Collectible items come in all shapes, sizes and values. Learn which valuable collectibles are worth keeping in storage.

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Most highly collectible items of all time

There are two reasons to hold onto collectible items: they’re either valuable, or they’re cherished. If you’re at a crossroads when you need to purge some of your articles, you want to ensure you make smart choices. Opting to keep hot collectibles in storage is usually a gamble that will pay off, especially if you’re not ready to sell.

The most popular collectibles can change as quickly as the seasons, but there are a handful of items that will always be worth storing with care. These things have merit and are timeless. In fact, top collectibles have maintained or increased in value and will continue to do so.

Here are ten of the most popular collectibles that are hot and in demand. If you own any of the following, take the time to learn the proper methods for collectible storage to keep your treasures in tip-top shape.

1. Antique Furniture

Hot collectibles worth holding on to

Any time you stumble across something old, it’s worth looking into. Antiques are known for either being worth a ton of money or being virtually worthless. The problem is that it’s almost impossible to tell to the untrained eye. Antique furniture is both functional and in most cases, very well made, which makes it highly collectible. Even if you’re not a collector, once you know what your antique furniture is worth, you’ll see whether you want to store it or not.

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2. Vinyl Records

Best Collectibles that are the most valuable

All those records of yesteryear aren’t just being stored; they’re being played, too. The fact that so many music lovers are reverting to listening to records makes them all the more collectible. Some vinyl will be worth a lot and other records will only be worth what you paid, but adequately storing your collection is essential regardless. You never know which record may all of a sudden have a spike in value.

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3. Comic Books

hot collectibles

The thing with comic books is that even the most minor defect can impact the value tremendously. Of all the collectibles on this list, storing comic books well is probably the most critical aspect of maintaining the collection’s value. Sure, comic books might be for reading, but try to tell that to an avid comic book collector. Main rule of thumb: sticky hands off!

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4. Coins and Currency

Most popular collectibles of all time

If you’ve ever read about the worth of collectible coins and currency, you know how valuable specific pieces can be. You may have been excited thinking that you might have a rare penny in your piggy bank, only to spend hours searching and then realizing you don’t have anything worth more than face value. That’s the thing with this collectible item — coming across the really expensive coins and currency out of the blue is rare. So when you find and collect those unusual and rare items, make sure you take good care of them.

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5. Classic Cars

Valuable collectibles and storage tips

It’s not often any one person has a collection of classic cars, but many people have one classic car that is at the top of all their possessions. An excellent vintage car is well kept, well maintained, and well stored. This might seem like a lot of work, but if you have a passion for cars, it will become a welcomed past time.

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6. Trading Cards

Best collectible items that are the most valuable

Baseball cards might be the quintessential example of a trading card, but there are all types, like Magic the Gathering for instance. Like comic books, these fragile paper collectibles do best when they are kept in mint condition. Treat them how you would store a comic book, especially when you’re dealing with a particularly rare example.

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7. Dolls and Toys

Most popular collectible items

Doll collectors take their passion seriously. If you’re into doll or toy collecting, chances are you own not just one or two pieces, but dozens or even hundreds. There is an ebb and flow of this collectible market, as some toys and dolls will go in and out of fashion, like beanie babies. However, antique toys and dolls have a much more steady market, and storing these pieces well is of the utmost importance.

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8. Stamps

Most popular collectible items and how to store them

Collecting stamps seems like an old pastime, but there are still many stamp collectors out there. In fact, there may be more stamp collectors in the world than any other collector on this list. The hobby combines a love of art with a love of history. By collecting different stamps from various places, you can learn an infinite amount about the country of origin and the social and political atmosphere at the time the stamp was created.

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9. Wine

Most collectible items of all time

Fine wine gets better with age, which is why properly storing wine is essential for maintaining the value and integrity of a wine collection. Wine is often mislabeled as only a drink, but it is indeed a collectible. Some fine wine collections can be worth more than a house! Just like any other collectible, not all wine is created equal. Some wine will be worthless, and some will be worth a fortune. Only a true connoisseur will be able to appreciate the difference between the two.

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10. Fine Art and Jewelry

Valuable collectibles, top ten list

Fine art and jewelry are lumped together because they are both highly personal collectibles. People who collect one or the other tend to collect items they like instead of which piece is worth the most money. Sure, an art or jewelry collector will seek out rare pieces, but usually only if that item they seek is aligned with their unique aesthetic. Passing down fine art and jewelry to the next generation is a highly sentimental thing because each collection speaks to the person who collected it in a way that some of these other collectibles can’t.

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