Wine Storage Units at 7227 E Williams Dr Scottsdale, AZ

7227 E Williams Dr Scottsdale, AZ 85255

4.96 out of 5 (20 reviews)
  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled
  • Extended Access Hours
  • Surveillance Monitoring

*Storage unit size is approximate. Number of Wine Cases is approximate based on twelve (12) 750mL bottles in a case. Storage unit case capacity may vary based on the style and size of bottles and cases.

Wine Storage Features

**Lights, controls and security features vary by facility. All systems may be subject to service interruptions for maintenance.

Customer Reviews - Life Storage #783, Scottsdale

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Derrick (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Attentive to my needs and available to answer any questions I had."

October 29, 2019
Molly (Phoenix, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"The manager (Norissa Lopez) was professional, accommodating, and very helpful throughout the rental process. Great service, highly recommend!"

October 27, 2019
Marvin (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"We are blessed to have a great staff at the Life Storage unit. Helpful and courteous. A real joy to work with, We can't recommend any higher,"

October 07, 2019
Joseph (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Management is genuinely helpful with any challenges, and always have great suggestions in overcoming difficult situations. Your in-house supplies store is a great help plus the equipment available including moving truck, is always in exceptional condition. I particularly like how you check your other stores for truck availability when the one truck is already scheduled. You guys are the best!."

September 26, 2019
RobertaAnn Mari (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Professional and courteous attention. Product exactly met our needs"

September 02, 2019
John (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"The Female Manager at this location is outstanding."

August 27, 2019
Joan (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Christina was great! Always very helpful and accommodating."

June 03, 2019
James (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Everything went smoothly, there were never any issues or problems and manager there is always friendly and attentive."

May 23, 2019
Marie (Albuquerque, NM) Life Storage, Scottsdale, NM (#783)

"Excellent introduction to the company through Keegan. Continued great service & attention from him and Manager Christine each time we were there."

April 26, 2019
Catherine (ScottsdaleaZ, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Keehan, was so helpful, and really went out of his way to answer all our questions..."

April 08, 2019
Tawn (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"Christina explained everything and gave suggestions that were very helpful. Moving is a stressful time and she made the process enjoyable! She’s knowledgeable on your computer system as well. She’s a keeper!??"

February 16, 2019
Nancy (Cave Creek, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"It would be nice if on move out we could also use the van."

November 24, 2018
Jeffrey (Portland, OR) Life Storage, Scottsdale, OR (#783)

"Best storage facility we have ever had (we have had over six of them). Christine was a super help, very friendly, knowledgeable about the facility. We highly recommend this storage facility."

May 23, 2018
Joseph (Lincoln, NE) Life Storage, Scottsdale, NE (#783)

"Christina was an absolute joy to work with. I truly believe you have a manager that can rise to any level you let her climb!! I am from Nebraska and had never ever met her before but when we rented from her, we felt she cared for us like we were family!!!"

February 28, 2018
Bruce (Chicago, IL) Life Storage, Scottsdale, IL (#783)

"Extremely clean. Manager worked hard to get us the storage unit that best fit our needs and budget. Great product."

February 28, 2018
Kathleen (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"I was just always impressed about the staff ability to answer questions, make suggestions about options available and the overall customer service. Thank you!"

December 23, 2017
Mark (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"We have used the Williams facility for over 6 months now. We are extremely happy with the ease, comfort and cleanliness of the place. Especially we have been pleased with the service we have received from Christina. She is friendly and professional, always takes good care of us."

December 20, 2017
Susan (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"The associate was very helpful and friendly. The space is perfect - clean and easily accessed"

November 28, 2017
Larry (Scottsdale, AZ) Life Storage, Scottsdale, AZ (#783)

"It would be an asset to have wifi available so when we are working in storage unit we could listen to music. phone does not seem to work in unit when listening."

August 28, 2017
Joan (Jackson, WY) Life Storage, Scottsdale, WY (#783)

"The people I've dealt with are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! It's always a pleasant experience!"

August 26, 2017