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Life Storage in Universal City (#128)

2500 Pat Booker Road Universal City, TX 78148
  • Phone: 210-658-9947
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 7:00am—7:00pm
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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Store Hours
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 7:00am—7:00pm
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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    Happy Life Storage Customers

    Life Storage in Universal City, TX (4.6 out of 5) based on 152 ratings Write a Review
    • "Great job "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Joel - San Antonio, TX April 2, 2017
    • "I'm very pleased with everyone here they are very friendly & helpful and caring."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Rosalinda - San Antonio, TX March 28, 2017
    • "Efficient,polite and professional."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Donald - Universal City, TX March 1, 2017
    • "I had a great experience and both ladies are awesome."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Grace - Universal City, TX October 23, 2016
    • "The lady's that are at the office are very kind thank you "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Juan C. - San Antonio, TX August 23, 2016
    • "I live in Universal City and have chosen Uncle Bobs storage for the last 25 years at that same location they are great I would not go any where else."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Mary - Universal City, TX May 26, 2016
    • "Very friendly and knowledgeable and most of helpful. I would most definitely recommend and have to other people"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Beverly - Universal City, TX May 1, 2016
    • "Thanks for everything"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Jerame Hafen - Universal City, TX April 25, 2016
    • "Toni and Treva are amazing. Theycare always professional and couteous. They notify me if there is a question regarding my space. They are the two reasons I maintain a storage unit at Uncle Bob's [Life Storage]. It's all about the excellent customer service they provide to their cuztomers, including myself. Thank you!!!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Linda - San Antonio, TX April 5, 2016
    • "No, great business establishment!!! I am very pleased with my experience with uncle Bob's storage. Ty!! :) "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Kerry - San Antonio, TX March 7, 2016
    • "It has been great so far! Simple, easy to use with the online account. Great experience thus far."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Kevin - San Antonio, TX March 4, 2016
    • "Easy and user friendly website . big icons make easy to navigate. "

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Christopher - San Antonio, TX February 29, 2016
    • "You all are awsome"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Amanda - San Antonio, TX February 24, 2016
    • "I needed a very small space for a reasonable price. I researched online and I found Uncle Bob's the best. Ronnie was in contact with me, she was so respectful and helped me very much."

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Ali - San Antonio, TX January 19, 2016
    • "Ronnie is so nice, great employee!"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Beverly - San Antonio, TX December 30, 2015
    • "Great office personnel and I will definitely be back if there is a future need. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Elaine - San Antonio, TX December 23, 2015
    • "Everybody is always very nice and cheerful every time I go in . thank you for great employees"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Richard - San Antonio, TX October 10, 2015
    • "Lee doing what you're doing. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      William - Universal City, TX September 24, 2015
    • "Thanks for everything!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michael - Converse, TX September 24, 2015
    • "Thank you for assisting me thru various different situations. I have always been happy there and would recommend to anyone!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Elaine - San Antonio, TX July 26, 2015
    • "I switched from Public Storage because of conscience but I have found that I can almost always talk to a live person and not get a recording. Like the personal touch."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Pamela - Universal City, TX July 25, 2015
    • "The space I needed was what was to my expectations. When shown to me I was delighted."

      Rating: (4.5 out of 5)
      Gloria - Universal City, TX July 24, 2015
    • "You all did a great job, I even rented your truck that was great. So i give you all an A+"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Christi - Selma, TX May 26, 2015
    • "completely satisfied"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Thomas - Live Oak, TX May 1, 2015
    • "Close to my residence, reasonable price, friendly staff, clean accommodations, answered all my questions and needs"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Cynthia - Universal City, TX January 19, 2015
    • "Ronnie has always been extremely helpful and very professional."

      Rating: (4.3 out of 5)
      Jamie - San Antonio, TX January 19, 2015
    • "Service was awesome and we had no complaints. Staff was very professional, friendly and attentive to our needs."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Arnold - Schertz, TX December 24, 2014
    • "It would have helped if they would have had a storage Truck available at the facility. "

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Sarah - Converse, TX November 23, 2014
    • "Very Good Experience"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Sean - Live Oak, TX November 22, 2014
    • "The free truck rental is what sealed the deal for me. But I would recommend having the truck regularly maintained. The snifter was a bit off on the one I got so neutral was reverse and drive was D1 etc. Also the steering was extremely loose. I have driven larger moving trucks before and have never had one that had such a loose feel to the steering wheel. "

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Danielle - San Antonio, TX September 23, 2014
    • "I don't remember being advised about the late fee. I think it has been applied on each of my payments."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      James - Universal City, TX July 25, 2014
    • "very great service every time I go there"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Sabine - Universal City, TX May 8, 2014
    • "I am quite satisfied with the overall service I get at Uncle Bob's storage..I get exceptional service everytime I either visit the office or call the office..The staff is always so pleasant and eager to help in any way they can.."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Phyllis - Live Oak, TX April 6, 2014
    • "maybe you could get another garbage bend in the summer as a lot more people will use the storage and get rid of things. would be great to do in the summer "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Patricia - Universal City, TX March 25, 2014
    • "We were very happy with the rental experience again. We used this same location before and the service is the reason we will always come here when we need a unit. Thanks"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Ronald - San Antonio, TX September 24, 2013

    Location Features

    • Life Storage Store Extended Access Hours

      Even when our office is closed, you can access your space well before and after our office hours! You enter your personal access code at a keypad to access the property. Your space is secured with a lock, and only you have the key!

    • Life Storage Store Use our Moving Van or Truck Free with Storage Rental!

      When you rent storage, we'll rent you our moving van or truck for free! You receive 25 miles free as well. Rental times will vary based on time slot availability, and we allow one use per storage space rented. For further details contact your local storage manager or read our free van and truck rental guide here.

    • Life Storage Store Surveillance Cameras

      Smile, you're on camera! Surveillance cameras are positioned throughout the facility to create a safer environment by monitoring traffic in and out of the facility and deterring trespassers.

    • Life Storage Store Fenced & Lighted

      Fencing around this facility is designed to limit access only to customers with assigned electronic access codes. Grounds, aisles and interior hallways are lighted for safety and convenience.

    • Life Storage Store Vehicle/Boat Parking

      This facility offers month-to-month rental of parking for cars, trailers, and larger vehicles such as boats and RVs. Some spaces offer covering for protection from the elements - see specific space details for features. For a quick intro to vehicle storage, click here.

    • Life Storage Store Boxes & Packing Supplies Sold Here

      This Life Storage location carries a full line of moving and storage supplies such as boxes, packing tape, packing materials, and more! Our supplies help move awkward items like wardrobes and big screen TVs and keep delicate items like dishes safe during moving and storage. Stop in our office before the big move for your supplies! For helpful moving and packing tips, visit our guide here.

    Serving Universal City

    For Texans storing their belongings this season, one thing is certain: you all want the peace of mind that your valuables are being held in a secure spot. Life Storage offers a personal access code so only you control entrance to your space. Surveillance cameras are strategically located throughout the facility, and the walkways and storage areas are well-lit. Free truck rental is available to our customers as well as car, trailer, boat and RV storage. The facility is near Pat Booker Road and Coronado Drive and is located close to Judson Early College Academy.

    ALSO SERVING COMMUNITIES OF: Live Oak, Randolph Air Force Base and Universal