Are you downsizing or decluttering your home? Not only will purging help clear out your basement, attic, and closets, but you can also make a little extra cash on the side. Check out this helpful list of free and user-friendly resale apps and websites to help get rid of unwanted items like clothing, furniture, collectibles, books, vehicles, and more!


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  • Payment Method: Electronic payment or cash

One of the most iconic and well-known sites to buy, sell, and find deals on used items is Craigslist. This classified advertisements website and mobile app allows users to filter by category, so finding what you’re looking for is easier. And, while many other online resale sites have popped up over the years, Craigslist is still widely used, with 250+ million visits per month in countries worldwide.

  • Pros: User-friendly; no account needed to sell items; no fees; massive user base
  • Cons: Seller must coordinate & communicate with the buyer; recurring scams & safety issues; posts remain active for only 30 days


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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit, PayPal, or charitable donation

Decluttr, a sustainable and trusted online resale website, gives you an instant valuation of your items without going through the hassle of listing and selling them yourself. This gives Simply pack your unwanted electronics into a box, ship it to Decluttr’s warehouse, and get paid. Or try one of the best resale apps for decluttering video game consoles, old iPhones, and other used tech, the Decluttr app.

  • Pros: A wide variety of items can be sold; tech can be traded in for newer models; all tech sold is either refurbished or recycled responsibly; easy to use; free shipping; quick payouts
  • Cons: Not all items are accepted; offers may be lower than other resale platforms


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  • Payment Method: Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit & debit cards, or Klarna

Depop is an app designed for selling second-hand clothing, accessories, sneakers, and more, which is perfect for clearing out your wardrobe. This social e-commerce platform has over 30 million users across the globe who buy and sell items based on their unique styles, like vintage and handmade goods, streetwear, and independent fashion brands. Plus, sellers who meet certain goals and criteria can be invited to become Top Sellers, which comes with added benefits like top seller events, exclusive data, and more.

  • Pros: Lower seller fees; worldwide buyers; easy dispute process; ability to chat with buyers
  • Cons: Restricted to four photos & one video per listing; high international shipping costs; must be active to get sales


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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit or Visa & Mastercard debit cards

eBay was first founded in 1995 as a platform for auctioning items. Since then, the iconic e-commerce company has undergone many changes and updates over the years, allowing users the ability to directly sell their items to buyers. You can sell everything from vintage clothing and collectibles to auto parts, jewelry, and other niche goods. The eBay app is perfect for sellers looking to downsize their belongings.

  • Pros: Ability to sell just about anything; set your own price; reach a wide audience; auction-style or buy-it-now listings; users get 250 free listings per month
  • Cons: Random & high seller fees; payout system can be complicated; vast user base leaves the platform saturated & competitive

Facebook Marketplace

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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit, PayPal, electronic payment, or cash

Since its introduction to the social media platform in 2016, Facebook Marketplace has been one of the most popular places to sell unwanted belongings to buyers in your local community. From selling a car on Marketplace to home decor, electronics, appliances, and plenty of other items, you can find just about anything on this social media resell platform. Plus, with easy integration to your Facebook profile, you can post your listing, share it, and communicate with potential buyers, increasing the chances of a quick sale on Facebook.

  • Pros: Shipping & local pick-up options; no commission or processing fees; easy-to-post listings
  • Cons: Requires a Facebook account to access; account holders receive payments once items are shipped; seller & buyer(s) must communicate to confirm sale & coordinate local pick up or shipping fees; viewership limited to locals only; safety concerns when meeting in person


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  • Payment Method: Instant pay or direct deposit

Looking for a resale app perfect for downsizing your home? Mercari is a marketplace for selling new and used items, but it also offers a unique service known as Mercari Local, which allows drivers to pick up the order from the seller’s home and deliver it to the buyer’s address. Plus, not having to physically ship your items or meet up with a stranger allows for the ultimate convenience.

