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How to Choose a Storage Unit

Finding the right storage unit size and understanding if you need features like climate-controlled storage are essential to having a positive storage experience.

Vehicle Storage Types

Step 1: Identify What You’re Storing

The first step in renting a storage unit is to identify what you need to store. From household belongings during a move to business or vehicle storage, the sizes, features, access types, and other factors to consider will all be impacted by what you need to store!

Take a minute to evaluate how much you plan to store and the types of belongings that will be going into storage.

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Step 2: Choose the Best Storage Unit Size for You

Once you’ve taken account of the belongings you need to store, you'll want to figure out what size of storage unit you'll need. Take a look at our most popular sizes ranging from 5x5 to 10x30 to see what makes the most sense for you! For more unit size information, check out our storage unit size estimator.

5x5 Storage Units

5x5 storage units are similar to a small walk-in closet and are perfect for smaller storage needs.

5x10 Storage Units

5x10 storage units can store belongings like larger mattresses, furniture, lawn equipment, and even a motorcycle.

5x15 Storage Units

5x15 storage units can hold the belongings of a one-bedroom apartment such as a sofa, bed, tv, table, and several boxes.

10x10 Storage Units

10x10 storage units provide enough space to store the contents of a one- or two-bedroom apartment including items like appliances.

10x15 Storage Units

10x15 storage units comfortably store the belongings of a two-bedroom apartment. These storage units can also fit small cars.

10x20 Storage Units

10x20 storage units can store the contents of multiple bedrooms, living room furniture, patio furniture, items from your garage, and more. These storage units can also store most regular-sized cars excluding larger trucks.

10x30 Storage Units

10x30 storage units are perfect for storing the contents of a three- to five-bedroom house. Large cars including large pickups and most commercial vans can also fit in these storage units along with some boats and RVs.

Step 3: Consider Storage Unit Access Types

Now that you have an idea of what storage unit size most closely matches your needs, figuring out the type of access you need is next.

Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up storage provides incredible convenience when unloading your belongings with the ability to drive your vehicle, including moving trucks, right up to the storage unit. Drive-up access is great when you’re storing quite a bit and have large, heavy items.

Indoor Storage

Indoor or interior access also has its benefits. The biggest one is climate-controlled storage. If you’re storing belongings like electronics, wooden furniture, or artwork that can be impacted by extreme heat, cold, or humidity, interior storage units are far more likely to offer the climate-controlled environment that’s best for you.

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Step 4: Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Speaking of climate-controlled storage, let’s take a deeper dive into whether or not it makes sense for your storage needs. Where you’re storing, what you’re storing, and how long you plan to store all influence if climate control is worth it for you. Learn More About Climate Controlled Storage.

Where You’re Storing

If you live in areas like the Midwest with heat, cold, and humidity or the southwest with extreme heat, you should strongly consider climate-controlled storage.

What You’re Storing

Items like electronics, wooden furniture, artwork, and books can be impacted by hot weather, extended exposure to high humidity, and extreme cold.

How Long You’re Storing

The longer your items are in storage and exposed to harsher weather conditions than they would be in your home, the more you should consider using climate-controlled storage to protect them while in storage.


When trusting your belongings to a storage facility, security should be top of mind. At Life Storage, we take security measures including digital video surveillance, password-protected gate and door access systems, and proper lighting so you always feel safe on our properties.


Keep your belongings in a clean, well-maintained environment at Life Storage. We hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure our facilities are always in the best condition possible for our customers.

Access Hours

Being able to access your storage unit when it’s convenient for your schedule can’t be overlooked. We offer extended access hours from 6am to 10pm and select Life Storage locations offer 24-hour access.

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