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Storage for Business

Have a growing business that needs some extra storage space? We offer flexible storage unit sizes and terms that are great for business use.

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Rent Business Storage

Your business is always changing and growing - wouldn't more space help? We can help your business overcome storage challenges with low-cost commercial storage rental, or provide more comprehensive solutions for making storage an extension of your business.

Storage Units & Vehicle Storage

  • Life Storage has the perfect solution for your small business, non-profit, or community organization whether your commercial storage space needs are large or small. Our storage units are a great value for storing business files, extra product inventory, equipment, vehicles and more. You'll pay a month fee based on the size of your storage unit or parking space, at a fraction of the cost of most commercial real estate.

  • Lower Cost Per Square Foot

    If your business is leasing commercial space and some of that space is needed for storage, you will find that storage units are more affordable. Plus, you can put your valuable commercial space to better use. Your storage unit rental is month-to-month - you won't have to commit to 6 months or a year.

  • Climate Controlled Storage

    Help protect your valuable business documents, records, inventory and furniture in a storage unit with temperature and/or humidity control.

  • Drive-Up Storage Units

    Many Life Storage locations offer drive-up storage units to load and unload your items with less effort and in less time.

  • Facility Security Measures

    Life Storage uses digital surveillance monitoring and key coded entry/access systems to keep an eye on facility activity and deter would-be trespassers. Your storage unit is secured with your own lock so only you and your team have access.

  • Convenient Access

    Don't expect 9-5 rules for accessing your property. Each of our storage facilities have access hours that open early and close late at night. Some of our facilities can offer business customers 24 hour access - please ask!

  • Delivery and Package Acceptance

    As a business customer, you can have inventory and other items shipped directly to your storage facility via shipping services or courier.

  • Vehicle Storage

    If your vehicle depends on vehicles, but you don't have the space to park them - Life Storage offers convenient vehicle parking spaces. Trailers, box trucks, delivery vans, and other common buisness vehicles can be parked and stored or parked and accessed every day.

Warehouse Anywhere

  • Our Warehouse Anywhere services will offer tremendous advantages to small and large businesses looking to place inventory, parts, and products closer to customers and service areas.

  • Track Inventory

    At the heart of Warehouse Anywhere’s technology is the ability to track inventory using innovative technology. You can convert your storage unit into a functional warehouse.

    • Live inventory scanning
    • Monitor inventory with mobile and web applications
    • Optional real-time inventory monitoring with RFID technology
  • Delivery

    Take advantage of Warehouse Anywhere’s nationwide courier network, and convert your warehouse into a Last Mile delivery solution.

    • On demand delivery
    • Same day and next day delivery
    • Next flight out (NFO) shipping options
  • e-Commerce

    Reduce shipping costs and grow your E-Commerce company by keeping your product secure and close to your customers.

    • Pick, Pack, Ship
    • Value add services such as kitting, gift wrapping and more
    • Seamless integration into multiple marketplaces
  • Multi-Space, Multi-Location Services

    For organizations in need of 25+ spaces  regionally or nationally, Warehouse Anywhere is the perfect solution for consolidation. At our core, we know how to find storage and manage the entire process for you.

    • Consolidated billing – all your storage payments on one invoice
    • Web application to manage storage units
    • Extended network of 11,000 locations to broaden your footprint
    • Customer support team
  • Warehouse Anywhere Service Plans starting at just $50 per month

    We offer several different sevice plans that combine our technology, delivery offerings, and customer service options.

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Office, Retail & Warehouse Space

Many Life Storage locations offer retail and business offices for rent and may offer connected warehouses with bay doors for your commercial storage needs. If you're looking for an affordable place to do business, we can help.

  • More affordable leasing than the market average for office and retail spaces
  • Flexibility for renting additional storage as you need it
  • Ideal for start-ups, e-commerce, service businesses, and even high-visibility retail space at some locations
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