  • Pros: Can upload up to 12 photos; have the option for either party to cover shipping costs; can sell locally; provides prepaid shipping labels
  • Cons: Each sale has a commission fee and payment processing fee; payment not acquired until the buyer & seller rate the transaction; buyers can abuse the return policy


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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit or cash

OfferUp provides you with a simpler way to buy and sell near you. Created to compete with Craigslist, you can sell items online or in the OfferUp app. You can easily declutter your basement, garage, and attic by selling a wide range of products including unwanted appliances, home decor, electronics, and just about anything else you have lying around. It also keeps people accountable by using transaction history and ratings, so you can browse profiles and make sure you’re selling to or buying from reputable individuals.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use; mobile-friendly app; can boost your listing for a fee; public member profiles featuring ratings and reviews; instant messaging
  • Cons: Constant haggling; safety concerns when meeting in person; high shipping costs


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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit or PayPal

Launched in 2021, PangoBooks has a simple mission: to create the most accessible and enjoyable place for readers to buy and sell books online. This intuitive resale platform allows users to set up their own online bookstore to help downsize their cluttered bookshelf or at-home library by selling to a fast-growing network of book lovers.

  • Pros: No book listing restrictions; large user base; simple & easy shipping; easy-to-use mobile app
  • Cons: Charges 20% sales fee per book; limited guidance on how to price books


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  • Payment Method: Instant transfer, direct deposit, PayPal, Venmo, or check

Looking for one of the best resale apps for fashion? Poshmark offers an online social commerce marketplace with 80 million users and over 200 million active listings. With thousands of brands, multiple sizes and styles, and something to appeal to every budget, decluttering your closet has never been easier. Users can easily sell second-hand clothing, home decor pieces, beauty products, and more by sharing their listings with followers, posting to daily themed Posh Parties, and through the Poshmark app.

  • Pros: Prepaid shipping labels; ability to bundle items & offer discounted shipping to buyers; allows users to showcase listings by sharing photos & videos with followers; promotional events; frequently offers new features
  • Cons: Extremely competitive market; high seller fees; expensive shipping for electronics


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  • Payment Method: thredUP shopping credit, brand shopping credit, PayPal, or Stripe

Unlike other top resale apps, thredUP does all the work for you, so cleaning out your closet is a breeze. This socially and environmentally conscious thrift store allows you to fill up a box with gently used women’s and kid’s clothing you no longer want or need. You can also use the thredUP app to inspect, photograph, list, and sell the items you sent in, providing them with a second home and helping to reduce fashion waste.

  • Pros: Environmentally friendly
  • Cons: Long evaluation & processing times; small variable payouts; some brands are ineligible for payout; accepts women’s and children’s clothing only; items can be rejected without reason

Vestiaire Collective

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  • Payment Method: Direct deposit or PayPal

Download the Vestiaire Collective app if you want to sell your used luxury clothing from designer fashion brands like Dior, Chanel, Prada, and more. Also offering a website, Vestiaire Collective has high standards, and you’re required to send in a photo of the items you wish to sell, along with a description. If approved by their team of authentication experts, you can start selling to over 23 million members worldwide.

  • Pros: Prepaid and insured shipping; pricing & selling tools to help you choose the best price; earn up to 85% on sales; buyers can’t return items
  • Cons: High seller fees


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  • Payment Method: Bank transfer (ACH), check, or PayPal

Diamonds may be forever, but if you do happen to have any you’re hoping to sell, Worthy is one of the best luxury resale sites to do it. Equipped with personal auction managers and a network of 1,000+ professional buyers, Worthy will authenticate and grade your jewelry with leading labs like GIA and IGI, photograph, and list your items for auction, ensuring you get the absolute best price for your diamonds, fine jewelry, luxury branded watches, and more.

  • Pros: The platform cleans & photographs your jewelry; seller determines price after receiving third-party grading information
  • Cons: Long process; online auction system takes 48 – 72 hours; platform takes a 10% – 18% commission of sales; PayPal is not available for transactions over $5K

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