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Wine Storage in Somerville (#433)

51 McGrath Hwy. Somerville, MA 02143
  • Phone: 617-629-4410
  • Office Hours
  • Access Hours
    • Daily: 6:00am—9:00pm
  • Office Closings
    • Closed for Lunch: 1pm to 2pm, Mon-Sat.

Wine Storage Spaces

  • 3x3 Wine Storage (closest size shown)
    3' X 3'
    • Indoor Access
    • Basement
    • Elevator access
    • 3' Swing Door
    • 7' Ceiling
    • 42 Cases **
    Sold Out! Call us & we'll double check
    (800) 800-3456

* Storage space size is approximate.
** Number of Wine Cases is approimate based on twelve (12) 750mL bottles in a case and may vary based on style and size of bottles, cases and storage unit.

Area Map

Happy Customers

Life Storage in Somerville, MA (4.6 out of 5) based on 308 ratings Write a Review
  • "Your service was very good"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Yeonmi - Cambridge, MA May 21, 2018
  • "They were so happy "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Barbara - Boston, MA December 1, 2017
  • "Everything was great about my experience with Life Storage Somerville (#433)! Thanks!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Elyssa - Charoltte, NC November 6, 2017
  • "Great service by your on-site office and the phone center ahead of time. Only negative was that the elevator was out and no hope of restoring in a timely manner. Very inconvenient, considering only basement room available! But the wonderful manager (?) and spotless facility were so outstanding that I still chose you to rent from. Just puzzled how elevator could be allowed to stay unrepaired for more than a day."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Alison - Somerville, MA September 23, 2017
  • "Your manager Chuck has always been pleasant, helpful and always goes above and beyond! Thank you!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Lori - Cambridge, MA August 26, 2017
  • "The rental online process was easy and clear. I liked saving $25 by filling out my paperwork online! The staff at the Boston location I rented at are always friendly and helpful. So much so that I am a repeat customer. Great employees, great company! "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Carolyn - Austin, TX June 30, 2017
  • "My parents rent space @ a Texas facility. Your property is larger and more upgraded. I also like that your facility provides more loading equipment.Great! The automatic door at your loading dock was the only thing I found inconvenient."

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Steven - Newton Center, MA June 27, 2017
  • "So glad the second garage door got fixed! Sometimes I miss the hours, so possibly seeing if extending the hours makes sense would be beneficial."

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Chris - Cambridge, MA June 27, 2017
  • "Everything is great"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Ian - Somerville, MA March 28, 2017
  • "You were great. Thank You!!!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Andy - Cambridge, MA March 23, 2017
  • "Easy communication and very competent and respectful staff! Pleasure."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Jeannette - Brooklyn, NY January 23, 2017
  • "I just wrote an essay on this and it was evidently deleted as I took too long! I was thrilled with my experience and happy with both the call center employee who first answered the phone and the gentleman in the office who signed us up as he was very patient when we were indecisive about which boxes to purchase, took us on a nice tour, and helped my daughter and I feel it would be safe for her to come and go due to the security and the controlled access. I was very pleased to be able to get my credit card billed, making my life easier. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Rhonda - Houston, TX June 28, 2016
  • "This place is great! Easy to navigate and personnel is nice, helpful and knowledgeable."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Amy - Boston, MA April 25, 2016
  • "Clean (down to the women's room, and snow removal in the parking lot!), well-run facility with plenty of dollies. I've had two different units over >5 years, and when I need one again, I'll be back."

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Yasmin - Somerville, MA April 24, 2016
  • "I appreciated that you were flexible and helpful without being at all rushed. It was relaxed, low-key which I liked."

    Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
    Norah - Cambridge, MA April 8, 2016
  • "Good relationship. Maybe I'll need you guys again."

    Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
    Howard - Cambridge, MA March 23, 2016
  • "I really do love my storage unit! I am happy that my belongings are located in a place that feels safe to me! The reason I chose this storage space over others is because I felt I was given personalized attention and advice. The manager (ie: in store manager) was extremely helpful and did not aim at making the most money out of my arrangement. The only negative comment I can make is that the floor could be cleaner although I do understand this is a storage facility and not an apartment building. I would definitely recommend this storage space to others. Actually, I myself was referred to this storage space by another very satisfied customer!"

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    Angela - Boston, MA November 25, 2015
  • "We greatly appreciate that our nonprofit is able to hold small volunteer events at Uncle Bob's [Life Storage], using the work space room and our storage space. Thank you!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    World Computer - Hull, MA November 25, 2015
  • "Clean , well lit, good price"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    William - Boston, MA October 27, 2015
  • "Great place. I would absolutely rent there again if need arose. Also, I have happily recommended to friends and work colleagues."

