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We’ve discovered that three surprising household items—PVC pipes, shower curtain hooks and tension rods—provide lots of DIY closet organization methods.


The closet is a classic problem spot for obsessively organized people everywhere. I know from experience what it feels like to give away clothes I never wear, to organize the ones I keep by color, style, season—and then to feel unsatisfied with the result despite all my work. For me, it’s the result of a closet that I didn’t get to design, and lots of people who don’t build their own homes have the same problem. I’ve spent some time looking into cheap alternatives to the pricey closet solutions offered by retailers like the Container Store, and my search has not been in vain! I’ve discovered so many unique ways to keep closets looking clean and satisfyingly organized that it took me a while to pick out my favorites and share them with you! I did finally conclude that three surprising things—PVC pipes, shower curtain hooks and tension rods—provide a multitude of DIY closet organization methods.

PVC Pipe


Via BHG, Cookie Loves Milk, Today’s Nest

I rarely gave thought to the existence of PVC piping before I began scouring the web in search of new and cheap methods of organizing. Now I know how relevant these plastic tubes really are. They can be used pretty much anywhere for storage, because they come in so many sizes. As far as the closet goes, I wish I’d thought of PVC earlier! Stacking some larger diameter pieces makes for a simple—and really attractive—shoe organizer. Plus, you can add on as your shoe collection grows. Set side by side in a drawer, they make easy dividers for your small pieces, from ties and scarves to socks and underwear. When mounted on a wall or door, curved PVC pipe attachments make fantastic hooks for purses and bags with built in storage for sunglasses, wallets and other small accessories.

Shower Curtain Hooks


Via Pinterest, Passion Pink and Pearls, Pinterest

These little, nondescript hooks are not only available in large quantities for very little money, but they solve a LOT of the random closet organizing issues you’ve probably given up on. If you’ve been folding your jeans and keeping them in drawers, you’re doing it wrong! By hanging them on shower hooks from their belt loops, you can keep them visible so that you won’t have to go digging through a drawer for the right pair. Another solution for maximum visibility: tank tops hung from shower curtain rings. Keep all of your tank tops right on one hanger without layering them up so it’s impossible to grab one without taking the rest off. It’s better than keeping them piled up in drawers, too. Shower curtain hooks also work for the storage of pretty much any accessory—scarves, baseball hats, jewelry, purses, ties. They can all be hung from shower curtain hooks on hangers or curtain rods for easy accessibility. The best thing about being able to hang everything without sacrificing space is that nothing gets creased or wrinkled the way things do when folded or tossed in a bin or box.

Tension Rods


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Tension rods are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing any room in the house. You can hang spray bottles from them under the bathroom sink. You can organize the kitchen cabinets with them. You can use them to keep rakes and sports equipment upright in the garage. You can even make a plain old drawer unit into a filing cabinet using tension rods. And most of all, you can organize your entire closet with them! High heeled shoes can hang from a single rod, while flats and tennis shoes can rest atop two tension rods side by side. It’s easy to organize your scarves in an unused nook. And using s-hooks and a tension rod makes it easy to keep your purses or jewelry in order. Is your closet a reach-in with space on either side of the door that’s annoyingly empty, yet unusable? A couple of tension rods can make that space useful in an instant.

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This fall, as you sort through your wardrobe and switch out your shorts and t-shirts for pants and sweaters, don’t let yourself get frustrated by what seems like the impossible task of making the closet look good. And don’t go running to the store to buy expensive traditional closet solutions. Instead, use these unique, inexpensive tricks to get and keep your closet looking perfect!

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