This divorce moving out checklist will help you move on in a new home once you’ve tended to the legal aspects.

moving out checklist after divorce

Legally, moving out before a divorce is final could be a mistake. Consult with an attorney and create a divorce moving out checklist that protects your interests and belongings.

Once you get past the logistics, you might be unsure of how to start over in a new space. For most people, this is uncharted territory that should be handled delicately.

We aren’t here to discuss the legal aspects of a divorce. As storage experts, we want to focus on what to do with your stuff in the months following the move-out. We’ve found that approaching a new home with the right attitude might help alleviate some emotional burdens.

Remember, it takes time to rebuild your home after a separation or a divorce, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re nineteen again in your first apartment with nothing but a chair and a futon.

Follow along with our divorce moving out checklist and slowly bring new energy into your living quarters.

1. Get rid of sentimental items.

getting rid of stuff after a divorce

There isn’t a moving out and moving on timeline that’s right for everyone, but when asked, many divorcees wished they had removed sentimental items from their home sooner.

Instead of seeing your home as a constant reminder of a failed marriage, it’s better to look around and be reminded of your new life. Also, not having visual reminders might help you move on quicker.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Remove photos of you and your ex, and sift through the items you received as wedding gifts.
  • If items have painful memories attached to them, get them out of the house by selling, donating, or tossing.
  • If you’re not ready to toss sentimental items just yet, put them in a box and put them in a storage unit so you don’t have the constant reminders of the past.
  • When those items are removed from the home, go from room to room and take a quick inventory. If your ex-wife took the pots and pans, you’ll need a new set. If you need furniture in your home, browse websites and ask friends if they have used sets for sale.
  • Determine what items are missing and what your budget is, then make a plan to replace what you need. It doesn’t all have to be done at once.
  • Read this first apartment checklist for renters on a budget

2. Make the bedroom reflect your personality.

what to do after a divorce

The bedroom is the most personal space you shared with your spouse, so it can be associated with some pain-inducing memories. Instead of wallowing in bed, try to have fun giving this space a makeover.

How to update your bedroom:

  • Purchase new bedding that reflects your personality.
  • Choose a paint color that complements the bedding you’ve chosen and will make the room feel new again.
  • Decorate it the way you want. Changing a lampshade or adding a new piece of art, both of which can be found second-hand, can really change the dynamic of the room.
  • Follow these steps for the perfect bedroom makeover.

3. Redecorate at your own pace.

how to redecorate after a divorce

After a divorce, you might be functioning in survival mode for a while, and that’s okay. Don’t rush to decorate a space because this tends to lead to design decisions you might quickly want to change. Live in the space and collect items that reflect your personality.

Tips for decorating a space:

  • Add a decorative touch with new artwork or frame some drawings from your kids.
  • Consider old pieces you have had in storage or seek out some family heirlooms, like an antique sewing table. This can help you reconnect to the life you had prior to the dissolved marriage.
  • Swap out old light fixtures to update a space.
  • Add items that make you feel comfortable and at home, like throw pillows, blankets, a comfy reading chair, etc.

Whether it’s pulling old mementos out of storage or adding floral curtains and a pink chair to the living room, every change that helps make your living space your own is a good one. We hope this divorce moving out checklist helped you brainstorm some ideas on how you can give your space a makeover. You don’t need permission to decorate to your heart’s content.

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