Get control of clutter with these simple tips.


Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter in your house? While the obvious solution is to just get rid of what is cluttering your home, sometimes the way you have necessary, everyday items arranged can make your home appear too cluttered. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks you can use to help make your home feel less cluttered in less time!

It’s easy to feel so overwhelmed by clutter that we are just paralyzed against doing anything about it.  These tips encourage you to just dive in, because when you do, you’ll feel better about your living space! You might try the tips at the end of the day to tidy up, or perhaps before guests arrive, or simply use a few as suggestions to jumpstart a tidier space. Getting rid of clutter is still the best solution, but these tips are simple moves toward a less messy house.

1. Pick up the floors.

Look around your house, specifically at the floors. If there is stuff covering the floors and piled up in the corners of the rooms, your house is going to feel more cluttered. Spend a few moments every day picking up clutter from the floors, and suddenly your whole space will feel cleaner and tidier. Try it!

2. Create breathing room.

When you’re getting ready for the day and the clothes and the hangers in the closet are crowded together, you’re likely to be frustrated and perhaps throw the excess on the floor, creating more mess. Give your closets and rooms some breathing room. If you donate, toss, or store even a third of the items from the closet or half the accessories from a room and you’ll be amazed by how much tidier it feels! If your space feels cluttered, all it might need is a little more breathing room.

3. Clear some tables.

Take a look at your room. Are all the tables covered with stuff? Even if you just clear one surface, your space will feel less overwhelming. Start with one table and then try another! It helps to set a timer for 15 minutes; you’ll be surprised how fast you can clear the surfaces in that time!

4. Close the drawers and closet doors.

If your home appears to be in disarray, take a walk around the house and shut all the closet doors, the cabinets and the drawers. When a house is cluttered, living in it feels worse simply because doors and drawers to storage areas are left ajar. Closed closet doors and cabinets will give your rooms a more streamlined appearance.

5. Straighten the dining chairs.

Are your dining chairs pulled out or positioned sideways or far from the table? Take a few moments and pull all the chairs back up to the table and straighten them out. This will give the dining room an instantly tidier look!

6. Clean the kitchen sink.

If your sink is piled with dishes, your whole kitchen will seem cluttered and messy. Make it a habit to clean the dishes in the sink—and the sink itself—every day, and your kitchen will look much tidier!

7. Rearrange your room.

Here are two ways to make a space appear less disorganized simply by rearranging the room! First, use a rug to pull a sofa and two chairs together into a conversation area—even consider layering a rug over wall-to-wall carpet to achieve this concept. With the addition of a rug, your room will look more cozy and more cohesive! Second, bring in furniture that offers closed storage, such as a dresser to replace a console table or open shelving unit. Having a place to stash away necessities out of view will make all the difference!

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Melissa Michaels is the author and creator of one of the top home decorating blogs on the web, The Inspired Room. She has been featured on such sites and publications as, Apartment Therapy, and Ladies Home Journal.

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