Choosing an interstate mover for your next transition is worth it, as long as you pick the right one. Here’s how to compare them + our favorite seven.

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Are you built like the Incredible Hulk? Blessed with a troop of young, strong and willing friends, each of whom owns a pick-up truck? Married to a chiropractor?Unless you can answer yes to at least two of those questions, it’s time to book an interstate mover.

But wait, you protest. I don’t have that kind of money!

We understand that the budget must come first, but when you consider the cost of fuel, extra time off work, insurance, packing materials, moving blankets and any damage to the truck, a professional interstate mover starts looking a lot more affordable.

Trust us, you’ll get enough gray hairs finding an apartment and organizing the move … no need to add the stress of packing and driving as well.

Of course, that still doesn’t answer the question of who you’re going to call. (And no, it’s not Ghostbusters. Nice try.) That’s why we looked into the best interstate movers around.

The 7 Interstate Movers We Trust Most

Right now we’re loving the reliability and service of the following names:

  1. Bekins Van Lines
  2. North American Van Lines
  3. Allied Van Lines
  4. National Van Lines
  5. Two Men and a Truck
  6. Wheaton World Wide Moving
  7. U-Pack
Save Your Back with the Top 7 Interstate Mover Companies | Choosing moving companies requires consideration of multiple factors and comparison of estimates.

How Did We Choose These Moving Companies?

To come up with our top seven movers, we weighed three different factors:

  • First, we looked at founding date on the assumption that older companies have a proven business model.
  • Next, we examined customer ratings on the Better Business Bureau, discarding companies that are not registered and accredited.
  • Last, we weighed the number of locations or agents offered by the company, indicating greater scheduling flexibility and areas served.
  • Afterward, we created a raw and a curved percentage for each mover to help you compare them. See more on our methodology below. But first …

Understanding Estimates and Making the Right Choice

Before we dig into our favorite interstate mover choices, let’s talk about cost. Each company uses a customized estimate system based on the square footage of your home, number of possessions, estimated weight, actual weight, the distance of your trip and more. The best way to factor in cost is to get multiple quotes.

These estimates will come in two forms:

  • A binding estimate: This legal document binds both you and the issuer to a set price, provided your situation does not change between estimate and move.
  • A non-binding estimate: This option will get you in the ballpark as to final price, but the mover can legally adjust it up to (but not exceeding) 10 percent. If you opt for this, be sure to grill the mover about extra charges and hidden fees before you sign on the dotted line.

So is one moving company estimate enough? Are five too many? Dana Dratch, a contributing writer for, offers this advice, “Just like any other professional service, get estimates from at least three services before you make your choice.”

Once you’re happy with an estimate, get it in writing so you can factor it into the budget.

Our Top 7 Interstate Movers

Save Your Back with the Top 7 Interstate Mover Companies | Wherever you’re headed, make sure you work with a moving company that can get you there quickly and cost-effectively.

And now, time to find you a moving company!

1. Bekins Van Lines

Founded: 1891
BBB Rating: 4.1
Number of agents: 350
Raw total: 83.8%
Curved: 100%

Our winning interstate mover is more than 125 years old, with international, government and military services to boot. Just call Bekins Ol’ Reliable.

2. North American Van Lines

Founded: 1933
BBB Rating: 3.8
Number of agents: 500
Raw total: 80.5%
Curved: 96.7%

The early start and enormous number of agents make North American Van Lines trustworthy, efficient and available everywhere.

3. Allied Van Lines

Founded: 1928
BBB Rating: 3.9
Number of agents: 400
Raw total: 76.5%
Curved: 92.7%

Allied’s clever road-inspired logo is basically synonymous with moving, and for good reason: They’ve moved three-quarters of a million people in the last 15 years.

4. National Van Lines

Founded: 1929
BBB Rating: 3.9
Number of agents: 350
Raw total: 73.2%
Curved: 89.4%

While they were technically founded in 1929, this interstate mover has been moving goods from A to B since 1901. Today National Van Lines is happy to move you to the next neighborhood or the next continent.

5. Two Men and a Truck

Founded: 1985
BBB Rating: 5
Number of states: 300
Raw total: 65.8%
Curved: 82%

Started by two exceptionally motivated high school brothers back in the 80s and billed as the fastest-growing franchised moving company in America, Two Men and a Truck now maintains a presence in 41 states.

6. Wheaton World Wide Moving

Founded: 1945
BBB Rating: 3.9
Number of agents: 250
Raw total: 63.4%
Curved: 79.6%

The first moving company in the nation to serve all 50 states, Wheaton World Wide gives instant ballpark estimates, great for those still in the planning stages.

7. U-Pack

Founded: 1997
BBB Rating: 4.2
Number of agents: 250
Raw total: 53.6%
Curved: 69.8%

DIY-ers love U-Pack. You can stack and rack to your heart’s content with a container right on your property, saving money on the loading process, then leave the scary interstate driving to them. Goodbye, terrors of the road; hello, leisurely car trip!


We used three different data points to get a total percentage out of 100. Our factors included:

  • Length of time in the business, measured out of 127 years (the tenure of the oldest company on our list) – 30%
  • Better Business Bureau ranking, measured out of 5 stars – 40%
  • Number of agents or locations, measured out of 500 possible (the highest number of the companies on our list) – 30%

We then calculated curved scores by subtracting our top mover’s percentage from 100 and adding that to each mover’s raw score.

It was difficult to find a review platform on which all moving companies were present, which is why you may notice a few of the biggest names in moving didn’t make our cut. We ultimately chose the Better Business Bureau, which rates them on a combination of factors: whether they deliver on services, their dedication to customer dispute resolution and reviews. In the event that BBB returned more than one hit, we chose the first.

Data for the number of agents and dates founded came from the businesses.

Don’t Forget!

Top 7 Interstate Mover Companies - Truck Rental for Life Storage Customers

Have a strong opinion or review of these or other moving companies? Share with us in the comments! Your feedback may help others make the right decision for their move.

This post was updated 4/11/18 from an article originally published 5/22/13. 

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