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If you and your family like to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year, a self storage unit is a great way to maintain items that are only used for specific seasons like summer and winter.


Jet Skis, ATV and Similar Items are Perfect Candidates for Self Storage

If you and your family like to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year, a self storage unit is a great way to maintain items that are only used for specific seasons like summer and winter. In this article we’re going to look at two types of items for which we recommend our storage units, along with tips on how to properly store each item.

But first, let’s talk about timing. If you own items like jet skis and water skis for use in summer, and snowboards, snowmobiles, or skis for use in winter, it’s advisable to plan two days a year where you switch out one season’s equipment for the other’s. Of course, given Life Storage’s spacious storage options you can choose to store both sets of items simultaneously, but by planning a switch day you can save time and consolidate the maintenance of these items.

For placing a jet ski or snowmobile in storage you will need:


  • -Fuel Stabilizer
  • -Cinder Blocks
  • -Cleaning agents
  • -A towel
  • -WD-40

Jet Skis

Jet skis are a source for endless summer fun yet failing to properly store your jet ski during the winter months can dramatically limit the number of summer seasons you spend with this equipment. Here are a few tips for storing your jet ski:

-Drain any water from the engine prior to bringing the jet ski into storage. This advice holds true in any case where you’re removing a jet ski from water but just in case let’s start here.

-Fill the gas tank. This piece of advice may not seem as obvious, but by keeping gas in the tank – and adding fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from growing stale – you protect the integrity of your gas lines and engine.

-Remove the battery and place on towel or mat.

-If you are not using a climate-controlled storage unit, consider adding anti-freeze to the engine as well. 

Storing Snowmobiles

Storing a snowmobile is very similar to storing a jet ski.

Protecting the integrity of the engine, battery, and various parts is critical to ensuring your first ride of the season will be an enjoyable one.

-Thoroughly clean the snowmobile and treat exposed metal parts with WD-40 or a similar agent.

-Fill the gas tank and add the fuel stabilizer.

-Remove the battery and place on towel.

-Elevate snowmobile using cinder blocks.

storing recreational items

Source: Flickr user pandrcutts 

Note that while leaving gas in the tank is recommended, gas can leave solid deposits that block the carburetor. The Toledo Free Press advises bringing your snowmobile out of storage in mid-September or before the first snow and consulting with professional technicians to inspect the machine before using.

While a Life Storage Climate-Controlled unit is not necessary to store either vehicle, it is advisable when coupling these vehicles with others seasonal items like Christmas decorations as it can help lengthen the life of each vehicle. Furthermore, consider other items that can be seasonally stored and in turn reduce clutter. Do the kids play hockey? Or maybe ski or golf? Equipment from these kinds of seasonal sports can be transferred in out of your storage unit, making more room in the basement and garage for the things you use year-round.

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Finally, make sure you bring any issues with your seasonal vehicles to the attention of professional technicians before attempting to go for a ride. We’ve got lots of good ideas on the Get Stor-ganized blog, but there’s one that should be considered above all others: safety first!

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