Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or any other pets, these organization tips will help you find a spot for all the things your beloved pet needs the most.


Pets are precious members of the family, and they accumulate lots of stuff, just like other family members. As much as you love your four-legged friends, you’re probably not a fan of the pet gear that’s spread throughout the house. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or any other pets, these organization tips will help you find a spot for all the things your beloved pet needs the most.

Declutter and Organize Pet Supplies

Gather all of your pet supplies in one location and assess what you have. Quickly look over each item, getting rid of what you don’t need. Items you’ll want to throw away include the following:

  • Damaged toys (or toys that are too yucky to play with)
  • Broken supplies, such as leashes, collars, food bowls, crates, carriers, etc.
  • Expired treats or pet food (or food items your pet doesn’t like to eat).

Items you could consider donating include the following:

  • Unopened bags of pet food or treats
  • Pet supplies belonging to a pet you no longer have
  • Anything in good condition you do not use.

Once you know what you’ll keep, what you’ll donate, and what you’ll throw away, organize the supplies you have left. “After you’ve decluttered you can assess what you have left and begin the process of organizing everything,” recommend the writers at Home Storage Solutions. To start the organizing process, put like items together. For example, everything you need to take your pet on a walk goes in one pile, while everything you need to give your pet a bath goes in another pile, and so on.

Organize and Declutter Pet Toys

Create Pet Stations Around Your House

Put your pet supplies throughout your house where you’re most likely to use them. For example, Jennifer Jones from IHeart Organizing created a “Take a Walk” Tote. “In the past I stored the dog leashes in a drawer in our shoe cabinet. However, they always ended up taking over the entire drawer and then we added a poopy bag holder and then our Bentley was upgraded to a harness,” Jones writes. “In order to keep all of the supplies near the door yet not visually taking over the entry, I decided a small tote on a hook would do the trick. The tote holds all of our dog walking essentials [and] doesn’t take up much space, so it was the perfect solution for the growing demands of our doggies.”

You can apply the same theory to all of your pet supplies. Put your grooming supplies in a bucket where you wash your pet. Put your pet toys in an open top basket on the floor (which helps teach which toys are for the pet and which toys are not). Many pet owners already have organizing supplies (bins, buckets, totes, baskets, etc.) in their self-storage units. Every pet supply can somehow be incorporated into a conveniently located station in your home.

Create a Pet Binder

Keeping track of important pet information is easy when you create a pet binder. “Type and save a list of care instructions (medicine, allergies, off-limit foods, etc.), your contact information, and directions to the nearest emergency animal-care hospital,” recommends Andrew McCaul in Good Housekeeping. “That way, if you ever have to leave town suddenly, your pet’s caretaker will know just what to do.”

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If you’re traveling and your animal is with you, it’s easy to pack the binder in your luggage so you have up-to-date records about vaccinations and medication information in case you need it while you’re away.

Your pet isn’t able to put its supplies away on its own, but the right organizing system will make it so easy it feels like it’s not work at all. Sort through your self-storage unit and use what you already have to bring pet organization into your home. Not only will you feel better about your space, but also everyone in the family can be part of the organization process too.

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