A wreath can make the perfect statement in your home. A festive red one for Christmas, a green foliage one for Spring, or perhaps a handmade one for anytime can add personality and charm to your space throughout the year. Keep each creation in like-new condition with this simple wreath storage solution.

Wreath Storage

Wreaths look undeniably beautiful on mantels, front doors, and incorporated into existing home decor. With the change of seasons, it’s easy for one wreath to multiply into an entire collection before we know it. But where to keep them all? Today, you’ll learn how to organize and store them in your existing closet using minimal dollars and supplies. Simply follow this step-by-step wreath storage guide to learn more.

For those who have admired my mantel decor posts over the years, you may have noticed that I have quite the collection of wreaths. In fact, I have collected more than a dozen wreaths. And this was the year I was going to organize them once and for all.

Yes, my wreath collection may look like a leaning tower or a perhaps a scene from the Princess and the Pea! Every year, I consider purchasing the plastic wreath storage containers you see in the stores after the holidays. But at nine dollars minimum times twelve wreaths… well, that’s a little too much money. Plus those storage containers take up a lot of unnecessary space. After pondering the idea, I found a solution that requires minimum materials — perhaps it will inspire you too!

Like most basic closets, I had only one rod to hang my clothes on. The space that wasn’t being fully utilized. My wreaths were vertically stacked on the top and bottom, along with fragile glassware and home decor staging items. So, I designed a space to fit my needs. I placed a second rod in the closet to hang my wreaths and fully utilize the space. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and after much consideration, I decided to make my own hooks that would hold the wreaths securely.

What you will need for this project:

  • One closet dowel to fit the length of your closet (mine was approx 45.25 inches long)
  • Two mounting cups to hold the dowel in your closet
  • Wire (I used approx 14 gauge which is about .083 inches thick, galvanized for a rustic look. It is similar to a wire coat hanger – you could use this too if you already have them on hand.)
  • Tape Measure
  • Hand saw
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Vise
  • Optional: spray paint for a different look of the hooks, storage baskets

*Remember to use caution, eye protection, and extreme care when using tools. Wire may have sharp edges after cut.

Step 1: Prepare Your Existing Space

Cut the closet dowel and hang your second closet rod. Save your leftover piece of rod, you’ll need it for step two. I spaced mine about three feet from the bottom and 7.5 inches from the front of the closet. This gave me enough room for my clothing above and baskets below.

I based my measurements on the biggest wreath to ensure it would have enough room to hang without touching the storage baskets. Again, I made a two tier hanging system and mounted the second rod below the top rod at approx 31 inches. If you prefer to use your existing closet as is, you may skip this step.

Step 2: Make Your Wreath Hangers

Cut wire into 8” pieces. Be sure to check the ends for any sharp edges. If so, you will want to smooth them out by using sandpaper.

Clamp the leftover dowel into the vice. This will serve as the template for sizing and the shape of your hooks. Place the top of the wire onto the dowel. Use the pliers to press on the wire and form it onto the dowel. You will want to repeat this step until it has a curve as shown below.

Next, release the wire from the vice. Repeat the steps using the other side of the wire until it resembles the shape of a letter “S”. Release the wire from the vice. Twist one end until it resembles a fish hook. This allows the hanger to hang on the rod AND hold the wreath in place. Now you have your wreath hooks!

Step 3: Hang Your Wreaths

Carefully string your wreath onto the hook. Using the top of the hook, simply hang the hook on the closet rod. That’s it!

How to store wreaths

You can organize your wreaths on both closet rods or use one rod for clothing. The possibilities are endless!

I also have baskets on the bottom of the closet to keep my other home decor organized and stashed away for when I need it.

Wreath accessory organization

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Laura Destro

Laura Destro is a lifestyle photographer who loves to make DIY decor and holiday crafts. She is also known for her DIY Outdoor Sink, Holiday Mantels and seasonal craft ideas she shares on both her blog www.destrophoto.com and Instagram.

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