In a volatile lending environment, Life Storage bridge loans are a reliable solution to reach deeper into the capital stack to access valuable equity and provide the flexibility you desire without a long term commitment.

  • More attractive than most conventional lending
  • Up to 80% of underwritten value
  • 1-Month Term SOFR+400-500
  • 3-5 Year Term (with extension options)
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More Flexible. More Advantages. Compare our lending terms to conventional lending and storage industry options!

  • Interest Only
  • Penalty-Free Exit Options
  • $5M Minimum
  • 3-5 Year Term (with further extension options)
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Approximate Loan Terms

We are considering all properties in the 150+ markets where Life Storage operates. Life Storage third-party management agreement required. This is not a construction loan – available for completed properties only.

Minimum Size $5M
Loan to Value Maximum 80% of current LSI underwritten value, not to exceed 100% LTC or 70% of LSI terminal value
Interest Rate 1-Month Term SOFR+400-500
Origination Fee 1%
Loan Term 3-5 Years (extension options available)
Amortization Interest Only
Prepayment 12-18 months
Exit Fee 0.5% Exit (waived for sale to Life Storage or with refinancing)
Extension Fees 0.25%
Recourse Non-Recourse
Interest Reserve As needed for properties with DSCR < 1.0x
Other Reserves Varies based on credit characteristics
Collateral 1st mortgage on subject collateral

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