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Life Storage Solutions

"Life Storage Solutions enables you to tap the power of the Life Storage brand along with all of our competitive advantages."
- Ken Myszka, President

  • Introducing Life Storage Solutions

    For more than 30 years, Life Storage has helped hundreds of thousands of customers with their storage needs. In the process, we have grown to become a recognized leader with more than 750 locations across the country. Our experienced people employ advanced technologies to drive new business and turn every customer inquiry into an opportunity for owners like you.

    Now you can leverage our experience in a third party management agreement with Life Storage. Whether your interests are just increasing value in your properties, accessing better financing, or developing an exit strategy, our resources are at your fingertips.

  • Access the Benefits of our Management

  • About Life Storage

    "Size and scale result in distinct benefits for owners. It's just strength in numbers."
    - Jack Rogers, Vice President Business Development

  • Join one of the top self storage companies in the U.S.

    Life Storage Solutions brings you the distinct benefits of our size and scale as a national leader in self storage. You can be confident in our ability to manage your properties by focusing on the fundamentals of marketing, pricing, cost control, and property upkeep.

    Our size, customer base, and 30 years of experience in the self storage industry gives you a solid foundation on which to build your future and increase the value of your investement.

    • Over 35 million square feet of storage space
    • 300,000 customers
    • Over 750 facilities in 28 states
    • Over 30 years in the industry
    • 15% of stores are Joint Ventures
  • Investment Options

    "We give owners options. Our willingness to invest equity in their properties demonstrates our commitment as a third party management partner."
    - Paul Powell, Chief Investment Officer

  • Structured the way it works for you

    Our goal is to find the solutions that satisfy the financial requirements of your third party management goals. Are you looking for an arrangement that improves financing options? Interested in opportunities that offer immediate capital? Are you looking for an agreement which has future exit strategy options? Life Storage has a number of choices that will address your needs.

    Agreement and Investment Options

    • Fee-based Management
    • Joint Venture
    • Equity Partner
  • Revenue Management

    "Revenue management results in revenue maximization, with continuous monitoring and real-time adjusting that capture opportunities."
    - David Paolini, Vice President Revenue Management

  • Systems and Analysis that Work

    Our advanced Revenue Management Model (RM) is aimed at understanding, anticipating, and influencing customer behavior in order to maximize revenues. We take it to a new level in self-storage with an RM team made up of the sharpest analysts in the business utilizing cutting edge systems.

    We continually monitor and adjust pricing for your stores, looking at current and forecasted demand, supply, price sensitivity and competition. Our RM team can quickly adjust pricing and promotions as market conditions change.

    If you are interested in finding more value in your storage properties, the first step is Revenue Management. With Life Storage Solutions in the driver's seat, you'll find opportunity in every rental.

  • Sales Channels

    "Call, click, and visit sales channels are constantly fine-tuned to optimize opportunities to capture customers."
    - Edward Killeen, Chief Operating Officer

  • The Lines are Open

    Whether inquiries for storage come by phone, the web, or walk through the door, you know that every one is an opportunity for your business. When you have Life Storage behind you, you can be confident that no opportunity is missed.

    Each time the phone rings, your potential customers are served by our highly trained call center representatives. Fielding over 50,000 calls per month, seven days a week 24 hours per day, you will find no team better prepared to turn inquiries into customers. With the latest storage sales training techniques and space availability and pricing at their fingertips, the Life Storage call center is ready to deliver the rentals your stores may be missing.

    or that ever-growing group of customers who would rather click than call, you can rest assured they will find easy to navigate and ready to take their storage reservation. Life Storage's website is supported by an aggressive marketing budget that ensures potential customers will see our website whenever they search for storage on the web. Plus, the Life Storage mobile website will instantly serve those customers using the rapidly growing iPhone, Android, and Blackberry storage searches.

  • Controls & Reporting

    "The controls & reporting we employ are rooted in accrual-based accounting, which is the most accurate way to evaluate the performance of your properties."
    - Andy Gregoire, Chief Financial Officer

  • More than just Accounting

    Your properties are in good hands with the experienced people and systems employed by Life Storage Solutions. We use proprietary accounting and finance control systems that centralize data and allow real-time updates for services such as online payments and online reservations. The accounting team is made up of more than 30 professionals overseen by three CPAs who have a combined 30 years experience with a focus on self storage.

    Our accounting team will work for you overseeing the financial aspects of your operations. Daily audits of payments and cash/credit reporting along with monthly bank reconciliations keep your properties' finances firmly in control.

    At Life Storage, we couple accounting controls with independent, on-site audits to monitor stores' compliance with legal and operational policies and procedures. Operating your properites under Life Storage Solutions minimizes your exposure to legal issues and potential fraud.

  • Operations & Performance

    "Life Storage Solutions delivers the infrastructure that drives the business results your properties need to succeed."
    - Jeff Myszka, Vice President Store Operations

  • Recruit & Retain Top-Notch Employees

    Life Storage Solutions can offer you a complete menu of comprehensive Human Resources services provided by experts who not only understand the details of HR, but who know the ins and outs of working in the self storage industry. Focus on what is important to you, and engage Life Storage to focus on payroll, health insurance, tax reporting, staffing, recruiting, and retirement planning.

  • Support and Training

    Life Storage Solutions recognizes the importance of people to the success of your stores. We pride ourselves on providing our associates with the most comprehensive and robust training in the self storage industry. With specialized online training, performance evaluation, peer networking, and superb new-hire training, Life Storage will staff your facilities with a team built to succeed.

  • Performance Management

    Whether it is the skilled staff and leadership in the field or the systems that keep us connected, Life Storage Solutions offers you a distinct understanding of the business and the tools to drive and measure performance. Your facilities gain the benefit of:

    • Monthly visits by an Area Manager
    • STARS incentive-based evaluation
    • Real-time reporting of sales
    • Demand tracking
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