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Theodore - Cambridge, MA October 24, 2015
  • "Excellent work! I love the funky location and bulding at 50 mcGrath"

    Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
    Bertrand - Cambridge, MA October 23, 2015
  • "I wish the prices were lower because I am paying for 2 storage units. Other than that, nothing to complain about. Your survey should also have a N/A type field. I rarely go in the office but I didn't want to give the staff a bad rating because of that."

    Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
    Anthony - Cambridge, MA August 28, 2015
  • "Excellent experience with Uncle Bob's [Life Storage]! Would use them again"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Zach - Brookline, MA August 27, 2015
  • "I have used Uncle Bob's for the past 3 summers, and it has been an excellent experience! For me, it has been an ideal place for college dorm storage!"

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Mary - Morris Plains, NJ August 7, 2015
  • "Yes, Chuck, the site manager, was very helpful in getting me moved in. I returned to this property to rent a new, smaller unit to suit my needs. Thank you, Uncle Bob!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    David - Cambridge, MA August 5, 2015
  • "Accessibility and location are important to me and those expectations were met."

    Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
    Tim - Cambridge, MA May 28, 2015
  • "I had used Uncle Bob's on the Cape and so expected to feel that I and my belongings were safe and this location met that expectation"

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    Elizabeth - Chelsea, MA April 28, 2015
  • "Very helpful in choosing a space."

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    Shirley - Cambridge, MA March 31, 2015
  • "First time I've ever rented a storage space. I worked with Jose, Awesome guy. I'm very happy and have already recommended you to other people. Thank You for your Great Service!!!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Kyle - Boston, MA March 26, 2015
  • "everything worked out in a timely manner."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Ronald - Boston, MA January 11, 2015
  • "It was super last minute and the associate (I believe his name was Jason) stayed and waited for me to arrive and he wasn't even supposed to be there that day!! Very polite and I'm grateful for it!!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Jillian - Boston, MA November 25, 2014
  • "Efficient service, polite & friendly staff person (Jose)"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Barbara - Somerville, MA November 25, 2014
  • "Best storage ever used."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Grant - Cambridge, MA October 27, 2014
  • "Both of the store managers at the McGrath Hwy Somerville location, Jose and Chuck, went out of their way to be helpful, above and beyond the call of duty. Really made our move a lot easier, thanks guys!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Jacob - West Chazy, NY October 23, 2014
  • "My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that I did not have 24-7 access to my storage unit. I understand how that might increase your costs, however. One option that could be offered is a fee-based or schedulable extended hours schedule. The only reason I closed the unit was that I no longer needed the extra space."

    Rating: (4.8 out of 5)
    Jonah - Cambridge, MA September 23, 2014
  • "the price , stop me to give you the highest ranking on the survey can exceed expectation with the monthly cost at$200 "

    Rating: (4.3 out of 5)
    Bruno - Boston, MA September 23, 2014
  • "The site in which you have in Somerville, MA is doing a great job Chuck & Jose! Both are running this location correctly I am very pleased with you all's performance! "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Justin - Newton, MA August 26, 2014
  • "In my three visits since getting my space, I have struggled with the availability, selection, and quality of the carts. On my first visit, the only available cart had a sticky, malfunctioning wheel which made it very hard to maneuver. My second visit,the only available cart was two-tiered, which was hard for the furniture I had to move. On my most recent visit, another customer let me use their cart on the managers' urging after I had been waiting for 20-30 minutes for any carts to become available. Please buy more carts and get rid of the old ones. This is a major part of the service I pay for and a relatively minor expense on your part."

    Rating: (3.6 out of 5)
    Kelly - Cambridge, MA August 25, 2014
  • "Chuck is one great guy! Genuinely friendly. He was the first face I saw upon relocating to Cambridge. I could keep renting an empty unit just to do stop-and-chats with him. Chuck's wife is one lucky woman!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Jennifer - Bloomington, IN August 25, 2014
  • "I am having a problem with the sliding closure on my storage space door. In September I will be coming in to seek assistance about having this fixed. "

    Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
    Christine - Cambridge, MA August 25, 2014
  • "This is the second time I have rented storage here. I like the fact my cubicle is indoors (protected from the street). This facility is always clean and Chuck and Jose are ALWAYS SO NICE to me. They are the BEST!!!!!!! I am very happy with this arrangement. My compliments to Chuck and Jose!!!!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Sharon - Boston, MA August 20, 2014
  • "Entirely satisfied."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Don - South Easton, MA July 23, 2014
  • "Satisfaction"

    Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
    Iris - East Cambridge, MA June 28, 2014
  • "I have fairly low expectations for storage facilities, but I was pleased with my Uncle Bob's experience."

    Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
    Conor - Middleboro, MA May 28, 2014
  • "Excellent at all levels. What I loved is how well the space has worked, well lit and open early which enabled avoiding the rush of traffic. Your associates were splendid and I could not be more pleased with this arrangement. Peter"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Peter - Cambridge, MA April 25, 2014
  • "Excellent"

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    Jean - Cambridge, MA April 23, 2014
  • "Only that I wanted to change how I pay for my storage and was told that I could not do that over the phone..."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Ellen - Boston, MA March 28, 2014
  • "good job."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Robert - Arlington, MA March 6, 2014
  • "It is a well run business"

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    Neal - Watertown, MA March 2, 2014
  • "In my condo association meetings and our holiday party I have shared my postive experience and reasonable pricing offered at Uncle Bobs [Life Storage]'s. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Leger - East Cambridge, MA March 2, 2014
  • "Employees are extremely helpful and go out of their way. I was even able to borrow tools when I needed help taking a wheel off my bike to fit in my car. "

    Rating: (4.9 out of 5)
    Michelle - Somerville, MA March 1, 2014
  • "Chuck and Jose are the best. They always help me whenever I need it. Were very accommodating when they new I was moving back to Boston from California. They really helped me make the move easier. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Lynda - Boston, MA February 28, 2014
  • "Everything was as expected and handled in a professional, helpful, courteous manner!"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Ivo - Arlington, MA February 28, 2014
  • "Very clean and secure. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Betty - Arlington, MA January 30, 2014
  • "I never ever Use a storage place before and its was also something I was scared of. But I would truly recommend Uncle BoB's to someone else that is in need of a storage place. Very satisfied."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Ayanda - Somerville, MA January 23, 2014
  • "I was very pleased with my move in process. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Neil - Cambridge, MA December 22, 2013
  • "I am very happy with this storage location. The employees are always nice to me and helpful. I have spoken to others about my satisfaction. Also, your lobby is beautiful and welcoming. It is the nicest storage facitity I have ever used. I like the fact the storage facility is located next to the office in case I need help with anything. This is a very nice business and employees are nice. Nice employees make all the difference as I don't frequent businesses where employees are rude, and this is never the case with this facility. Thanks for everything."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Sharon - Malden, MA November 19, 2013
  • "Both associates I spoke to at the Somerville location were very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and accommodating. The facility is easily accessed and extremely well-maintained. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Kate - Dorchester, MA November 1, 2013
  • "The website account is helping a lot, except that my automatic payment did not work and I was charged $15 because of it, which I am not happy about at all."

    Rating: (4.4 out of 5)
    Olivier - Boston, MA October 9, 2013
  • "great customer service and clean building/storage space! I would recommend strongly to friends and family. "

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Jennifer - Boston, MA September 30, 2013
  • "Office workers were very helpful,very friendly. Hours of access were excellent."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Louise - Jackson, NJ September 23, 2013
  • "Excellent pricing, good location"

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Judy - Cambridge, MA September 23, 2013
  • "I had no complaints. you guys were great."

    Rating: (5.0 out of 5)
    Kathleen - Somerville, MA September 23, 2013
  • "Thanks! "

    Rating: (4.7 out of 5)
    Katherine - Somerville, MA September 23, 2013
  • "this was a short term (3 month rental) for college room storage. everything was great. will be back next year."

    Rating: (4.6 out of 5)
    William - Basking Ridge, NJ September 23, 2013
  • "For me, renting space was a "no brainer". There were no prerequisites or expectations and, as such, I was handled perfectly."

    Rating: (4.2 out of 5)
    Jeffrey - Lexington, MA July 23, 2013

Location Features

  • Climate Controlled Storage Units Climate Controlled Storage Units

    Climate Controlled storage spaces provide a temperature controlled environment for your belongings. These spaces keep your items cool in the summer and heated in the winter, and are ideal for protecting items such as wood, electronics, and plastic that can be damaged from temperature changes and extremes. Learn more about the benefits of climate controlled storage here.

  • Extended Access Hours Extended Access Hours

    Even when our office is closed, you can access your space well before and after our office hours! You enter your personal access code at a keypad to access the property. Your space is secured with a lock, and only you have the key!

  • Surveillance Cameras Surveillance Cameras

    Smile, you're on camera! Surveillance cameras are positioned throughout the facility to create a safer environment by monitoring traffic in and out of the facility and deterring trespassers.

  • Vehicle/Boat Parking Vehicle/Boat Parking

    This facility offers month-to-month rental of parking for cars, trailers, and larger vehicles such as boats and RVs. Some spaces offer covering for protection from the elements - see specific space details for features. For a quick intro to vehicle storage, click here.

  • Boxes & Packing Supplies Sold Here Boxes & Packing Supplies Sold Here

    This Life Storage location carries a full line of moving and storage supplies such as boxes, packing tape, packing materials, and more! Our supplies help move awkward items like wardrobes and big screen TVs and keep delicate items like dishes safe during moving and storage. Stop in our office before the big move for your supplies! For helpful moving and packing tips, visit our guide here.

Need help? Our support team is available 24/7 at (800) 800-3456