as the KonMari folding method, to maximize space within the drawers and make it easier to see all of your items at once. And be sure to stay consistent with which drawers house each clothing type—like keeping shirts separate from jeans—to maintain bedroom dresser organization.

Insert Drawer Dividers

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Drawer organizers and small bins are some of the best ways to organize a space and keep your bedroom decluttered. Dividers create designated zones for different items, preventing tangled jewelry or socks that mysteriously disappear. Small bins are perfect for corralling odds and ends like belts, scarves, or workout gear, keeping them contained and easy to find.

Invest In a Shoe Rack

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When it comes to keeping your bedroom organized, don’t forget to look into shoe storage ideas! A shoe rack keeps your footwear contained and off the floor, ensuring your bedroom remains neat and functional. Opt for a multi-tiered rack if you have a larger shoe collection, or choose a compact, wall-mounted option for smaller spaces. Some shoe racks even feature adjustable shelves, providing flexibility to accommodate different shoe sizes and styles. Have a small bedroom or closet with limited floor space? Take advantage of over-the-door shoe racks!

Create an Open Closet

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Open closets and open clothes racks are a trendy storage idea for bedrooms. An open wardrobe keeps your clothes on display, simplifying outfit selection while also freeing up floor space. These open storage solutions also encourage frequent tidying so things remain neat and organized. For items you don’t want on display, like undergarments, or items you don’t use daily, like accessories, consider adding drawers or fabric baskets.

Install a Closet Organizer

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Closet organizers are your best friends when it comes to maximizing closet space. Dividers, shelves, and hanging rods can help you categorize and compartmentalize your clothes, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Adjustable shelves can be customized to fit the height of your belongings, maximizing the use of vertical space and keeping everything accessible and visible. They also provide additional storage space, enabling you to neatly stack sweaters, jeans, or t-shirts.

Add a Hamper

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Bedroom management doesn’t have to break the bank! Setting up a designated laundry bin keeps dirty clothes off the floor and prevents them from taking up valuable space. Choose a stylish hamper that matches your room decor to add a functional and aesthetic touch. Consider hampers with multiple compartments to sort your laundry by colors or fabric types and save you time on laundry day. For small spaces, collapsible or foldable hampers are a great option as they can be easily stored away when not in use.


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