These clever under the bed storage ideas will help you store more than just dust bunnies underneath your mattress.

Utilize the space under your bed, under the bed storage ideas

What’s hiding under your bed? If your answer is nothing, you’ve just identified an ideal storage space. It’s dry, temperature controlled and convenient. Clear out that clutter and learn how under the bed organization can help declutter your home.

The often underutilized space under your bed is ideal for smart, efficient, and cost-effective storage. Transform that dusty area into a nifty storage space with these under the bed storage ideas.

1. Utilize storage containers that are already in your home.

Under-the-bed storage boxes or drawers might already be in your home. Consider using:

  • A cardboard box with top flaps removed
  • Shoe or boot boxes
  • Wicker woven baskets
  • Canvas-covered boxes

Under the Bed Storage Tip: For an extra special touch, insert a piece of cedar plywood at the bottom of each bin containing clothing. By doing so, not only will you add a pleasing scent to the container, you will deter moths.

2. Transform an old dresser drawer into a rolling storage drawer.

You can buy drawers tailored for under the bed with wheels already included, or you can DIY one yourself using any old dresser drawer. First, measure to make sure the drawer will fit under the bed, then purchase casters for the bottom.

3. Add wheels to vintage suitcases.

If you don’t have any drawers to use under the bed, convert some vintage suitcases into sealed under the bed storage. Add furniture sliders or wheels to the bottom for easy access.

4. Purchase a bed with built-in storage.

Under the bed storage ideas

So many companies sell beds that are made for storing excess items. The benefit of this type of bed is that every square inch is usable space. You also have the option of building a bed frame with built-in cubbies to store miscellaneous items.

5. Turn an old bookshelf on its side and add wheels.

This DIY under the bed storage idea is similar to the drawer concept. Turn an old and narrow bookshelf on its side, then add wheels to the bottom. The shelves act as cubbies to organize various items.

6. Label long and thin clear plastic totes.

 Clear plastic totes are ideal for under the bed storage because it’s less likely one will forget what is stored under there. Purchase enough totes for the entire length of the bed and store like items together.

7. Store bulky linens in vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

Since linens can be a haven for unwanted pests, it’s best to store these items in sealed off containers. To maximize space, consider putting extra sets of linen inside plastic bags that you can vacuum the air out.

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A Word of Warning

Under-the-bed storage containers do not need to have a cover or lid, especially if you are storing items you use regularly. However, make sure you keep your bed clean and free of unwanted pests. Open storage under the bed can be a breeding ground for dust mites and bedbugs.

If your home tends to gather dust easily, use lined baskets with closeable lids that are easy to clean and will ensure the safekeeping of your goods.

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