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Made a storage space reservation at Life Storage? Great - let's find it for you!

Recently, we learned that some of the biggest companies got their start in small spaces like garages or storage units. Why can’t your band? Heck the old term “garage band” practically invites it.


Why a Storage Unit is perfect for band rehearsal

Recently, we learned that some of the biggest companies got their start in small spaces like garages or storage units. Why can’t your band? Heck the old term “garage band” practically invites it.

We had one of our Twitter followers tweet us a picture of his band rehearsing in a Life Storage storage unit (we are indeed music friendly). It got us thinking that a storage unit might actually be a great place for band rehearsals.

Keep in mind that some locations are subject to noise ordinance laws and cannot accommodate rehearsals. If you are interested, contact us to find out more.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Climate controlled storage: your gear will not be subject to sudden temperature changes if you keep it in a climate controlled unit. Our units are set for 45-50 degrees F in the winter month and 80-85 in the summer.
  2.  You won’t drive your neighbors and/or roommates nuts.
  3.  You can leave your stuff at the storage unit. No need to lug it back and forth from your home.

So whether you’re looking to make it big, or just blow off some steam and jam for a bit, considering using a storage unit. We’d be happy to help you out.

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  • Ryan

    My newborn son is keeping me and my tenants up at night. Has anyone had any luck raising their kids in a storage unit? Josh, any parenting advice?

    • Hah! Based on this post, maybe you should get your kid a drumset and bring them to one of our storage units. Practice makes perfect AND it might tire him/her out. Worth a shot.

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  • Rick

    hey! live in deerfield beach fl and looking for a storage unit to practice my drums in with a/c. i see you offer this. just to verify. do you? please let me know. i see there are uncle bob’s in pompano beach. prices and size and phone numbers please. thanks. Rick

  • Thea

    Hey I have a band and we really need a place to practice are there any storage places in Baton Rouge, LA or close to it that allow band rehearsals?

  • Connor

    I’m a professional flatland skateboarder and I’m looking for a space to practice in during the winter after I get off of work. I was wondering if it is possible to rent a large unit per month and be allowed to skate in it? Or does this break any lease/contract that I would have to abide by?

    • Hi Connor, thanks for reaching out! Skateboarding in the units is not something that we can permit for a few different reasons. Thanks for checking with us though, and please let us know if you have any more questions!

      • Connor

        Can you please elaborate a little bit more. I’m confused why a band would be allowed to practice in a storage unit but a skateboarder wouldn’t allowed to practice in a unit? Is anything written in the lease that doesn’t permit skateboarding specifically?

        • Sure. With the band rehearsals, there are only a handful of storage facilities that permit this. We assume noise ordinance risks there and that’s why it’s only available in a select few stores. With skateboarding the risk of injury is higher so it’s ultimately a risk we would usually choose not to assume.

          • Connor

            I’m a professional “athlete,” in my twenties and I intend to use the space for only myself. I am coming to the company because I am interested in renting a large storage unit as it is much more affordable than renting commercial warehouse space. I have full intentions to respect the property and abide by the lease. If I am paying for a unit on time every month, as well as doing the things I previously mentioned, then I
            don’t understand why I can’t skateboard in the privacy of a rental storage unit?

            Skateboarding could be considered loud in some settings; however, I would take whatever measures possible to sound proof the space.

            If I was skating and had the door to their storage space closed how would the company monitor or assume such activities?

            I thought that risk of injury was entirely my own liability inside of a storage unit? Unless the injury was caused by landlord negligence. The notion that skateboarding is riskier than any other activity is entirely subjective.

            I often feel as if I am sometimes a target of discrimination based on whatever bad stigmas are attached to skateboarders and I’m just trying to get a grasp on my rights here.

            Thank you for your help so far!

          • Hey Connor, the noise issue was simply about the bands question, I agree I don’t think skateboarding would be a noise issue. I think if you were interested in a unit the best course of action would be to connect you with a store or area manager and they can speak to the insurance and liability a little better than I can. We appreciate your transparency and interest here. Please let us know if there’s an email we can reach you on, or if you’d prefer you can send us an email at content at unclebobs dot com. Thanks!

          • Connor

            Will do. I appreciate it, thank you!

  • Bill Dyer

    what about a rehearsal space for a small sketch comedy group – having a hell of a time finding a space for rehearsals in phoenix…

  • jesse

    any locations in baltimore

  • pvjdp

    Would the locations around DC offer this, like Landover or Alexandria?

  • Hannah Sam Gray

    Whats the best location in North Austin TX area for a band to practice at?

  • dbh1969

    Looking for a space to rehearse my drums in Phoenix. Anything at least 10×10 I can rent monthly and lock down? Thanks!

  • Jon Mallek

    My band needs a space in Northern NJ, help!

  • Matthew Birmingham

    Any of your locations in Va Beach/Hampton Roads area cool with band practice/drums ? Specifically, the location on Central Drive in Virginia Beach?

    • Hi Matthew! Give us a call at 1-800-242-1715, and one of our associates can find a rehearsal space that is closest to you.

  • Andreson Alexander

    I live in 23505. None of the Uncle Bobs in the entire city (4) allow bands to play on the facility… Do they not know that you are band friendly?

    • Hi Andreson. The allowance of bands is decided on a location by location basis. We are sorry none of our locations in your area allow for it.

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