5x10 Storage Units

Searching for a 5x10 storage unit near you? Life Storage offers secure 5x10 self storage units that come with special features for additional convenience. Check out our comprehensive size guide below to learn more about these units!

How Big Is a 5x10 Storage Unit?

The 5x10 storage units at our Life Storage facilities are 5 feet long and 10 feet wide, yielding a total of 50 square feet of storage space. These medium-sized units are comparable in size to a mid-sized walk-in closet.

How Tall Is a 5x10 Storage Unit?

Life Storage facilities offer 5x10 storage units that are typically 8 feet tall, providing 400 cubic feet of storage space. However, some locations offer units with ceilings 10 feet or higher, giving you additional vertical storage space to work with.

What Fits in a 5x10 Storage Unit?

5x10 storage units at Life Storage can usually fit the contents of a dorm room, studio apartment, or mid-sized bedroom. These mid-sized units are ideal storage solutions for students, apartment renters, and those in need of a little extra storage space outside the home. A 50-square-foot storage unit can store items like:

  • TV & TV stand

  • Several small and medium boxes

  • Small couch

  • Dresser

  • Mattress set

Can a bed fit into a 5x10 storage unit?

Yes, the dimensions of a 5x10 self storage unit allow enough room for both a king and a queen-sized mattress, in addition to the included box spring.

Can I store a car in a 5x10 storage unit?

No, a car will not fit in a 5x10 storage unit. A 5x10 unit can be used for motorcycle storage, but for most cars, a 10x20 unit will provide the best fit. Learn more about recommended unit sizes for storing all types of vehicles on our vehicle storage page.

How do you organize a 5x10 storage unit?

There are several ways to organize your 5x10 storage unit. Create a list of all inventory, label your boxes or use clear bins for visibility, store heavy items towards the back, and use shelves to make the most of vertical storage space.

Is a 5x10 storage unit big enough?

Every person has unique storage needs. A 5x10 storage unit can store one or two large pieces of furniture and several boxes, making them perfect for college dorm room or studio apartment storage. 5x10 storage units can also generally fit household or business items from one room.

How many boxes can fit in a 5x10 storage unit?

If you intend to store everything in boxes, a 5x10 self storage unit can fit 20-30 boxes of varying sizes. However, if you'll also be storing furniture or other items, remember to account for the space these items will take.

How Much Does a 5x10 Storage Unit Cost?

The average cost of a 5x10 storage unit is $53.57 per month. Prices can vary depending on the location of your storage facility and the amenities and features offered. For assistance finding an affordable 5x10 storage unit near you that fits within your budget, contact Life Storage's knowledgeable team of storage experts today!


5x10 Storage Unit Options

5x10 storage units at Life Storage come with a variety of options for your security and convenience. Read below to learn more about our self storage features and amenities.

Indoor Self Storage

5x10 indoor storage units are located inside our self storage building to give you an additional layer of protection and shelter from the outdoor elements. These self storage units also come with ground-level access or upper-level access for further convenience.

Drive-Up Access

If you're planning to store bulky items that are difficult to carry, renting a 5x10 storage unit with drive-up access can help make the storage process easier. Life Storage's drive-up storage units give you the convenience of being able to drive your vehicle right up to your unit entrance for more efficient loading and unloading.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Life Storage offers 5x10 climate-controlled storage units to help protect your items from extreme temperatures. These units typically maintain temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees year-round.

24/7 Access

Have a busy schedule? Some Life Storage locations offer 24/7 access! With 24-hour access, you can visit your 5x10 storage unit when it's most convenient for you. Contact Life Storage today to learn more about access hours at the storage facilities near you.

Here are some common uses for a 5x10 Storage Unit:

Storage For Moving

A 5x10 storage unit can be used to store the contents of a single bedroom including a mattress, dresser, couch, and a few boxes. If you're in the process of moving and need somewhere to store your belongings, consider a 5x10 storage unit!

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items such as holiday décor, gardening supplies, or sports equipment can be comfortably stored inside a 5x10 storage unit.

Business Storage

Business owners who manage files and other small commercial equipment can rent a 5x10 business storage unit to help stay organized and keep their business running smoothly!

Once you've evaluated what you need to put into storage, contact the Life Storage team to help you find the perfect unit size for your needs.

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