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Life Storage in Salem (#178)

134 S Policy St Salem, NH 03079
  • Phone: 603-893-7791
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 7:00am—9:00pm
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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Store Hours
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 7:00am—9:00pm
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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    Happy Life Storage Customers

    Life Storage in Salem, NH (4.6 out of 5) based on 197 ratings Write a Review
    • "Mason was very knowledgeable and helpful. He had all my paperwork ready and explained everything clearly."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Marsha - Lawrence, MA April 9, 2017
    • "Office staff is excellent."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      John - Lawrence, MA March 3, 2017
    • "We had a terrific experience renting a storage unit at Uncle Bob's in Salem, NH. The staff was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks again!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Lori - Atkinson, NH January 25, 2017
    • "I offered everything I was looking for and some very helpful information."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michael - Methuen, MA November 2, 2016
    • "Uncle Bob,s storage in Salem New Hampshire is by far the most customer oriented story's facility I have ever worked wth. I have had to switch to different unit sizes multiple times and Dennis has always been eager and informative to help me in the best way possible. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Jason - Salem, NH October 27, 2016
    • "I was greeted right away, very precessional . Would recomend it to everyone . "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Linda - Salem, NH October 24, 2016
    • "Fast service"

      Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
      Paul - Salem, NH October 21, 2016
    • "The prices seem particularly high"

      Rating: (4.0 out of 5)
      Crystal - Salem, NH October 10, 2016
    • "Everything was perfect, thank you"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Kathryn - E Pepperell, MA September 17, 2016
    • "The staff there were wonderful. It was indeed a great pleasure doing business with you."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Paul - Lawrence, MA August 23, 2016
    • "Very friendly and helpful"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Maureen - Windham, NH July 27, 2016
    • "price went up too much "

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Ellen - Methuen, MA July 6, 2016
    • "Very courteous and professional"

      Rating: (4.5 out of 5)
      David - Methuen, MA June 27, 2016
    • "Dennis is a pleasure to work with. He certainly provided me with a sense of security that everything was done properly, quickly and to the best benefit of my storage needs."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Diane - Andover, MA May 26, 2016
    • " IT would be great if you offered a seniors discount."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Steven - Salem, NH May 19, 2016
    • "Dennis was most helpful. Very pleasant and courteous gentleman. Explained everything in detail and was very specific as to payment timeline. He was very informative."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Pamela - Lynn, MA May 18, 2016
    • "Fast, friendly courteous service. Dennis was very informative."

      Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
      Sherry - Lawrence, MA March 25, 2016
    • "wonderful customer service "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Jahdiel - Salem, NH January 28, 2016
    • "he was incredibly nice and genuinely friendly"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Christine - Pelham, NH December 15, 2015
    • "I can see a thing that you can improve on. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Susan - Salem, NH November 24, 2015
    • "My only complaint is only having a 4 day grace period , i would like to see 10 day period . I try to be very prompt with payment , but mistakes happen , and would like to see a little more forgiveness ! "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michael - Salem, NH October 27, 2015
    • "The office staff was genuinely helpful, knowledgeable, and reliable. This is the second time I've rented a unit there, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Gail - Allston, MA September 23, 2015
    • "with other rentals was not required to pay for insurance. I was insured but had to provide documentation which was unnecessarily cumbersome"

      Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
      Richard - Windham, NH July 24, 2015
    • "Office help have been great"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Lisa - Salem, NH June 26, 2015
    • "I like it and it has meet my needs my only need I have is with the opening of and wish that you had a pole of some sort to assist in raising up of door for us shorter or limited in range of motion in shoulders I realize this is not a need for all and would not expect it but one located for use for those of need would be nice"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Debra - Lawrence, MA June 25, 2015
    • "It was every fast and easy transaction getting the units and getting ones that were close to each other with the help of the associates. I would come back to this location if i am still in the area."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Stephen - Salem, NH June 25, 2015
    • "The person assisting me could not have been any nicer or more helpful "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Richard - Harrison, MA June 25, 2015
    • "everything was to my satisfaction....thank you!"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Sigrid - Salem, NH April 28, 2015
    • "all good"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Jamison - Andover, MA April 27, 2015
    • "I'm very happy with my unit. The people who work there are very nice. I forgot to lock my unit and they called me right away."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michele - Haverhill, MA March 27, 2015
    • "I would recommend Dennis at Salem or Dracut store he is the most friendly person meet in the place and helping person I would recommend and helped with on line paying. ."

