Wine Storage Units at 10456 N 74th St Scottsdale, AZ

10456 N 74th St Scottsdale, AZ 85258

4.99 out of 5 (40 reviews)
  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled
  • Extended Access Hours
  • Surveillance Monitoring

*Storage unit size is approximate. Number of Wine Cases is approximate based on twelve (12) 750mL bottles in a case. Storage unit case capacity may vary based on the style and size of bottles and cases.

Wine Storage Features

**Lights, controls and security features vary by facility. All systems may be subject to service interruptions for maintenance.

Customer Reviews - Life Storage #782, Scottsdale

We at Life Storage want to maintain the best storage facilities in Scottsdale, and in every city where we do business. That's why we routinely ask our customers about their experience with us and challenge ourselves to make it better. You can read what customers think about us here on our website - over the past four years, we've had over 100,000 customers respond to our surveys and tell us what they think. We publish their reviews here, and we're proud of the result!

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Jennifer (Chandler, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Best experience using storage! Great layout, indoors the entire time, all the extra carts, so well planned!"

September 24, 2021
Ann (Paradise Valley, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Great, friendly service, sparkling clean, made everything easy. Kinda pricey."

December 24, 2019
Robert (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Great! I’ll be back when I have storage needs. Thanks!"

December 23, 2019
Anonymous (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Great facility, friendly staff, will highly recommend and utilize for any future needs. Thank you."

October 24, 2019
Susan (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael and his colleagues were always so helpful. They were aways so friendly, professional, and kind to me. They make the facility a great place."

October 23, 2019
Mark (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Never expected the quality service to be so superlative. Well done."

September 27, 2019
Gina (Vancouver, BC) Life Storage, Scottsdale, BC (#782)

"My experience with Life Storage was exceptional, the staff, especially Michael the manager made everything easier in a difficult time for me. I am so grateful for their assistance over the years. - Gina"

September 23, 2019
Anonymous (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael and his staff run an excellent facility. It’s the best run storage facility I have ever used."

August 26, 2019
Roberta (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Everyone working at 74th street here is Scottsdale has been wonderful, but I have to add that Michael Rice has truly been exceptional. He is amazing, he has helped and guided me for years and I've recommended your facility to many people because of the care and concern he has always shown me. The facility itself is great too, always spotless and it has been a very happy and seamless experience to be there. But I think Michael is truly exceptional, and I wanted to note that. He is surely a great asset to your organization."

August 24, 2019
Tina Gazia (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"The manager is extremely helpful and professional. Very clean, I highly recommend this place."

July 30, 2019
Thomas (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael is the manager and he does an awesome job of making certain every aspect of Life Storage is perfect down to the last detail. It is obvious "Customer Satisfaction" is his primary goal. It is a real pleasure just to stop by and say hello."

July 30, 2019
Linda (paradise valley, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Great pricing, drinks to hydrate in 100+ temps, and wonderful people to assist in any way !"

July 29, 2019
Anna (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and courteous. The facility is super clean, well lit and safe. There is water in the fridge if anyone is moving in or out after hours. i don’t think I could ever use another facility after receiving such a high quality customer service at my location. Thank you for taking such a great care of the facility and the customers."

April 26, 2019
Anita (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"My experience with Jeff & Michael was truly wonderful. The process was easy & Jeff was so helpful with any questions I had. I will definitely reccomend Life Storage to anyone I know! Service like this is hard to find & I am so glad I chose this option. Thanks so much, Jeff! :-)"

June 12, 2018
Bob (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"We met with Mike Price. He was super. This is our first experience with self storage and Mike Price and LifeStorage were excellent. Thank You."

May 17, 2018
Julie (Paradise Valley, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Exceptional customer service, genuine interest in me/my needs...clean, neat, tidy facility."

April 29, 2018
Ellen Frances (Norwalk, CT) Life Storage, Scottsdale, CT (#782)

"The "process" was "painless" and everyone was extra helpful and professional."

March 28, 2018
Eric (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"The Associates are top notch. I only left because I don't need any storage at this time. I have already referred others."

March 23, 2018
Carol (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Your Office Staff was Very Professional and Personable. It was A Pleasure to Meet With Them, Very Informative With All Our Questions That We Needed to Address. I Never Have Been To A Storage Facility, that Was So Well Equipped, With Many More Amenities."

