2 Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge - Clean the Bathroom

Day 2: Bathroom

The bathroom is the place seen by practically everyone who enters your home, making it the next area for cleaning. To put it in order in no time, begin with the toilet. Pour in a cup of baking soda and let it remain there while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Then move on to cleaning the sink, faucets, bathtub and shower with a baking soda paste made up of three parts baking soda to one part water. Just rinse with water for a dazzlingly clean bathroom. When you are finished, add a quarter cup of vinegar to that baking soda in the toilet, swish with a toilet brush and flush. Your bathroom is done.


Lemon juice will help to maintain your bathroom between cleanings. A swipe with half a lemon removes soap scum and cleans fixtures while a quarter cup of lemon juice works wonders in your toilet bowl. The fresh fragrance is delightful, too.

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Progress Level: Spring Cleaning Rookie

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