Kris from Driven by Decor is sharing eight inspiring everyday uses for baskets that will have you pulling them out of your closet and putting them to work in every room of your home!

Storage Ideas for Beachcomber Baskets

 Hi everyone! I’m Kris from the blog Driven by Decor where I share simple tips and ideas for decorating homes with affordable style and timeless design. 

When you’re on the hunt for home accessories, it’s pretty tempting to throw things in your cart just because they’re cute or trendy. But before long you’ll find that your closets and basement are filling up with all of those impulse purchases that you no longer have a use for. So how do you decide what should make its way into your shopping card and what should stay on the shelf? I’ve found that if I love something (and I’m talking the I-just-can’t-leave-without-it kinda love!) and also have ideas for using it in more than one spot in my home, it’s a keeper.

Decorative baskets are one of the most versatile of home accessories – there’s so much more that you can do with them besides just using them for closet storage. One of my favorites is Pottery Barn’s handwoven Beachcomber Basket – it adds an interesting dose of texture to any room that you place it in. Today I’m sharing eight inspiring everyday uses for this stylish storage basket that will have you pulling your baskets out of the closet and putting them to work in every room of your home! You can use them to hold…


Extra Pillows & Throws

A large basket is perfect for storing extra bedroom throws or blankets for chilly nights (especially when closet space is as tight as it is in our house!).

A woven basket at the end of the bed holds extra blankets for chilly nights

It’s also nice to have a basket or two in living and family rooms so that extra throw pillows can be tossed in baskets instead of on the floor.



No linen closet in your bathroom? No problem! Roll up your towels and arrange them in a large basket in a spot where they’re easy to grab on the way to your shower or bathtub.

Baskets for Towel Storage


Indoor Plants & Trees

Baskets make some of the prettiest and most stylish planters! Simply place a large plastic saucer at the bottom of the basket and drop in your plant.

Use a basket as a planter.

If there’s a gap between your plant’s pot and the basket, filling both the gap and the top of your plant with moss or stones is a simple way to disguise it.



Placing logs for your fireplace in chunky woven baskets is a great way to add some softness and texture to those hard fireplace surfaces.

Use a Basket to Store Logs by a Fireplace

Just be to keep your basket far enough away from the fireplace opening during those winter fires.


Wrapping Paper Rolls

Instead of hiding them away in the closet, keep rolls of wrapping paper within easy reach by storing them in baskets next to your favorite wrapping spot.

How to Store Wrapping Paper Rolls

The fun colors and designs of the wrapping paper turn into part of your room’s decor!




When you don’t have enough closet space to keep laundry bins hidden away, collect your laundry in large woven baskets that are pretty enough to be out where everyone can see them.

Use a Basket as a Laundry Bin

Choosing baskets with large, sturdy handles makes it easy to carry the dirty laundry to the laundry room and the clean clothes back up!

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If you have a shoe-free home like we do, you know that you’ll end up with a pile of shoes inside your front door if you don’t have a designated spot for them. Keeping the shoes your family members use most often in a basket by the door helps contain the clutter and makes it easy to grab a pair and go when you’re running out the door.

Use a Basket to Store Shoes

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Toys & Stuffed Animals

Baskets are a fun catch-all for all of the toys and stuffed animals that clutter up the floors of kids’ rooms and playrooms.

Store Toys in a Stylish Basket

And with so many cute options for basket labels (chalkboard plaques are my favorite!), it’s easy to give every toy a designated storage spot!

So are you feeling the basket love? I hope that you picked up an idea or two for using baskets that will have you looking at them in a new light the next time you’re shopping for new accessories for your home!

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