If your hall closet is filled with anything other than coats, jackets or shoes, this quick organization guide is for you.


Can you accurately answer this question? Really?

Traditionally, the closet in the front hall was intended solely as a place for coats, jackets and other weather-related items. However, times have changed.

Today, the hall closets in many homes and apartments are filled with an astonishing number of things not remotely related to coats, hats, or umbrellas.

Sporting goods, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, last year’s Christmas decorations, a dozen spare extension cords- the list of what is now in our hall closets seems to go on and on. If this describes your hall closet, isn’t it time to get organized and reduce the clutter?

Unorganized Hall Closet
Getting started: organizing the hall closet

In “Hall Closet How-To’s,” experts at ContainerStore.com offer a list of tips to help you get started on your closet organization and clean-up project. Here are five of the nine steps suggested in the article:

• Identify what the closet is being used for based on its location — seasonal items such as coats and rain boots? Linen closet overflow? Narrow it down as much as you can.

• Purge the closet of its contents. Throw away or donate items that haven’t been touched in years, and place items, such as toys or board games, in a more functional spot, like the playroom.

• Organize the items going back into the closet, and create a plan for accommodating those items. Do you need hanging space? Space for luggage? Could you use additional shelving? A place for shoes?

• Plan your closet so that the most frequently used items are most accessible, and the least frequently used items are up top.

• When putting items back in the closet, keep things organized by season and/or function, and refer to your original plan.

Organizing expert and author of The Organized Mom, Stacey Crew takes a slightly different approach on her website, MyOrganizedLifestyle.com.

In her article, “Come and Go with Ease: Front Hall/Closet Makeover,” Crew writes, “Ideally, a front hall closet should be for items you use regularly. If you’re ‘storing’ items here, relocate them. Think of the hall closet as a permanent place for items that are used frequently during a particular season. When it’s summer, consider packing up and storing winter items elsewhere.

Organized Hall Closet
This will make it much easier to grab what you need without weeding through what’s currently not in use.”

Staying organized and free of clutter

Once you have purged the clutter and plotted out your strategy for the hall closet, there are some easy, inexpensive ways to make sure that things stay organized. The following are a few basic tips to help:

• Over-the-door pocket organizers that hang on the inside of the closet give you a place to keep mittens, hats and scarves.

• Other space savers, like over-the-door shoe hangers, may also be a good option.

• Hooks on the back of the door and on the walls inside the closet may work for you.

• Adding adjustable shelving can help you maximize the space above and below coats and other garments on hangers.

• Maximize even more space by using baskets or plastic bins that fill the shelving space. For example, if the space between two shelves is twelve inches tall, use baskets and bins that are ten inches tall.

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All of the items mentioned in these tips should be available and inexpensive at local retail stores. If you want to be truly inspired to tackle your hall closet, you may want to visit ClosetWorld.com, ClosetFactory.com, or ClosetMaid.com. The attractive photographs and ideas for custom-designed closets shown on these sites may spur creativity and enthusiasm for your do-it-yourself closet organizing project.

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    Last year, when we moved into a new house, we put our key hanger on the inside of our hall closet door. Below that, we put up a large command hook for my purse. This idea has been one of the best I’ve ever had, it works even better than I thought it would.

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