It’s pumpkin time. But how will you decorate your pumpkins without just doing the same old carve and candle? In this post, you will learn ten ways to switch up the way you decorate with pumpkins this Fall!

Different ways to decorate pumpkins

Before we dish out our favorite pumpkin decorating ideas, take a look at beautiful New York State. For this project, we picked up supplies from a local farmer in Cooperstown, NY.

Buying local not only helps out your local farmer friends, but it will also get you a significantly better price than if you were to go to a chain store, grocery store, or the like.  The price? $3 each, and this incredible view was free. Fall in New York doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

Alas, read on to get some ideas and inspiration to decorate your pumpkins, 10 different ways, all under $10.

1. Spiderweb Pumpkin

Get creepy crawly with your decor and transform your pumpkin into a spiderweb! Stick a generous amount of toothpicks in until it looks a bit like a….well, a porcupine.  Then, using string or twine, string your pumpkin until it looks like a spider web! Once you’re done, tie a knot on the last toothpick and cut all the toothpicks down to just above where your string rests.  Complete the look with a (fake!) spider.


2. Monogram Pumpkin

First, it was towels, then mailboxes, and now pumpkins. We’re going to make your decor have your name written all over it, literally. I used a Cricut machine for this, but if you don’t have one, you can just print giant letter out on your computer and very carefully cut it out.  I decided to go with the first letter of our last name. H is for Hausler and haus2home!  After I cut out the letter with my Cricut machine, I went ahead and used adhesive to attach it to my pumpkin.

3. Mum-kin

This one is so easy you will wish you did it five minutes ago.  Luckily it will only take you two! Simply cut the top off, just like you would for a regular carve job.  Hollow out the inside and set your mum inside your pumpkin! It’s that easy, so stinkin’ cute and fun to say, too.

Different ways to decorate pumpkins

4. Thumbtack Pumpkin

Make the silliest of words or designs look classy with thumbtacks.  Pick up tacks at your local dollar store and tack away! I went with a white pumpkin and gold tacks to make it fit in with my dining room tablescape, and I love how scaring guests with a “Boo!” fits right in with my decor.  On second thought, maybe it’s not that scary after all.

5. Hot Glue Pumpkin

Get out your glue gun and get ready to use it for something other than making your grandma’s Christmas present.  With a steady hand, carefully use the glue gun to draw a phrase or design on your pumpkin.  Then, let it dry completely and paint over it for a monochromatic textured design.

Different ways to decorate pumpkins

6. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Have you ever used chalkboard paint? It’s one of my favorite things when I DIY, and it works like a charm every time.  Using a foam brush or paint brush, apply the chalkboard paint to your pumpkin.  Let it dry completely in between coats and apply more layers until it is completely covered in chalkboard paint.  Then using a chalk stick or chalk pen (my preference!) make any design you wish. Happy Halloween!

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Different ways to decorate pumpkins

7. Table Setting Pumpkin

Having friends over for a fall feast? Friendsgiving?  Pumpkins make the perfect addition for a place setting.  Pick up a small pumpkin for $.50-$1 and use paper, twine and a marker to complete your design. Your friends will start calling you Martha, and they will know just where to sit when the wine and food is ready to be served.

Different ways to decorate pumpkins

8. Shining Star Pumpkin

Get ready for those trick-or-treaters with a starry night! Use paper stars to show your trick-or-treaters that you are open for business!  For an extra effect, consider using glow-in-the-dark paint on either your pumpkin or your stars.  Once it has completely dried, leave it in the sun or under a light and at night, viola! Your design comes to life in a glowing way.

Different ways to decorate pumpkins


9. Stencil Pumpkin

Purchase a stencil and attach the stencil where you want the design to be using tape.  Once you have the stencil secured, use a small amount of craft paint (have your paint brush be on the dry side) to create your design.  I picked an arrow to point my friends to our backyard for a party, and it worked like a charm!

Different ways to decorate pumpkins

10. Paint Drip Pumpkin

An easy way to make things look like they fit right in with your Halloween decor is to have a dripped effect.  For this design, simply add painters tape to your pumpkin and only smooth out parts of the edges of your tape.  Using spray paint, give it a nice even coat of paint. I used Krylon CoverMaxx in white.   The paint will naturally drip down the sides of the tape where you didn’t stick the tape all the way down.  When you peel it off, you will have a creepy dripped effect.  If you want to take it to the next level of spooky and scary, using red spray paint will do the trick!

And there you have it!  10 ways to decorate a pumpkin for under $10.

Do you have questions or comments about this project? Leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

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