Self Storage Security Features

Wondering how we keep your stored belongings safe at Life Storage? Let's take a look at some of the ways we protect our customers and the storage spaces they use.

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Security Features at Our Storage Facilities

Take a look at what measures are in place to protect our customers and their personal items.

Digital Surveillance System

We use around-the-clock video surveillance and recording to monitor our facilities. We opt for digital surveillance over tape surveillance to ensure fewer lapses in coverage and more protection for our storage spaces.

Password Protected Gate & Door Access

We provide all of our customers personal access codes to our facilities. These codes are dedicated to you and you alone.

These codes are the only way to get into our facilities as we use electronic gates and password-protected doors to make sure there is no unauthorized access to our storage areas.

Locks & Locking Mechanisms

We offer the best locks in the industry to secure your space. Choose from standard padlocks, disc locks, and, where applicable, cylinder locks. Only you will have the keys to your lock - Life Storage does not keep copies of the keys unless you authorize us to accept deliveries into your storage unit.


No matter where you are at our storage facilities, you can count on proper lighting. Every property and building is designed with adequate lighting to provide a safe, well-lit environment. Exterior lighting is designed to illuminate the property and deter trespassing. Interior lighting is motion-activated and bright so you are never in the dark.

Steps You Can Take to Further Protect Your Belongings

Some things you can do to further protect your personal items in storage include:

  • While we sell top-of-the-line locks at our facility if you have a preferred lock for your storage unit you can bring and use it instead

  • Keep an active inventory of your items in storage

  • Use insurance and don't store anything in your unit that won't be covered by insurance

  • Don't give anyone your personalized access codes

Additional Security Measures We Take

We train our storage associates on protocols that further protect our customers. We don't keep a duplicate key to our customers' units without permission from the customer to deliver packages.

We also run daily walk-throughs and checks on all of our storage spaces to ensure every storage unit is locked and secure. If you happen to leave your storage unit unlocked by accident you can count on us to call you to let you know as soon as we know!

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Have More Questions?

Check out our storage FAQ page for additional information about choosing, renting, and moving into a storage unit. Or, call our helpful team at (800) 800-3456!