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Climate Controlled Storage

Life Storage offers storage units to meet every storage space need. In addition to storage unit size, think about the items you are storing and how long they will be in storage. Will you need climate control? Find your answers here.

  • Climate Controlled Storage Units

    Climate Controlled Storage Units at Life Storage

    Think of Climate Controlled Storage Units as "temperature controlled" – cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.

    • Help protect valuables from extreme temperature fluctuations that can damage wood furniture, electronics, plastic and wax.
    • Keeps you comfortable if you visit your storage spaces frequently.
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  • Humidity Controlled Storage Units

    Humidity Controlled Storage Units maintain the humidity in the air inside the storage unit at safe levels regardless of temperature fluctuations.

    • Humidity control reduces likelihood of mold and mildew growth, metal rust, paper rot, etc.
    • Ideal for storing valuable documents, furniture, electronics, etc.
    • Humidity control system is superior to portable de-humidifiers or packaged moisture control products.
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  • Humidity and Temperature Controlled Storage Units

    Combine Humidity and Temperature Control in the Storage Unit for the ultimate in protection of your stored valuables.

    • Maintain the humidity in the air inside the storage unit and the temperature inside, all year round
    • The best choice for protecting valuable documents, artwork, furniture and more
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  • Heated Storage Units

    Heated Storage Units at Life Storage

    For winter climates, Heated Storage Units help protect your stored items from the effects of even the coldest temperatures.

    • Temperatures inside the storage space are carefully monitored during the cold months and heated to help preserve your belongings.
    • Keeps you warm whenever you visit your heated storage space.
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  • Air Conditioned Storage Units

    Air Conditioned Storage Units at Life Storage

    For the hottest climates, Air Conditioned Storage Units cool the storage space to help protect your valuable items from the effects of extreme heat.

    • HVAC cooling lowers the temperature to safer levels for valuables sensitive to heat.
    • Storage units do not use EVAP-cooling techniques, so the space is cooled without adding humidity to the space.
    • Keeps you cool and comfortable whenever you visit your air conditioned storage space.
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  • Traditional Storage Units

    Traditional Storage Units at Life Storage

    A Traditional Storage Unit is our most popular choice for storage. Suitable for the types of items you would be comfortable storing in a typical household garage.

    • For storing items not susceptible to heat or cold temperature fluctuations.
    • Many traditional storage units provide the convenience of drive-up access. See the benefits of drive-up access.
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