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Looking for a place to safely store your car without breaking the bank? Life Storage offers cheap and secure car storage solutions at our storage facilities across the U.S.

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Car Storage Options

Life Storage is proud to offer multiple storage options for those looking to store their car short or long term! Explore the most common car storage solutions below.

Indoor Car Storage

Indoor or enclosed storage units with outdoor access are perfect for those looking to store a car—with the ultimate benefit of helping keep a car safe from the elements.

  • 10x15 units: The perfect option for storing smaller, compact cars long term. Just pull your compact car right into an enclosed storage unit to keep it safe from the elements for as long as you need!

  • 10x20 units: Compact and full-sized cars and trucks can be stored comfortably in these drive-up access units. These enclosed units are also perfect for storing a vehicle alongside other belongings.

Outdoor Car Storage

If you are looking to store your car for a short period of time, or are simply looking for a more affordable option, our outdoor car storage spaces are perfect for you! Some of our storage locations offer covered car storage for an accessible, more protected alternative.

  • 15': These spaces are great for small and even some large vehicles that you need frequent access to, or if you're looking for secure short-term car storage.

  • 20': Simply park your car, truck, or SUV in one of these spacious outdoor parking spots for an easily-accessible car storage option!

How Much Does Car Storage Cost?

The average price of car storage is $147.42 per month. The cost of car storage can range from $19.00 - $631.00 depending on the type of car storage you need, like indoor climate-controlled storage or outdoor covered storage, the size of your car, as well as the location of your facility. For assistance choosing car storage near you that fits within your budget, give our team a call!

Choose the Best Car Storage Solution for You

Short-Term Storage

Life Storage's month-to-month vehicle storage options are perfect for those looking for short-term car storage. Whether you're moving, going out of town for a short while, or want a place to park your car during home renovations—store your car at Life Storage and access it whenever you need!

Long-Term Storage

The flexibility of Life Storage's month-to-month lease options allow you to store your vehicle as long as you need! Long-term car storage is a great option for families saving a car for their kid, protecting classic cars and sports cars between uses, keeping a vehicle safe while on deployment, and more.

Winter Storage

Need a place to store your car in the winter? Whether you have a convertible, are looking to free up some garage space, or have an extra car you don't want to store in the driveway, Life Storage has a seasonal storage solution that's sure to fit your car storage needs!

Classic Car Storage

Many drive-up access storage units are perfect for storing classic and valuable vehicle securely. These enclosed units help prevent common issues like water spots, prolonged sun exposure damage, and effects of inclement weather while the car is in storage.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

Need a place to store a fleet of company cars? Life Storage facilities across the country offer commercial vehicle storage options that are perfect for local businesses looking to store cars, trucks, trailers, and more!

Car Storage Benefits at Life Storage

The benefits to storing a car at Life Storage go far beyond just clearing up some space in your garage, driveway, or business venue. Let's take a look at some of the biggest benefits our customers enjoy when they choose Life Storage.

Convenient Locations

Life Storage has over 1,000 facilities across 37 states and growing! With accessible facilities featuring easy and extended access, our conveniently-located facilities are perfect for those looking to store their car, truck, or other vehicle close to home.


With low-commitment, month-to-month storage offerings, you can store your car for as long as you need without having to worry about being charged for more than you need!


We use comprehensive security measures like gated access, camera surveillance, perimeter fencing, and a well-lit property to give our customers peace of mind. Storing a car at a Life Storage facility is as safe as it is easy!

Extended Access Hours

Use your car whenever you need it! Extended access hours at Life Storage facilities across the country allow you to visit your car or other stored belongings on your schedule.

Car Storage Preparation Tips

You can rest assured your car is safe in storage at Life Storage, but there are always ways to better prepare your car for storage. Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to give your car optimal protection while in storage.

Indoor Storage

  • Even though your vehicle is being stored in an enclosed unit, a car cover is a worthwhile investment to help keep dust off your car.

  • Remove the car battery to preserve its longevity and prevent acids from damaging the vehicle—especially if you plan to store your car during the cold season.

  • Finally, we recommend filling up the car with high-octane gas, antifreeze, and brake fluid, along with getting a fresh oil change before storing it. This will help prevent moisture forming in the tank or lines.

Outdoor Storage

  • Whether you take advantage of outdoor or covered vehicle storage, we advise a car cover to help prevent water spots, hail damage, and more from damaging your vehicle. We also recommend washing and waxing it to further protect the car's exterior.

  • Much like indoor car storage preparation, we recommend your vehicle have its fuel and fluid levels high before entering it into outdoor storage.

  • Finally, outdoor vehicle storage is optimal for working but inactive cars needing short-term storage of two months or less. Customers seeking long-term car storage with infrequent access may wish to consider indoor car storage, instead.

Car Storage FAQs

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