2 Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge - Day 1

Day 1, Declutter Surfaces

You may be surprised to discover the difference decluttering makes. Just walk through your house, hanging up clothing that is scattered on chairs or on the floor, putting away the jumble of items on kitchen counters and on nightstands, removing piles of mail and papers from your desk. In a matter of minutes, your home goes from visually sloppy to neat.

Bringing along a laundry basket enables you to pick up items as you go from room to room, transporting them to the places they belong. This is the first and easiest way to restore a sense of order and neatness to your home. When you have only minutes to spare before guests arrive, decluttering is enough.


To prevent the clutter from returning, a few decorative baskets go a long way toward organizing those stray items, from papers and mail to remote controls and bedside paraphernalia. Providing a designated place for articles that would create disarray if allowed to accumulate, baskets keep everything readily accessible and keep your home in order.

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Progress Level: Spring Cleaning Beginner

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