Pegboard just might be the simplest and quickest solution when it comes to small craft supplies and tools. Take advantage of the vertical space in your craft room with a DIY pegboard.

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Pegboard organizers are the kind of things a crafter sees in dreams. Each tool with a dedicated space on a pegboard, in plain sight and ready to go. Not only do pegboard systems save you from having to search for craft supplies. They keep a craft room clutter free while adding a nice display to a wall.

Applying a DIY pegboard to an empty wall that would otherwise go unused immediately maximizes your storage space. It also happens to be easy on the wallet and pretty on the eyes–a real win-win situation.

Today we are showing you how easy it is to customize your craft room storage with a DIY pegboard.

Make Your Own DIY Pegboard Tool Organizer

Getting started with a pegboard storage system in your craft room is easy. Just attach a sheet of pegboard to 2 x 4s or studs about a half-inch away from the wall. That half-inch gives you just enough clearance for hanging your pegboard accessories while taking up very little space in the room. Next comes the fun part – planning your layout!

After taking an inventory of the items you want to organize on your DIY pegboard, start mapping out which items will go where. There are a lot of pegboard inspiration designs that are beautifully arranged, but it’s important to consider the functionality of the board first and foremost. You can always go back and add decorative elements later.

Now that you know which craft supplies you’re going to create a space for on your pegboard, it’s time to think about how to secure them in place.

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Pegboard Hooks and Accessories

Purchasing accessories specifically made for pegboard storage may sound like an obvious option, but there are endless pegboard accessories to choose from. It can be confusing as you shop, so plan ahead.

Think ahead about hanging accessories as you map out which craft supplies you want to hang. Make a list as you go. Doing this before going to the store to make any purchases will make the process much smoother.

If you’re just not sure which pegboard accessories to purchase, try a bunch of them! Buy a variety of options and test them out to see what will work best for your craft room. Personalizing your space to fit your needs is the most important goal here, so don’t get discouraged if it requires a few renditions. But be sure to double-check your local hardware store’s return policy before picking up a plethora of accessories to experiment with. That way you can return the ones that don’t end up fitting your needs.

white DIY pegboard craft supplies spice rack

Hang Shelves on Pegboard

A shelf on a pegboard? Why not?! This old spice rack is the perfect storage solution for organizing paints. This one just needed a little TLC and pegboard hooks to add it to my board. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

You can also hang other types of shelves on your DIY pegboard. That’s the beauty of it–hanging things is so easy!

white pegboard scissors hanging bucket

Buckets, Bins, and Baskets for Craft Supplies

Buckets, bins, and baskets are all a huge win for pegboard storage options. Not only are they perfect for tucking away items that are a little bit on the larger side, but they can also solve your storage dilemmas in a stylish way.

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There are bins and baskets made specifically for pegboard use, but buying (or finding around your home) alternative options is usually a much more cost-effective and personalized way to go.

For this example, a small metal bucket with pre-attached handles was the perfect way to store scissors, glue, and other crafting accessories. Strategically hung in a vertical row, the buckets near the top of the pegboard are the items used less often than the ones on the bottom.

mason jar marker storage hanging pegboard white

Mason Jars on a DIY Pegboard

These days Mason jars are easy to pick up just about anywhere – the grocery store, the craft store, and even the hardware store. You name the location, and you’ll find yourself some Mason jars.

For pegboard storage, they are the perfect size for collecting smaller items like pens and pencils. They just so happen to look really cute too!

Turning them into something that can be hung is a piece of cake. Just grab these supplies and follow four simple steps.

  • 1 scrap piece of wood


  • 1 Mason jar


  • 1 picture hanging attachment


  • 1 hose clamp (from the plumbing department)


  • Paint or stain


  • Hammer and a small nail or screw

How to Make a Mason Jar Organizer for Your Pegboard:

  1. First, paint or stain the wood to the color of your choosing. For this design, we opted to go with a dark walnut stain and a chalkboard paint strip on the top.
  2. After the wood is dry and set to the desired color, attach the wall hanging element (similar to what you would use for a picture frame) to the back of the wood. This will provide a way for you to use a hook to hang the completed project to the pegboard.
  3. Next, attach the hose clamp to the wood. To do this, loosen the use hose clamp completely and flatten out the metal to find the center of the clamp. Then, on the opposite side of the wall hanging attachment, use a hammer and a nail to attach the hose clamp to the wood.
  4. Finally, place your Mason jar inside of the hose clamp and tighten the clamp tight. Now you have yourself a DIY pegboard accessory!

Pegboard is an extremely versatile material for DIY storage solutions. Whether it’s tools, outdoor gear, or crafting supplies you’re trying to organize, pegboard is a great option for any space.

Have you made your own DIY pegboard organizer? We’d love to see how you did it! Share with us on social media using the hashtag #LifeStorageDIY.

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