Are you in the military and in need of a long term storage solution? This military storage guide helps locate military discounts and provides other tips.


We provide military storage for tons of active military families, so we know all about the stresses that come along with deployments, PCS moves and making a military house a home. For better or worse, moving is a part of life for more than 2.7 million American servicemen and women.

Again, moving and the subsequent need for storage is almost a given. In fact, some estimate that active military families can expect to relocate every two years. Compare that to the average American who might move once every five years.

Active military families can expect to relocate every two years.


What do these families do with all of their stuff? Are there any military discounts available? We’re answering these questions and providing some other factors to consider in this straightforward military storage guide.

Military Storage Units

Storage unit sizes - military storage
10×15 storage unit

Whether you’re storing a few personal items, a vehicle, or an entire houseful of furniture, renting vehicle storage or regular self storage will ease your transition. And remember, you’re not alone: military members rent an estimated 95% of storage units near U.S. military bases.

Chances are there’s a storage facility near your base. Take some time to find a storage unit near you. With monthly payment options and safe locations, Life Storage can help you prepare for your deployment with peace of mind.

Common sizes include:

Military Discounts

Military Storage Units
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Most large-scale storage facilities appreciate the sacrifices our military members and families make on a daily basis. As such, various discounts are available throughout the year at select locations.

To find out what military discounts Life Storage facilities are offering, call us directly.

Military Storage Tips

When picking a storage unit for military purposes, it’s important to think about an end location. Don’t immediately book a unit next to your current base.

Instead, think about where you will be after the deployment or change of station. Store your belongings as close as possible to your return destination, not your starting destination.

military storage

Some other tips to consider:

  • Consider climate controlled storage. Humidity, sunlight and fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on your furniture, essential documents, electronics, and even your clothes while in self storage. Consider climate controlled storage if you are on an extended deployment.
  • Don’t waste money on extra storage space. How much stuff do you have to store? Take an inventory, and make sure you don’t pay for room you won’t use. Use our storage unit size estimator to figure out how much storage you need.
  • Haul your stuff for free. When you rent storage with Life Storage, take advantage of a free rental truck. However, it’s up to you to find friends to carry everything.

If you are in the military and have other specific storage questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience. For further reading on how to pick a quality storage facility, read our guide on protecting your belongings in storage.

Do you have tips or hints for servicemen and women traveling overseas? Feel free to tweet at us your thoughts, @LifeStorage.

This post originally appeared on the Life Storage blog on 1/30/15 and was revised on 4/16/19 to provide new information.

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