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Working at Life Storage

We're fortunate to have the best employees, and we work hard to make this an enjoyable and rewarding place to build a career. We listen carefully to what our employees tell us. Here's just a few of the comments we hear...

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  • Picture of Eric

    Eric C.

    Owner Relations Manager

    People at Life Storage don't work to promote themselves; they work to promote the company. With a company this size, it's remarkable and refreshing to find.

  • Picture of Mary Jane

    Mary Jane D.

    Account Representative

    I am proud to work for Life Storage because I enjoy a challenge and enjoy meeting people. I am part of a wonderful team of managers and associates. Together we make Life Storage a great success.

  • Picture of Mary Ann

    Mary Ann A.

    Payroll Representative

    Location is close to my home. I enjoy the people I work with - we are a small part of a large family. My job keeps me motivated, and days are always busy.

  • Picture of Christine

    Christine T.

    IT Help Desk Supervisor

    19 years this December says it all!!! Life Storage has given me tremendous opportunity not only in advancement and stability within the company; it has provided me the potential for personal growth as well.

  • Picture of Alex

    Alex U.

    Account Manager

    People with the company are great to work with!

  • Picture of Sylvia

    Sylvia H.

    Corporate Alliance Account Manager

    I have been employed by Life Storage for 8 years and thoroughly enjoy working here. All the people are wonderful to work with. They care about what they do and perform their jobs to the highest level possible. It is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in the right direction and also takes care of their employees at every level.