2 Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Try Our 14-Day, All Natural Spring Cleaning Challenge

Here’s the good news: Winter doesn’t last forever. However, along with spring’s warmer temperatures and new blooms comes spring cleaning. It’s a seasonal ritual that is hard to escape. After all, there’s just something about spring that calls for a fresh, clean start. Yet who has time for deep cleaning? That’s where this spring cleaning challenge comes in.

Designed to make tidying quick and easy, our 14-day spring cleaning challenge takes only 25 or minutes or less each day. These spring cleaning tips tackle one area or zone at a time, helping you to put your home in order and maintain that order throughout the year. Even better, we’re only using natural items that you already have in your

Even better, we’re only fusing natural items that you probably already have such as lemons, olive oil, vegetable oil, white vinegar, and baking soda— no harsh chemicals or toxic fumes.

With the amount of cleaning you can get done in twenty-five minutes, you will be able to keep your home in tip-top shape while still having time for the things you really want to do. So gather your cleaning supplies, set your timer, and let’s get started.

Up First: Day 1, Declutter Surfaces »

Progress Level: Spring Cleaning Newbie

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