Have a messy t-shirt drawer? With these tips you can create an organized drawer in 30 minutes or less!


Organize Your T-Shirt Drawer in Less Than 30 Minutes

If you store t-shirts in a dresser drawer, you’ve probably encountered the ensuing jumble of fabric as you rummage through to find just the right shirt, too much in a hurry to tidy up afterward. Never fear – these quick-fix tactics will not only get your t-shirt drawer back in shape, but will allow you to maintain an organized space with very little effort.

Invest in the Essentials

Chances are you have more than just t-shirts in your designated t-shirt drawer. Ladies may store camis and tank tops here as well; it may double as a sock drawer for the guys. Whatever the case may be, divide and conquer is the motto of the day.

A simple and inexpensive set of drawer boxes will help keep things tidy. Jennifer McClure of Simplify 101 started tackling her daughter’s t-shirt drawer by folding her tank tops lengthwise and then rolling them. “Fortunately I had an extra IKEA drawer organizer on hand. Oh, wow, I love those things, and it was the perfect size for these shirts,” she says. They can also be useful for socks or underwear with the same rolling approach.

For t-shirts, purchasing drawer dividers is a great way to establish rows. You can also create a set yourself simply by cutting corrugated cardboard in strips, measured to fit snuggly into the drawer so they don’t fall over. Another more attractive option would be adding dentil molding, found at home centers or lumberyards, to the sides of the drawer. “To install them, you simply glue them into place,” says Meream from All Women Stalk on DIY.com. “The texture of the dentil molding makes it easy for you to divide drawers into sections of different sizes.”

It’s All in the Fold

Stacking t-shirts vertically in your dresser is generally the cause of drawer organizational woes. “When items are stacked it’s invariably the one on the bottom that you want and getting to that one involves disrupting all the others… and that’s what leads to a messy drawer,” says an Apartment Therapy writer. Instead, file t-shirts in the drawer horizontally, so you can see every option.

Keep in mind, however, that filing shirts won’t work without the proper folding technique to accompany it. Try this method:

  1. Lay the t-shirt flat on the bed or floor, front down.
  2. Fold it in thirds vertically, bringing the seam of each sleeve to the center.
  3. Fold the bottom up to the collar.
  4. Fold in half again so that the t-shirt design partially shows along the fold (this will be the part that is visible when you open your drawer).

As an alternative, roll the t-shirt after step two above to minimize creases. According to the Real Simple Home & Lifestyle Network, “the best part is that this method keeps logos, patterns, or labels displayed, making it a cinch for a kid to hunt down that top she so desperately needs on a given day… Also works for adults, who, let’s face it, are just as picky.”

T Shirt Drawer Pic 2

Par Down the Collection

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If, after all your organizing efforts, you find that there just isn’t space for all the memories held in your t-shirt collection, but you aren’t willing to part with any, consider putting a few in a plastic bin and nestling it in your storage unit for safe keeping. Or ask your talented grandma or aunt to make you a rocking t-shirt quilt out of your favorites for an even better, and more versatile, keepsake. Just be sure to file the most flattering ones in your newly organized t-shirt drawer.

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