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Life Storage in Florissant (#310)

450 W Washington St Florissant, MO 63031
  • Phone: 314-837-2441
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 24-Hour Access
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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Store Hours
  • Office Hours
    • Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 24-Hour Access
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.
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    Happy Life Storage Customers

    Life Storage in Florissant, MO (4.7 out of 5) based on 472 ratings Write a Review
    • "Help is based on solving problems not simply answering questions"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Pauline - Florissant, MO March 1, 2017
    • "I felt very welcomed. It was like they were expecting me. The tone was warm and inviting, as if we were old friends. With much ease, everything was explained and my questions answered to my satisfaction. A very positive experience."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Mary - Florissant, MO December 2, 2016
    • "I felt that your associates would go out of their way to provide assistance or answer questions."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Delbert - Florissant, MO November 23, 2016
    • "The staff has great service."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Anonymous - St.Louis, MO October 25, 2016
    • "hope to use you again. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Donald - Overland, MO October 23, 2016
    • "My expectations was met. I was over all pleased with the service. I have used this particular Uncle Bob's in the past and was pleased back then. Needless to say, I will continue to use them in the future. "

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Larry - Hazelwood, MO July 27, 2016
    • "I rented with your company for years never had a problem..but when I did the staff still treated me like a loyal customer...I will never forget that..I had fallen behind on my payments due to my health problems..they worked with me so I was able to keep my belongings.."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Louis - Belleville, IL July 23, 2016
    • "Great staff - always helpful and pleasant. The storage areas were clean and well maintained."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Darlene - Hazelwood, MO July 23, 2016
    • "We feel like our property is safe there."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Lester - St.Louis, MO June 29, 2016
    • "Very good experience with getting our storage unit!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Robin - Florissant, MO April 25, 2016
    • "My expectations was met in everyway. From doing my paper work, to touring my storage space. Tanya and Frank are extremely nice and professional at their job. I do wish there was more lighting in the area."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Shirley - Florissant, MO February 25, 2016
    • "Tonya was great and your site was clean and professional!"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Lonetta - St.Louis, MO December 29, 2015
    • "The nice lady who helped me was very kind and helpful. She made me laugh when I was there. She did a great job. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Matthew - Florissant, MO December 28, 2015
    • "I will recommend the storage facilities to my family and friends."

      Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
      Felix - Florissant, MO December 23, 2015
    • "I really enjoyed your associates. They were always friendly and helpful"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Michelle - Florissant, MO November 28, 2015
    • "For the Florissant MO location off of Washington, for the price we pay, I would like to see the back lot asphalt repaired and the trees trimmed back along the fence"

      Rating: (3.5 out of 5)
      Jude - Florissant, MO November 24, 2015
    • "The process was completed very profressionally"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Michael - Florissant, MO October 19, 2015
    • "People are Great!"

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Anonymous - Florissant, MO August 28, 2015
    • "It does the job for Us"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Anonymous - Bridgeton, MO August 27, 2015
    • "Good place to do business with."

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Scott - Florissant, MO August 24, 2015
    • "I'd use uncle bobs again. Great service"

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Wendy - Loxahatchee, FL August 2, 2015
    • "Great place, friendly people. My only complaint is that you need a flat handcart in storage area. I'm handicapped and this would have helped. the hand truck that you rent for $5.00 is first useless but also outrageous as other places offer this as a courtesy. "

      Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
      Robert - St. Louis, MO July 29, 2015
    • "The service and treatment I received the first time played a huge roll in returning this time."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      David - Ferguson, MO July 28, 2015
    • "fine interaction"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      M - St Louis, MO July 28, 2015
    • "Excellent job"

      Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
      Herman - Florissant, MO July 8, 2015
    • "I was very please with the cleanest of the place and,also, the respect and friendliness I received there. Keep up the great work."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Annie - St.Louis, MO June 26, 2015
    • "Friendly, professional, efficient staff. Using the truck was a BIG added bonus to the whole experience. We were able to do this move in a lot less time because all our needs were in one place. All in all an excellent experience. Thanks to the staff at the Florissant location."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Steven - Camdenton, MO June 25, 2015
    • "The associate was very friendly, offered suggestions to best protect my belongings and asked questions to best serve my storage needs and possible unit size."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Janine - Florissant, MO March 28, 2015
    • "The associates were extremely helpful and attentive to our needs"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Anonymous - Ferguson, MO March 5, 2015
    • "Uncle Bob's Self Storage is conveniently located, and the staff is knowledgable and friendly to work with."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Tina - Florissant, MO January 29, 2015
    • "I've been with Uncle Bob's Storage before and was very happy with the company. I never even considered another storage facility after my original first time going in to talk with an associate a few years ago. I am very happy with the location of the business, employees and the size and cost of my unit. I can't imagine going anyplace else. "

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Michele - Ferguson, MO November 6, 2014
    • "Good experience. Nothing to add."

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Mike - Florissant, MO September 23, 2014
    • "No, everything is good."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      John - Florissant, MO August 28, 2014
    • "Resolved issue regarding insurance coverage"

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Robbin - Hazelwood, MO August 27, 2014
    • "I always feel safe and secure at storage unit"

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Patrick - Florissant, MO August 27, 2014
    • "Prices are rather expensive."

      Rating: (3.8 out of 5)
      Krista - Florissant, MO August 27, 2014

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Linda - Hazelwood, MO August 27, 2014

      Rating: (3.8 out of 5)
      Johnny Lee - Florissant, MO July 18, 2014
    • "Wonderful staff and location very clean. Glad to be part of the Uncle Bob's Storage Family."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Patricia - St.Louis, MO July 17, 2014
    • "The free truck with move in."

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Robert - Louisville, KY June 28, 2014
    • "Everyone was very friendly and the property looked well taken care of and secure. "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Tina - Florissant, MO June 27, 2014
    • "All was well with my storage experience. "

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Delphine - Murfreesboro, TN June 23, 2014
    • "great experience"

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Richard - Florissant, MO April 25, 2014
    • "Everything was perfect. Thanks."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Ken - Florissant, MO April 24, 2014
    • "Great service at this store"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Enrika - Florissant, MO April 2, 2014
    • "When I first started with Uncle Bob's in 2008, I believe at that time they were under different management. They were quite rude to me in fact, the lady whom was in charge was extrememly rude. When Fred took over management, I found my experience overall improve.. He was super friendly and always willing to help out.. He seemed to always go above and beyond to help with everything I needed. Fred is what made my overall experience wonderful.. "

      Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
      Stephanie - Florissant, MO March 24, 2014
    • "I think that yellow or white lane stripes would be ideal for the lot to show where each space is marked."

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Anthony - St.Louis, MO March 24, 2014
    • "Excellent service by your staff"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Mercedes - St.Louis, MO March 14, 2014
    • "Property well taken care of and clean"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      David - Florissant, MO March 14, 2014
    • "Fred, was professional and a pleasure to deal with. I only wish other companies hired and retained quality staff such as Fred. He sold me. In addition the rates and property were great!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Shawn - Florissant, MO March 4, 2014
    • "Too many "permanent" pieces of equipment that are illkempt and in various states of disrepair that detract from the looks of the other stored items."

      Rating: (4.3 out of 5)
      Robert - Ballwin, MO February 28, 2014
    • "The cost is marginally high for the services provided."

      Rating: (4.1 out of 5)
      Terry - Florissant, MO February 27, 2014
    • "Great job guys!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Jeff - Florissant, MO February 27, 2014
    • "I would like to see a slightly lower price based on how long so on has been a customer. Just a suggestion Over all happy with the business. Very happy with the staff."

