2 Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Day 14, Closet

Peering into a jumbled closet can be daunting. Where do you begin? Here’s the answer: Begin with the hangers. Buy the slimmest hangers you can find and hang them all backward in your closet. Having all the hangers alike automatically creates order, and the slim profile makes more room in your closet. After you wear each item, hang it facing forward. By the end of the season, the items still facing backward indicate they haven’t been worn. Donate them to charity or have a garage sale.

In the meantime, after hanging everything backward, organize the shelf above the rod. Your 30 minutes will be up and your closet will already look better. Save organizing shoes and bags for another day.


Having a designated spot for each item helps to keep your closet in order. For instance, if you have room, place a coat rack in your closet and hang purses on it. Store scarves in baskets or on tie racks. Keep shoes in inexpensive clear boxes. Hang like items together — shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc. A little organization will keep your closet orderly.

Progress Level: Congratulations! You're a Spring Cleaning Master
That’s it. This is spring cleaning the easy way and the green way. Maintaining it is a simple matter of establishing routines. With these spring cleaning tips, your home will always be ready for guests, and you can relax in a neat and clean home.


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