If your family owns one video game, chances are you have a dozen more. These video game storage ideas will keep your game room decluttered and organized.

how to store video games

Does your child and/or spouse have a video game habit that has gotten out of hand? Video games can become a huge hassle if not properly stored. Without a system in place, video games can create a scattered whirlwind of unattractive clutter, which can mark the beginning of a real problem.

A messy house can literally affect your physical and mental health. Plus, it’s tough to enter Fortnite after the game has been stepped on, kicked, or used as an expensive drink coaster.

When not in use, it’s important to make sure that video games are properly stowed and stored. Luckily, storing video games can be fun and add an extra element to your living room or den. Think of it as a real-life version of Tetris.

Today we’re sharing several innovative video game storage ideas. Set up the system that makes the most sense, then sit your family down and insist they put games back where they belong.

1. Convert a bookshelf.

Many of us have substantial media collections that include games, books, compact discs, DVDs, albums, etc. Instead of jamming your favorite entertainment into a closet, proudly display your library on a bookshelf for all to see.

2. Use a decorative basket.

Wicker baskets are a trendy way to keep blankets, pillows, and other living room essentials organized. Pick up a couple more baskets to store video games and accessories. Consider placing the baskets on an end table or on a TV console shelf.

3. Store games inside ottomans.

Some of us would prefer not to have video games on public display. Attractive and inexpensive ottomans can store our game library. Use dividers to separate the inside of an ottoman and categorize your collection into sections. If budget allows, purchase an ottoman that matches existing decor and functions as additional seating.

4. Hang a shelf on the wall.

If you are lacking floor space, seek out a shelving unit that hangs on the wall. If you must, bring one of the video games to the store with you so that you can make sure the game will stack vertically inside the shelf. Keep games stacked on the top shelf and display controllers on the bottom shelf.

5. Make DIY video game storage.

A DIY storage cabinet is ideal for serving the dual purpose of a television stand and a media storage unit. A custom piece of furniture may not be easy to make. Luckily, this furniture tutorial will teach you how to build an old-school cabinet that will work with your existing space.

6. Fill an old drawer.

Not all of us have sprawling collections of games but have a half dozen or so titles that we want to keep organized. Repurpose a dresser drawer to store your games, controller and remote in a single, handy location. Add casters to the bottom of the drawer so it can roll on the floor and stow away under a bed or table.

7. Repurpose vintage suitcases.

There are plenty of vintage items that can double as storage. One common storage option is to use a stack of old leather suitcases. This video game storage idea is ideal for games you don’t play as often.

8. Get rid of the game cases.

Some video game collectors insist on keeping the original packaging for resell purposes. Many gamers will buy and sell games so that they have an influx of new games coming in. However, you can store video game cases elsewhere, which will free up much-needed space in your living room. Put all the discs inside a disc binder and then toss the cases in an air-tight tote to store elsewhere. Just be sure the games always go back inside the binder so they don’t get scratched.

9. Consider large wall units.

If you have a museum-worthy collection of video games and other media, you might have to invest in some more expensive storage options. If video game collecting is a passion project, create a library-like effect using a wall to wall storage units. In most cases, you’ll want to dedicate an entire room for storage and display. Embrace vertical space, alphabetize your collection, and keep an updated inventory for insurance purposes.

We hope these video game storage ideas helped you reduce some clutter in your home. If your family’s video game situation gets out of control, Life Storage can help you out with an affordable storage unit, too.

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