Drive-Up Storage Units

Drive-up access storage units, also referred to as outside storage units, provide the ultimate convenience: easy access to your storage unit. Learn more about drive-up access and if it's the right self storage option for you.

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What Is Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-up storage allows you to unload your moving vehicle more conveniently at a garage-like unit entrance—rather than hauling your belongings from a parking lot. These ground-level storage units are accessible via wide-drive aisles at Life Storage facilities.

Benefits of Drive-Up Storage Units at Life Storage

Drive-up access offers specific benefits that are important for many storage uses.


Despite being a more convenient storage option, drive-up access typically offers more affordability than indoor storage units. One of the major reasons for this is that drive-up storage units are not climate-controlled. For those who don't need climate control, savings and other benefits make drive-up access the way to go.

Convenient Access

If you're storing a large volume of belongings or large, heavy items, being able to park at your storage unit delivers the ultimate self storage convenience. Our drive aisles are spacious enough for moving trucks—and, in some cases, even larger vehicles—making drive-up access the clear choice for those prioritizing easy accessibility.

Storage Unit Size Variety

While both our indoor and outdoor storage options provide a large selection of storage unit sizes, large storage units such as 10x20 and and 10x30 are more common as drive-up units. This, combined with their convenient accessibility, makes them popular for moving, business storage, and vehicle storage.

Learn more about what size of storage unit will work for your needs.

Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit Right for You?

Let's dive into some of the best uses for drive-up storage to see if it's the right storage solution for you.

Storage While Moving

If you're storing the contents of an entire home—including a house or apartment—moving tables, couches, mattresses, and a large volume of boxes into a drive-up storage unit is easily the most convenient self storage option. The only real consideration here is if you're moving during a time of the year with harsh weather conditions. If you are, consider keeping certain items in home storage or using climate-controlled storage.

Vehicle Storage

Looking to store a car or motorcycle indoors? Drive-up storage units are perfect for this! Motorcycles can easily fit in a 5x10 storage unit, while most cars can fit in a 10x20. Drive-up access storage is nearly identical to a garage, so your vehicles will be in an ideal storage environment. Learn more about storing your vehicle in a storage unit.

Business Storage

Businesses—particularly home servicing or similar businesses that store parts and materials, equipment, and vehicles—will benefit most from drive-up access. With the ability to at the storage unit entrance to drop off and pick up equipment and materials, it's the obvious storage option for many businesses. Learn more about commercial storage solutions at Life Storage!

Drive-Up Storage FAQs

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