March 18, 2018
Stephani (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"The facility is spotless. I am so pleased we moved our unit from Public Storage on Hayden to here. Whenever I see an employee in the building (I rarely go to office) I am always greeted warmly with direct eye contact. "

February 27, 2018
Leslie (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

" Process was very easy the staff was amazing they answered all my questions before even knew they were questions. I am very happy to be using the storage space. It is close to my house and convenient too."

February 27, 2018
Marcy (Paradise Valley, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Life Storage (and previously Desert Storage) was sold to me by Michael Rice. He is the most wonderful person - treats his business like an owner. He always greets me like i'm a long lost friend, treats me so well, offers me a cup of coffee, shows me the different spaces, etc.. He is such a star of an employee - you are lucky to have someone like him. Personally, I feel that your spaces are too expensive, but I continue to go there because of Michael Rice and my trust for him. He makes me feel like it's a safe place."

February 27, 2018
Michael (Phoenix, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael Rice is a tremendous asset to your corporation. He is attentive, honest and a pleasure to work with."

February 23, 2018
Serrnena (Gilbert, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"We recently lost our business to four extremely tragic deaths and were forced to close the doors. We met Mike who is the manager at Life Storage on Shea and 74th St location. Mike went over and above the call of duty and found a company called Moving Team Six. They came prepared with equipment generously offering help to move our heavy office equipment. It was a great light in a dark time for us. Thank you Mike and thank you to Moving Team Six, we appreciate you."

January 04, 2018
Westin (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Your facility at Shea in Scottsdale is awesome and the staff is wonderful."

December 05, 2017
Moira (Scdottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"All associates are outstanding. Every encounter was excellent, I wish I could remember everyone’s names but Michael rice is by far the most kind and generous employee. Michelle help me as well as several others, each person was outstanding."

November 28, 2017
Kathy (Incline Village, NV) Life Storage, Scottsdale, NV (#782)

"I had a great experience with Mike and Jeff. Having been an owner of a Mini Storage in the past I am very impressed with your facility and your staff."

November 21, 2017
Alana (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"I think this was my 3rd (maybe 4th) time to rent a storage unit at this location. Aside from the fact I wanted air conditioned storage, Michael has always been such a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to come back again!!!"

October 23, 2017
Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"The office staff was amazing! Went above and beyond any time I had a question or needed assistance. I have never seen such a well kept storage facility. Will certainly rent there again."

October 23, 2017
(Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"What more can I say but how well pleased I am with the service and the wonderful staff."

September 04, 2017
Jeremy (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael, the manager at the Scottsdale branch is a great manager. He is very well organized and always makes me aware of any UPS drop off or pickups that come for me. He goes above and beyond in every aspect. "

September 01, 2017
Andrew (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael is the best! he is a great ambassador for your company and you should cherish him!"

August 30, 2017
James (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Everyone in the office is professional and courteous."

August 28, 2017
Steven (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"I tell people I want to come back in the next life as my "stuff" because the storage area is spotless and air conditioned! The only hurdle to a perfect score is price. Though way to expensive for most, I suspect that aspect is dictated by shareholders, not management."

August 28, 2017
Jane (Orlando, FL) Life Storage, Scottsdale, FL (#782)

"I like the convenience offered to gain access to my unit. I have peace of mind knowing my things are safe."

August 27, 2017
Mary (Paradise Valley, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

" I was able to trade a smaller space for a larger space without a contract problem"

August 26, 2017
Wanda (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)


August 23, 2017
Eric Hasselbring (Prescott, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael and his team are always warm and friendly and go above and beyond to help their customers - everything from consulting on the right unit to helping with boxes and packing items, and finding unique shipping solutions for odd-size items. Inside parking, inside storage units and late evening access are big benefits, but the people are the biggest asset. The office is always clean and appealing and extra touches like bottled water for me (and sometimes snacks!) and a doggie bowl for my puppy really "ups" the customer service factor. "

August 18, 2017
Sherri (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"The manager, Michael, and all the staff are excellent!"

July 21, 2017
Joy (Phoenix, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#782)

"Michael always greets me by my name, offers water to drink and in a warm and professional manner. He makes me feel this is my home and my things are safe. I recommend this facility to family and friends always."

July 20, 2017