Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're new to Life Storage, renting again, or have been renting with us for years, here are some answers to questions you may have as a customer of Life Storage.

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Choosing a Storage Unit

What Size Storage Unit Should I Rent

How Far In Advance Can I Rent a Space?

What Type of Storage Unit Should I Rent?

Storage Rental

When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

Do I Need a Lock For My Space?

When Is My Rental Payment Due?

What Payment Methods Does Life Storage Accept?

Why Does Life Storage Require Insurance?

What Items Are Not Permitted In a Storage Unit?

When Do I Receive a Bill?

How Long Are Your Storage Rental Agreements?

What Is a Storage Auction?

What Happens If My Payment Is Late?

How Is Life Storage Taking Precautions Since The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Can I Rent a Storage Unit Online?