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From desk drawers and junk drawers to T-shirt and make-up drawers, somehow your ‘stuff’ seems to quickly outgrow the space you have. Sadly, many of the drawers are difficult to organize and even harder to keep that way – particularly drawers used on a daily basis…


Tips For Getting Your Drawers Decluttered and Organized

From desk drawers and junk drawers to T-shirt and make-up drawers, somehow your ‘stuff’ seems to quickly outgrow the space you have. Sadly, many of the drawers are difficult to organize and even harder to keep that way – particularly drawers used on a daily basis.

It isn’t enough to just sort out your belongings. Instead, you must build a better storage system, one that allows you to store and easily locate the things you need. Thankfully, some common sense, a few cereal boxes and some filing skills can help you do just that. Here’s a breakdown on how to organize your drawers.

Finding Order in the Clothing Chaos

When the need to organize hits you, there is no better place to start than the drawers you use every day – your clothing drawers. Sure, it makes sense to organize by type of clothing (for example, T-shirts with T-shirts), but your job doesn’t end there.

  • The Six-Month Rule –­­ Every six months or so, take everything out of each drawer and refold it. This is a bit time consuming, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to weed out unused items, and to ‘re-file’ clothing if you find it in the wrong place. It also keeps your drawers neat.
  • How You Fold Matters – Take the time to learn how to fold your clothing. For example, by folding T-shirts and similar items into small squares, you can file them instead of stacking them. This will make it easy for you to locate what you need without rifling through the entire drawer, the main cause for disarray. Try this tip with socks, tank tops, boxer shorts and pajamas.
  • Divide and Conquer – For drawers that hold a lot of smaller items, consider adding dividers. You can easily create these with cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect) or purchase them. Dividers are ideal for organizing socks, undergarments and scarves.

Classic wooden dresser

The Dreaded Junk Drawer

We all have one – that drawer that catches everything from safety pins to coupons. In fact, the junk drawer often seems like an endless pit, overflowing with so much stuff that closing it, let alone organizing it, seems like an impossible task. In truth, you can sort it in three easy steps.

1.  Empty it Out – Empty out the entire drawer and throw away any garbage. Expired coupons, scraps of paper, empty envelopes, and broken pencils – throw it all out.

2.  Put it in its Place – Go through the remnants and sort out everything that belongs somewhere else. Put those loose screws and nails in the tool kit and that emery board in the bathroom.

3.  Organize it – Use drawer organizers, drawer baskets or small boxes to organize everything else: loose change, pens and pencils, paper clips – anything small. The remaining space is easily used for papers and larger items.

Beat the Bathroom Blues

Mornings are often rushed and you don’t always put things back where they belong, particularly in the bathroom. From hairbrushes to linens and from shampoo to cleaning products, the bathroom is home to a lot of items. Luckily, some smart storage solutions can help you beat the bathroom blues.

  • A Place for Everything – Bathroom drawers are one place that should be specific. Sort through your belongs and create a drawer or space for each category. Consider the following: make-up, hair products, electronics and face care (including razors).
  • Organize – Like with your clothing and junk drawers, caddies and dividers can make a big difference. You can purchase them from a store like the Container Store or make them yourself.
  • Wind up Cords – Be sure to roll up the cords on hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and electric razors. This will prevent the cords from tangling. Alternatively, you can add a power source right inside the drawer for added convenience.
  • Easy Access – Use the top drawer of your vanity for items you use on a regular basis. Cleansers, contact lens solutions, lotions and similar items will be easier to locate.
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Keeping your drawers organized and sorted is an easy way to keep yourself on track. Even better, the next time you need to place your belongings in a storage unit, your drawers are already neatly organized. When what you’re looking for is right where it is supposed to be, getting ready in the morning is easier.

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    I have a junk drawer, everytime i go to clean it out i though everything in a box for later and it starts all over again now i have boxes of stuff from the junk drawers my grandkids tell me that i have everything . How do i get rid of everything if its useable?

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