Avoid the headache and hassle of a cluttered entryway and mudroom. These mudroom organization tips will help you make the most of this space.


Wondering how to organize your mudroom? As one of the most high-traffic areas in your home, your drop zone can be a hot spot for clutter if not organized properly. Check out these eight tips to maximize space, declutter, and organize your mudroom!

Include a Sturdy Bench

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A mudroom bench provides the ultimate convenience. This simple mudroom idea not only gives you a place to sit and take off your shoes when you get home, but it can also offer additional storage space. In fact, mudroom storage benches that include lids or built-in drawers are great opportunities for hidden storage. If you want to get crafty, consider a DIY mudroom bench that leaves space open underneath for cubbies or baskets!

Dedicate an Area to Shoe Storage

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Having a place to put shoes in your mudroom entryway is one of the best ways to keep a clean house. Adding a drop zone shoe rack with a rug underneath or storing shoes away in a mudroom cabinet can help prevent wet and muddy footwear from being tracked through your home. Rubber boot trays are another great option, as they’re durable and easy to clean.

Hang Mudroom Hooks

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Installing mudroom wall hooks, a peg rail, or hanging wall rack is a convenient mudroom organization idea for items you reach for on your way out the door. Ensure you have enough hooks for your daily essentials, including coats, backpacks, totes, purses, hats, and more. Remember to swap out items as the seasons change to save space and avoid clutter!

Create Lockers or Closets

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If you have multiple people in your household, one of the best mudroom design ideas is to dedicate separate mudroom storage lockers to each person. That way, everyone can personalize their personal storage space to their specific needs and routines. You can customize even more by building your own storage lockers with specific measurements in mind! If you don’t have as much space to work with, try giving everyone in your household a designated spot in the mudroom. These areas can be great for storing sports equipment, umbrellas, school supplies, and other personal items. Utilizing lockers and closets is a convenient way to locate your items, and it can also help prevent the appearance of clutter!

Add Storage Baskets & Bins

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Designating a home for all the items in your entryway makes it easier to put things back where they belong and maintain an organized house. Create a mudroom storage system by placing hats, mittens, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous grab-and-go items in wicker baskets or storage bins. After labeling each bin with the types of content, place your baskets inside mudroom cubbies or on top of an entryway wall shelf. If you need several bins to hold all of your items, consider installing floor-to-ceiling storage shelves paired with a library-style ladder to take advantage of vertical storage space.

Make It Work for Your Pets

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When considering your mudroom organization system, dedicate a section to your pets. Your entryway’s drop zone is a convenient place to keep collars, leashes, waste bags, paw wipes, and other items you need as you leave or enter your home with your furry friends. In addition, pull-out drawers are a great mudroom storage solution for their food bowl or treats. Or if you have space underneath shelves or benches, this could be a great spot to put a bed or crate to keep it out of the way.

Create a Command Center

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Having a mudroom command center is a must-have organizational tip. This is a centralized area where you can keep calendar reminders, paperwork, keys, and more. Consider adding an entryway table with notepads and pens, and hang a memo board or calendar on the wall above it. Utilize a hanging mail organizer or set file folders on a floating shelf to keep track of important documents, and place a recycling bin within reach. And don’t forget to include a wall-mounted key holder in your mudroom’s drop zone to keep track of everyone’s keys!

Set Up a Charging Station

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Make sure your electronics are always charged and ready to go by hooking up a mudroom charging station. If you have extra space in a cabinet or drawer, this practical mudroom storage idea is ideal for keeping electronics neatly hidden. You could even keep cables tucked away in a basket when they’re not being used. This is especially convenient when you need to grab your device or charger and head out the door in a hurry!


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