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  • Life Storage is the right storage company for you! With our extensive knowledge in storage, you know you can put your trust in this company. A storage unit is a protective fortress for all your personal possession and valuables. We are proud to offer storage units to the Dayton community.
  • We have plenty of locations around the Ohio area, so come in and check one out. Our locations are in Dayton,Cincinnati,Springdale and Westlake.
  • The importance of keeping your possessions away from natural forces, can not be understated. We have an climate controlled storage units that allow our Dayton customers to keep our valuables away from rain, sunlight and snow damage. Come in and check out the different available price for your needs.
  • We not only have storage units, but also have moving features that can help you in transition. We offer moving boxes, packing tape and other moving supplies that take some of the stress off of moving. We also offer rental moving trucks that are easy for anyone to drive.
  • At Life Storage we have move in specials as well as low rates on renting storage. With our month to month storage units you have complete control over how long you want to keep your things in storage. Come in and check out our storage unit prices and find the best one for you.