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Dorothy-Ann - Lowell, MA March 23, 2015
    • "Was an amazing experience "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Brian - Lowell, MA February 23, 2015
    • "Over all an good experience in all aread. people / material and security."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Ganesh - Andover, MA October 25, 2014
    • "good rates, free truck use, easy to go through process"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      ALM Floor Cover - Salem, NH September 25, 2014
    • "Everyone who I dealt with was so pleasant, prompt, and professional. I'm very happy so far!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Beth - Topsfield, MA September 1, 2014
    • "Dennis was very helpful and did a great job."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Lawrence - Salem, NH August 27, 2014
    • "I rented there once before"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Jeffrey - Salem, MA August 27, 2014
    • "Great buisness"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Maryann - Salem, NH August 27, 2014
    • "A long time customer and am happy with all that Uncle Bob's [Life Storage] has to offer. the only issue that I have is that the light in our unit has never worked. Would be great if this could be fixed."

      Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
      Anonymous - Salem, NH August 27, 2014
    • "The staff here are so polite and friendly. The landscaping company they hire do an excellent job cutting the grass. Presentation of the buildings is very well upkept, and clean. No rodent problems! These reasons all keep me staying there, as you could imagine we have plenty of storage units in the area. :)"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Andrew - Andover, MA August 25, 2014
    • "The guy was awesome"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michael - Salem, NH August 10, 2014
    • "I have never used storage before and the entire experience was so comfortable and easy . I severely lucked out with you guys. The associate was awesome I felt like I had known her forever . I love when an employee is down to earth and real with the customer . Thank you so much !!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Christi - Andover, MA May 29, 2014
    • "Im please with the service"

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Angel - Lawrence, MA April 26, 2014
    • "Having Uncle Bob's Storage was a great place to keep my things. My belongings came back the way they went in. Their storage facility kept my items clean, dry, and safe. Thank you for the great job"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Stephen - Nashua, NH March 23, 2014
    • "Just need to have bottom of door more clear of ice and snow so that I can more easily close it."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Mitchell - Salem, NH March 2, 2014
    • "I visited my storage unit Sunday to take my vehicle out for a ride to recharge battery, and place the vehicle I drove up in into the unit. Since it was only for a couple of hours, I did not lock the unit. I received a phone call stating that my unit was unlocked and that a temporary lock was installed. I was VERY pleased to see that the security of the units was being checked on."

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Ron - Woburn, MA February 26, 2014
    • "I have had a storage place with Uncle Bob's for years. The only bad thing about it, is that I can not stand it during the winter because of the snow at each of the garage doors and the cold weather. Both of which is not their fault. However, I am looking for an indoor self storage as I write this note."

      Rating: (4.3 out of 5)
      James - W Somerville, MA February 26, 2014
    • "Removal of snow to access storage units would be much appreciated. I do not like to carry a shovel in my car or a pick axe to break through the snow banks created by the snow plow to access the unit. This is my only complaint, resolving this the few times a year that it is required, would give you an A+ on the survey"

      Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
      Alex - Salem, NH February 26, 2014
    • "The person working there was very patient with me, as I forget things easily. Was very helpful in all aspects of my move.. He was a true gentlemen. "

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Donna - Pelham, NH February 18, 2014
    • "I am very happy with the service here. Thank you for asking. D275"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Terry - Salem, NH November 2, 2013

    Location Features

    • Life Storage Store Extended Access Hours

      Even when our office is closed, you can access your space well before and after our office hours! You enter your personal access code at a keypad to access the property. Your space is secured with a lock, and only you have the key!

    • Life Storage Store Use our Moving Van or Truck Free with Storage Rental!

      When you rent storage, we'll rent you our moving van or truck for free! You receive 25 miles free as well. Rental times will vary based on time slot availability, and we allow one use per storage space rented. For further details contact your local storage manager or read our free van and truck rental guide here.

    • Life Storage Store 54' Truck Access

      The entrance, aisles, and most drive-up accessible storage units are wide enough to accommodate large vehicles, up to and including 54' tractor trailers.

    • Life Storage Store Fenced & Lighted

      Fencing around this facility is designed to limit access only to customers with assigned electronic access codes. Grounds, aisles and interior hallways are lighted for safety and convenience.

    • Life Storage Store Vehicle/Boat Parking

      This facility offers month-to-month rental of parking for cars, trailers, and larger vehicles such as boats and RVs. Some spaces offer covering for protection from the elements - see specific space details for features. For a quick intro to vehicle storage, click here.

    • Life Storage Store Boxes & Packing Supplies Sold Here

      This Life Storage location carries a full line of moving and storage supplies such as boxes, packing tape, packing materials, and more! Our supplies help move awkward items like wardrobes and big screen TVs and keep delicate items like dishes safe during moving and storage. Stop in our office before the big move for your supplies! For helpful moving and packing tips, visit our guide here.

    Serving Salem and Depot Village

    After a fun day at Canobie Lake, you may need a place to store your boat or water skis until your next trip. Life Storage offers secure and convenient vehicle and boat parking plus extended access hours for our customers. We are easy to find, located on South Policy Street, right next to I-93 and The Mall at Rockingham Park.