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Bob - Florissant, MO February 27, 2014
    • "The staff at Uncle Bob's [Life Storage] were always extremely friendly and helpful and always greeted me by name"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Steven - Florissant, MO February 24, 2014
    • "Staff really knowledgable and friendly. I trust them to help and assist me when need arises."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Philip - Florissant, MO February 19, 2014
    • "We have been a Uncle Bob's [Life Storage] customer for 5 years now. Most of the stuff i8s from my mother in laws stuff. There have been a few other manager there before Fred. He is a good old boy. He is kind and very informative. We have had issues at times with the other Manager before him. "

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Todd - Valley Park, MO February 18, 2014
    • "Fred does an excellent job keeping up with everything!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Dennis - Florissant, MO February 5, 2014
    • "Staff is always courteous. Property is always well maintained."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Tina - Florissant, MO January 31, 2014
    • "Exceptional customer service and very well maintained storage units."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Crystal - Fredericksburg, VA January 26, 2014
    • "No - you are doing good!"

      Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
      Anonymous - St. Charles, MO January 17, 2014
    • "Great Customer Service!!! "

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Kevin - Hazelwood, MO January 6, 2014
    • "I will always us this company because they friendly."

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Vonda - St.Louis, MO January 2, 2014
    • "Just would like to compliment Tanya and Fred at the Florissant, Mo location on W. Washington. They both have ALWAYS been the epitomy of professionalism, courtesy and EXCELLENT customer service. I would recommend their facility to anyone looking for storage needs. Thanks again for everything!"

      Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
      Ruth - Ferguson, MO December 6, 2013
    • "Staff was excellent and always helpful. Your storage facility was great! Will use your company in the future if I have the need."

      Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
      Danielle - Florissant, MO September 10, 2013
    • "It has been a very long time since I had rented a space. In fact, it was at that facility in probably 1975 or '76, so the prices were more than I expected. I do understand prices go up."

      Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
      Timothy - Florissant, MO August 23, 2013

    Location Features

    • Life Storage Store Climate Controlled Storage Units

      Climate Controlled storage spaces provide a temperature controlled environment for your belongings. These spaces keep your items cool in the summer and heated in the winter, and are ideal for protecting items such as wood, electronics, and plastic that can be damaged from temperature changes and extremes. Learn more about the benefits of climate controlled storage here.

    • Life Storage Store 24 Hour Access

      Even when our office is closed, you can access your space! This store offers 24 hour access. You enter your personal access code at a keypad to access the property. Your space is secured with a lock, and only you have the key!

    • Life Storage Store Use our Moving Van or Truck Free with Storage Rental!

      When you rent storage, we'll rent you our moving van or truck for free! You receive 25 miles free as well. Rental times will vary based on time slot availability, and we allow one use per storage space rented. For further details contact your local storage manager or read our free van and truck rental guide here.

    • Life Storage Store 40' Truck Access

      The entrance, aisles, and most drive-up accessible storage units are wide enough to accommodate large vehicles, up to and including 40' moving trucks.

    • Life Storage Store Surveillance Cameras

      Smile, you're on camera! Surveillance cameras are positioned throughout the facility to create a safer environment by monitoring traffic in and out of the facility and deterring trespassers.

    • Life Storage Store Fenced & Lighted

      Fencing around this facility is designed to limit access only to customers with assigned electronic access codes. Grounds, aisles and interior hallways are lighted for safety and convenience.

    • Life Storage Store Vehicle/Boat Parking

      This facility offers month-to-month rental of parking for cars, trailers, and larger vehicles such as boats and RVs. Some spaces offer covering for protection from the elements - see specific space details for features. For a quick intro to vehicle storage, click here.

    • Life Storage Store Boxes & Packing Supplies Sold Here

      This Life Storage location carries a full line of moving and storage supplies such as boxes, packing tape, packing materials, and more! Our supplies help move awkward items like wardrobes and big screen TVs and keep delicate items like dishes safe during moving and storage. Stop in our office before the big move for your supplies! For helpful moving and packing tips, visit our guide here.

    Serving Florissant

    Life Storage makes it convenient to store your belongings when your garage starts to feel as busy as St. Louis. We provide a variety of storage units in a fenced, well-lit facility with 24 hour access. Most drive-up units provide convenient access for trucks up to 40 feet. Try our space estimator to help you find the right size unit for your needs. Find us on West Washington Street, near Coldwater Commons Park, just off Highway 67.

    ALSO SERVING COMMUNITIES OF: Hazelwood, Robertson, Vigus