The ease of selling your home fluctuates depending on the market. However, these simple home staging tips will help your house sells as fast as possible.

home staging tips for a quick sale

If you’re selling a home, putting up a For Sale sign and hoping for the best might not be enough. First impressions are everything, and they can make the difference between a prolonged sale and a quick one. Thanks to popular HGTV shows, many savvy homeowners stage their house to improve their chances of a quick sale.

Home staging doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes it doesn’t require much effort. In fact, simple cleaning and removal of personal items might be all you need. However, we wanted to hone in on the best tricks that will make open house day much more successful. With these home staging tips, you’ll learn how to efficiently home stage your home without the aid of a professional home stager.

Home Staging Tip #1: Don’t decorate in your style.

According to real estate professionals, home staging isn’t decorating. In fact, it’s the opposite – it’s depersonalization and making your home seem like a place potential buyers can imagine themselves in.

Home Staging Tip # 2: Neutralize by removing all personal items.

home staging tips

Before putting your home on the market and inviting buyers into your space, it’s essential that you remove personal collections, sports memorabilia, family photos, and other personal knick-knacks. Doing so helps potential homebuyers envision themselves in the space. The fewer things there are to distract potential buyers, the more likely they are to focus on what the home has to offer.

Home Staging Tip #3: Highlight your home’s best features.

An important part of selling a home is displaying what sets your home apart from the rest. For instance, if your home has a fireplace, arrange the furniture to make it a focal point. If your home has a pool or spa, stage the area with neutral patio furniture.

Home Staging Tip #4: Declutter and remove any trash from the home.

Ensure all trash cans are empty and the toilet lids are down. Remove all clutter from living areas and consider using mild air fresheners throughout your home, especially near pet areas and bathrooms.

How to stage a home for a quick sale

Home Staging Tip #5: Keep the kitchens and baths as clean as possible.

Bathrooms and kitchens influence potential buyers the most, so ensuring these spaces are clean is crucial. Use paper plates, cups and utensils to cut back on dirty dishes the day of an open house. Clearing the kitchen and bathroom counters of appliances and styling tools is also recommended.

Home Staging Tip #6: Remove half of your clothes from the closet.

To make storage space seem ample, make sure your closets aren’t overflowing with belongings. Let’s face it: buyers will look inside. Consider removing half the clothes from the closets and storing them elsewhere for the time being.

Home Staging Tip #7: Take care of necessary household maintenance.

If you have time before an open house, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. Make sure nothing minor is left undone. Small mishaps could be a red flag to buyers that the home was not adequately maintained. For instance, replace burnt out light bulbs, lubricate squeaky doors, and trim outside bushes to enhance curb appeal.

home staging tips for a quick sale - let in light

Home Staging Tip #8: Let in as much natural light as possible.

Maximize natural light by opening curtains and shades. In small spaces, use a mirror to reflect light and make the space appear larger or paint the walls a lighter color. If weather permits, open windows to let in fresh air – a bonus since it can remove your scent, which can further distract some buyers. Lastly, turn on all the lights, so the house appears bigger and brighter.

Home Staging Tip #9: Rent a storage space for excess belongings.

A good investment to consider during the home staging process is renting storage space. That way, you can free up space so buyers will have a better idea of what your home has to offer while also protecting personal items from the prying eyes of potential buyers. Also, if you are looking to move quickly, you don’t have to hide moving boxes throughout your home. Once your home sells, you’ll already have the first stage of packing completed.

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We hope these home staging tips inspired you to get started! Though home staging may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be if it’s performed well in advance. If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the future, there’s no time like the present to begin decluttering and depersonalizing.

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