Things Not To Put Into Self Storage

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When it comes to self storage, people often have questions of what they can and cannot store. Here is a slideshow of what NOT to put in a storage unit:

What NOT To Put In Storage- An Uncle Bob’s Slideshow

Once you scroll through the list, let us know what you think and what we might have missed.  While it’s meant to be fun, we also do welcome any questions you might have on what is and isn’t fit for a self storage unit.

Since we’ve covered the best uses for storage, we figured we might as well touch on the flip side.

Some items that didn’t quite make the cut but still deserve honorable mention include:
-the Leg lamp from A Christmas Story
-A full Storm Trooper suit
-Comic books
-Baseball cards

Remember, we also regularly discuss what is a good idea to put into storage, such as putting your nostalgic or guilty pleasure items in storage.  We also welcome your storage stories in the comments,.

So check out the slideshow and let us know what you think!

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