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Small is a deceiving word when it comes to describing a business. Regardless of how many people a local business employs, chances are there’s a whole lot of stuff to be dealt with. Perhaps your business began in your living room or garage, but it’s not always possible to sustain even the simplest of companies in such limited space. Whether you’re a landscaper who’s run out of room in your own garage or a crafter whose family is getting sick of all your projects crowding them out of their own home, a self-storage unit could be just what you need to get back to business. Here are five varieties of small businesses that should consider a self-storage unit:

Independent Publisher


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Independent publishers have quite a bit of physical product on their hands in the form of mountains of whatever they’re publishing—magazines, pamphlets, brochures, or the old-fashioned kind of book (the kind that’s made of paper). After a book or magazine is printed, it gets shipped to a central location before being sent out to its readers or subscribers, or in larger quantities to the retailers who sell it. It sounds simple, but a small publisher can’t just collect boxes and boxes full of heavy paper products.

A self-storage unit is the perfect place for a publisher to store his inventory before sending it out and to keep the extra boxes that are sure to remain after the fact. Rather than filling his garage or attic at home with these not-quite-weather-proof products, he can keep them in a climate-controlled storage unit until they’re needed. And as the company and its work grows, so can the storage unit—units range in size from tiny to gigantic. Best of all, the publisher can arrange to have his product shipped directly to his storage unit!

Local Landscaper or Contractor

contractor -

Via Timberist

The “stuff” that these small business owners accumulate doesn’t come with the issue of quantity alone. It’s also bulky and irregularly shaped. Think lawn mowers, leaf blowers, drills, saws, wood—you get the point. The space in a truck bed or van is not infinite, so as a landscaper or contractor grows her business, her demand for space will increase too.

Again, home is not always the right place for a business owner to store everything business-related, whether it’s because there’s simply not enough room for it or because it’s disruptive to the owner’s family. A self-storage unit is a great solution. A landscaper or contractor can store everything she doesn’t have room for in the truck or at home. Plus, the owner of the business can set up the unit so that her employees have access as well—this way, when she has a day off, her employees can stop in and grab whatever it is they need to get their work done for that day!

Local Theater or Gallery

small gallery -

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Self storage isn’t something we usually associate with the arts. But think about how much goes into managing a gallery or putting on a show and it’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of material involved. At a small, locally run theater or gallery, space isn’t so easy to come by. So when it comes to storing old sets and costumes that should be simply thrown away or paintings from past exhibits, self-storage units could really be the best place.

On top of the sheer volume of things that require storing when it comes to running a theater or a gallery, there’s often a need for special storage conditions. Rather than shoving everything into whatever closet space is available, owners can feel better about the state of their art by storing it climate-controlled units, which many self-storage facilities offer. These units provide the temperature and humidity required to preserve an oil painting or a silk costume!

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EBay or Etsy Shop

etsy shop

The rise of crafting for a living is particularly noticeable in the emergence of more and more Etsy and eBay shops offering tons of fantastic hand-crafted pieces from furniture and décor to clothing and accessories. When an online shop finds success, it will often be obvious in the volume of available products—and when the people running these small online businesses are producing so much, they need a place not only to store their inventory, but sometimes to make it. Though most of these businesses get their starts at home in the garage or the craft room, they often grow out of these spaces.

That’s where self storage can come in handy! Suppose that Bob’s hand-crafted wooden toys are suddenly in high demand with the increasing desire for natural, eco-friendly goods. He might be making a few rocking horses and a dozen toy trains a week. He’ll want to keep his inventory somewhere until it ships out to the individuals who order it, and he won’t want to crowd his workspace with finished products. A storage unit is the perfect way for Bob to keep his product (and extra tools and materials) safe and sound during the time between production and shipment.

Electronics Repair

9178-broken-iphone-5 -

Via International Digital Times

If you’re like me, then you’ve experienced the tragedy of a shattered iPhone screen, and the pain of handing over too much money to replace the phone. There are lots of people out there, though, who are capable of replacing your cracked screen or repairing internal damage to your electronics for a lot less money than buying a new phone or tablet costs, and many of these tech pros are opening up small businesses based on their talents.

Though someone repairing nothing but iPhones wouldn’t be pressed for space, someone who’s graduated from mere phone repair and become an electronics expert might be fixing desktop computers, printers and game consoles. These aficionados are the ones who might benefit from self-storage rentals. Not only can they use their self-storage units to store their lineup of broken electronics and replacement parts, but they can also work out of the storage unit! There’s a certain level of focus that has to be achieved in order to successfully repair the complex insides of computers, and a storage unit might be the perfect place to get away from distractions during the day in order to work some magic on a broken Playstation.

If there’s anything that should be taken away from this article, it’s that self storage is more versatile than you’d expect. There are so many ways to make use of a self-storage unit as an individual, but there are also plenty of ways to improve and grow your small business with a self-storage unit. These are only five of the businesses that could really benefit from self-storage—we’re sure that there are lots more!

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