Organizing baby clothes can be quite the task for parents but it’s essential to keep things in order. With some planning and dedication, you can maintain an orderly system for your baby’s clothing. Learn how to organize baby clothes effectively with these tips!

Prepare Before the Baby Comes


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When preparing for a baby, you’ll need to gather and wash their clothes before you can determine the best organization system. By completing these tasks before the baby arrives, you’ll make things easier for yourself during the transition period.

Gather the Essentials

Make note of the baby clothes you already own and take inventory of items that have been gifted to you to avoid buying duplicates. When shopping for baby clothes, focus on the necessities so you don’t bring clutter into your baby’s space. Prioritize items like onesies, sleepers, tops, and bottoms. These pieces should be versatile enough to handle messes and suitable for different weather conditions.

Wash New Baby Clothes

Before storing baby clothes for future use, it’s essential to run them through the wash to get rid of any potential irritants or chemicals they might have come into contact with. Choose a hypoallergenic detergent and follow the care instructions on clothing labels.

Sort & Categorize Clothes

Once you’ve given the new clothes a good clean, you can start sorting through the items. Implementing a good system for organizing baby clothes from the start can help create a manageable routine as your baby grows. Here are the most efficient ways to sort your baby’s clothing items.

Separate Baby Clothes by Size

Deciding how to organize baby clothes can be a challenge, but sorting items by size first is an easy win. It’s important to sort baby clothes by size so that they can be worn before they’re too small to fit. Organize newborn clothes in a separate pile, as you’ll need to access those first. Keep in mind that baby clothes sizes may differ across brands, so this process could involve a bit of investigation.

Arrange Items with Use in Mind

Organize baby clothes based on how often they’ll be used. Avoid putting frequently worn baby clothes in hard-to-reach places. Instead, store essential items like diapers and baby bodysuits within easy reach. Your nursery organization will only be efficient if it aligns with how you’ll use the items in the future!

Color-Code Clothes

If you’d like to take things a step further, color-coding baby clothes is a fantastic way to organize your nursery. Not only does this system make searching for particular garments more convenient, but it also adds visual appeal to your storage areas.

Maximize Nursery Space


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After sorting through your baby’s clothes, they need to have a good place to go. Keeping an organized nursery is crucial for both practicality and peace of mind. Prioritize functionality and follow these tips to maximize your nursery room storage!

Keep an Organized Nursery Closet

Organizing the closet is essential to making the most of your nursery room storage space. A nursery closet organizer can help to provide more usable space. Opt for tiered hangers to save room and efficiently organize garments for convenient access.

Use Nursery Storage Bins & Baskets

Baskets for nurseries can help with organizing the ever-changing sizes of your baby’s garments. Store baby clothes in bins or baskets and label them according to their size or type. Allocate specific bins for upcoming sizes, outgrown clothes, and any extras of the current size you have. Keep your baskets up-to-date to ensure you always have the right clothes readily available.

Optimize Dresser Layout

Choose a baby dresser that provides space to accommodate all necessary baby items. Assign drawers for different categories of items, reserving the top drawer for essentials, to create an efficient layout for your nursery dresser. Organizing each drawer by size and type will make everyday outfits easy to see and grab. Use drawer dividers and organizers and implement space-saving folding techniques for the ultimate convenience.

Avoid Over-Stuffing Spaces

Try not to pack too much clothing in one space, as it will make it more difficult to access those items. Get creative with storage solutions, using the space behind doors, in corners, and even under furniture to keep clothes organized. You can also opt for decor that doubles as nursery storage. Make it a habit to regularly declutter belongings by considering their value and storing clothes for future use to make more room.

Update & Maintain Storage Systems


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To keep your baby’s wardrobe neat and organized, it’s important to maintain your system and update it as your baby grows. Stay proactive in managing your nursery organization system and help ensure it remains effective with these tips.

Implement a Laundry System

Keeping your baby’s clothes organized requires smart laundry management. Create a laundry routine that suits your daily life. Babies can go through multiple outfits during a day, so it’s important to designate enough space for dirty clothes. Prepare to frequently wash baby clothes and remember to return them to the right spot when you’re finished.

Rotate Clothes In & Out

Size and season should stay top-of-mind in order to maintain your organization system. Keep baby clothes that are suitable for the current season easily accessible while storing away off-season clothes. Similarly, as your baby grows, bring in larger clothing sizes and store the outgrown items accordingly.

Deal with Outgrown Baby Clothes

Baby clothes that are too small can cause clutter, so you’ll want to stay on top of these items before they pile up. Make sure you have an appropriate way to get rid of clothes your baby has outgrown—whether you choose to sell, donate, or store them for future children. Consider implementing a hand-me-down organization system for items you’re not ready to part with yet.


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